Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories: See ALL the fusions in the game!

Yu Gi Oh Forbidden Memories was one of the first and best games in the franchise. Inspired by manga and anime, it brings all the aspects that made Yugi and his friends famous in our country. And the main one is the possibility of making fusions between the monsters, to obtain more powerful cards.

It is important to clarify that there are several types of mergers in Forbidden Memories. You can merge monsters with items, items with items, monsters of one type with another type. And then there are the classic ones, among specific monsters!

We just remind you that some monsters can only be obtained through rituals. Case of the Blue-Eyes Supreme Dragon. When that's the case, we don't consider it a merger. See below those that are considered mergers!

Fusions to get Equip items

Combination Fusion

Flame Swordsman + Umi

Legendary Sword

Armored Zombie + Eternal Rest

Sword of Dark Destruction

Yami + Yami

Dark energy

Tiger Axe + Bear Trap

Axe of Despair

Violet Crystal + Machine Conversion Factory

Laser Cannon Armor

Machine Conversion Factory + Hinotama

Insect Armor with Laser Cannon

Ancient Elf + House of Adhesive Tape

Elf's Light

Final Flame + Ooguchi

Beast Fangs

Monsturtle + Final Flame

Steel Shell

Kuriboh + Elegant Egotist

Vile Germs

Forest + Crush Card

Vile Germs

Dark Energy + Machine Conversion Factory

Black Pendant

Raise Body Heat + Reverse Trap

Horn of the Unicorn

Monster Tamer + Warrior Elimination


Job-change Mirror + Electro-whip

Elegant Egotist

Wicked Mirror + Electro-whip

Elegant Egotist

Fiend's Mirror + Electro-whip

Elegant Egotist

Prisman + Breath of Light

Violet Crystal

Dark-Piercing Light + Boo Koo

Book of Secret Arts

Elegant Egotist + Raigeki


Metalmorph + House of Adhesive Tape

Machine Conversion Factory

Mooyan Curry + Spark

Raise Body Heat

Breath of Light + Umi

Power of Kaishin

Sword of Dark Destruction + Legendary Sword

Kunai with Chain

Legendary Sword + Sparks


Dian Keto the Cure Master + Dian Keto the Cure Master


Metal Guardian + Electro-whip


Metal Guardian + Machine Conversion Factory


Machine Conversion Factory + Silver Bow & Arrow

Winged Trumpeter

Castle of Dark Illusions + Dark-Piercing Light

Bright Castle

Fusions to get Spells

Combination Fusion

Millennium Shield + Reverse Trap

Stop Defense

Dragon Treasure + Mooyan Curry

Dragon Capture Jar

Vile Germs + Megamorph


Ookazi + Forest


Dark Energy + Acid Trap Hole

Dark hole

Electro-whip + Metalmorph


Red Medicine + Red Medicine

Goblin's Secret Remedy

Goblin's Secret Remedy + Goblin's Secret Remedy

Soul of the Pure

Soul of the Pure + Soul of the Pure

Dian Keto the Cure Master

Sparks + Sparks


Hinotama + Hinotama

Final Flame

Final Flame + Final Flame


Ookazi + Ookazi

Tremendous Fire

Dark-Piercing Light + Shadow Spell

Swords of Revealing Light

Key Mace + Elegant Egotist


Elf's Light + Silver Bow & Arrow

Eternal Rest

Follow Wind + Acid Trap Hole

Stain Storm

Electro-whip + Umi

Stain Storm

Vile Germs + Metalmorph

Crush Card

Machine Conversion Factory + Goblin's Secret Remedy

Eradicating Aerosol

Follow Wind + Goblin's Secret Remedy

Eradicating Aerosol

Wasteland + Follow Wind

Breath of Light

Goblin Fan + Bad Reaction to Simochi

Breath of Light

Umi + Mystical Moon

Eternal Draught

Umi + Dark Hole

Eternal Draught

Umi + Tremendous Fire

Eternal Draught

Spellbinding Circle + Spellbinding Circle

Shadow Spell

Harpie Lady Sisters + Harpie Lady Sisters

Harpies Feather Duster

Winged Beast + Machine Conversion Factory

Harpies Feather Duster

Fusions to get Traps

Combination Fusion

Magical Labyrinth + Eradicating Aerosol

House of Adhesive Tape

Beast Fangs + Beast Fangs


Beast Fangs + Megamorph

Bear trap

Black Pendant + Yami

Invisible Wire

Dark Hole + Stain Storm

Acid Trap Hole

Follow Wind + Breath of Light

Widespread Ruin

Mooyan Curry + Mooyan Curry

Goblin Fan

Megamorph + Cursebreaker

Bad Reaction to Simochi

Megamorph + Fake Trap

Reverse Trap

Cursebreaker + Spellbinding Circle

Reverse Trap

Widespread Ruin + Reverse Trap

Fake Trap

Fusions to get Ritual Cards

Combination Fusion

Metalmorph + Metalmorph

Curse of Millenium Shield

Dragon Treasure + Elegant Egotist

Yamadron Ritual

Magical Labyrinth + Metalmorph

Gate Guardian Ritual

Dark Energy + Dark-Piercing Light

Black Luster Ritual

Dark Energy + Malevolent Nuzzler

Zera Ritual

Elegant Egotist + Beast Fangs

War-lion Ritual

Dark Energy + Elegant Egotist

Beastly Mirror Ritual

Dragon Treasure + Megamorph

Ultimate Dragon Ritual

Cyber Shield + Winged Trumpeter

Commencement Dance Ritual

Book of Secret Arts + Mooyan Curry

Hamburger Recipe

Mystical Moon + Elegant Egotist

Revival of Sennen Genjin

Curse of Millenium Shield + Puppet Ritual

Revival of Sennen Genjin

Kunai with Chain + Eternal Rest

Novox's Prayer

Horn of the Unicorn + Elegant Egotist

Curse of Tri-Horned Dragon

Elegant Egotist + Horn of Light

Curse of Tri-Horned Dragon

Dark Energy + Dragon Treasure

Revived of Serpent Night Dragon

Steel Shell + Fake Trap

Turtle Oath

Power of Kaishin + Umi

Turtle Oath

Elf's Light + Malevolent Nuzzler

Contruct of Mask

Malevolent Nuzzler + Malevolent Nuzzler

Contruct of Mask

Metalmorph + Stain Storm

Puppet Ritual

Power of Kaishin + Forest

Javelin Beetle Pact

Legendary Sword + Elegant Egotist

Garma Sword Oath

Cyber Shield + Malevolent Nuzzler

Cosmo Queen's Prayer

Machine Conversion Factory + Wasteland

Revival of Skeleton Rider

Machine Conversion Factory + Umi

Fortress Whale's Oath

rare mergers

Combination Fusion

Harpie Lady + 318 Elegant Egotist

Harpie Lady Sisters

Koumori Dragon + 022 Summoned Skull

Cocoon of Evolution

Tiger Axe + 168 Darkfire Dragon

Cocoon of Evolution

Giant Soldier of Stone + 150 Akihiron

Cocoon of Evolution

Ansatsu + 128 LaMoon

Cocoon of Evolution

Gaia the Fierce Knight + 039 Curse of Dragon

Gaia the Dragon Champion

Time Wizard + "Dragon"

Thousand Dragon

Battle Ox + 091 Mystic Horseman

Rabid Horseman

Summoned Skull + Red Eyes B. Dragon B. Skull Dragon
Larvae Moth + Cocoon of Evolution Great Moth
Harpie Lady + Dragon Harpie's Pet Dragon
Meteor Dragon + Red Eyes B. Dragon Meteor B.Dragon
Zoa + Metalmorph metalzoa

basic mergers

Combination Fusion

Crawling dragon + Dragon Capture Jar

zombie dragon

Little dragon + Marauder snake


Mystery Hand + Ancient Jar

The Wicked Worm Beast

Koumori Dragon + Saggi the Dark Clown

Reaper of the Cards

Crass Clown + Final Flame

Clown Zombie

Shadow Specter + Key Mac

Battle Warrior

Boo Koo + Winged Beast (original attack less than 1400)

Spirit of the Books

Zone Eater + Widespread Ruin

Darkfire Dragon

Monster Eye + House of Adhesive Tape

Big eye

Crawling dragon + Dragon capture jar

Dragon Zombie

Wicked Dragon With Eszat Head + Elegant egoist


Armed Ninja + Sinister Serpent


Aqua (original attack less than 1850) + Ground attack bugroth

Amphibius Bugroth

Aqua (original attack less than 1500) + Kappa avenger


Aqua (original attack less than 1500) + Psychic Kappa


Beast (original attack less than 1300) + Larvae

My Larvas

Dark Spellcaster (original attack under 1600)

Ryu-Kishin Powered

Fairy (original attack less than 1750) + Hibikime

Musician King

Fairy (ataque original menor de 1750) + Sonic Maid

Musician King

Fiend (original attack under 2000) + Arlownay

Rose Specter of Dunn

Fiend (original attack less than 1200) + Fungi of the musk

Dark-world thorns

Fiend (original attack less than 2500) + Job-change mirror

Summoned Skull

Fiend (original attack less than 1200) + Psychic Kappa

Kappa Avenger

Fish (ataque original menor de 1800) + Hoshiningen

7 Colored Fish

Fish (original attack less than 1800) + Rainbow Flower

7 Colored Fish

Insect (original attack under 1900) + Kuwagata alpha

Kwagar Hercules

Pyro + Fiend Kraken

Fire Kraken

Reptile + Clown Zombie = Soul Hunter

Soul hunter

Reptile + Crass clown

Soul hunter

Spellcaster + Mystic lamp

Lord of the lamp

Spellcaster (ataque original menor de 1900) + Spike Seadra

Kaminari Attack

Warrior (ataque original menor de 2200) + The judgement hand

Judge man

Wingedbeast (original attack less than 1300) + Fiend Refrection 2

Fiend Refrection 1

Wingedbeast (original attack less than 1300) + joc-change mirror

Fiend Refrection 1

Wingedbeast (ataque original menor de 1650) + Ryu-kishin

Whiptail crown

Wingedbeast (ataque original menor de 2100) + The judgement hand

Punished eagle

Wingedbeast (ataque original menor de 1300) + Wicked mirror

Fiend Refrection 1

Zombie (ataque original menor de 1500) + graveyard and the hand of invitation

The snake hair

Zombie (ataque original menor de 2200) + Mammoth Graveyard

Great Mammoth of Goldfine

Egg + Winged

Winged egg of new life

Fiend (original attack less than 1100) + Mystical Sheep 2

Mystical Sheep 1

Zombie (original attack less than 1100) + Mystical Sheep 2

Mystical Sheep 1

Twin long rods 2 + Graveyard and the hand of invitation

Dragon Zombie

Mystery hand + Ancient jar

The wicked worm beast

Crawling dragon + Dragon Capture jar

zombie dragon

Little dragon + Marauder snake


animal + female Nekogal # 2
Animal + Machine Giga-Tech Wolf
Animal + Plant Flower Wolf
Animal + Pyro Flame Cerebrus
Animal + Warrior Tiger Axe
Aqua + Dragon Spike Seadra
Turtle + Dragon Sea King Dragon
Aqua + Ground Attacker Bugroth Amphibious Bugroth
Aqua + Thunder Bolt Snail
Beast + Fish Tatsunootoshigo
Beast + Thunder Tripwire Beast
Beast + Turtle Turtle Tiger
Dark Magic + Dragon Blackland Fire Dragon
Dark Magic + [Elf Dark Elf
Dark Spellcaster + Jar Ushi Oni
Dark Spellcaster + [Machine Disk Magician
Dark Spellcaster + Ryu-Kishin Ryu-Kishin Powered
Dinosaur + Machine Cyber ​​Saurus
Dragon + Dark Magic Blackland Fire Dragon
Dragon + Machine Metal Dragon
Dragon + Plant B. Dragon Jungle King
Dragon + Rock Stone D.
Dragon + Thunder Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
Dragon + Warrior Dragon Statue
Dragon + Zombie Curse of Dragon
Elf + Warrior Celtic Guardian
Fairy + Female Dark Witch
Fairy + Hibikime Musician King
Fairy + Sonic Maid Musician King
female + plant Queen of Autumn Leaves
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