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Nowadays mobile shooter games are not far behind other platforms. If you're a fan of gun action, we've put together a list of the best shooting games for Android, based on gameplay, graphics, innovations, etc. We've also varied the list to include free, paid, online and offline games. Check out!

1. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most complete shooting games you'll find on cell phones. The game has not only a top quality Battle Royale but also several other equally fun game modes. The game is also very optimized and lighter than it looks considering the very advanced graphics. The game managed to translate all the outstanding features of the franchise and still offer a very fluid gameplay.

Play Call of Duty Mobile for free

2. Free Fire

The battle royale that stole the show in our country, Free Fire is a game aimed at more modest devices. The game has simpler mechanics than its competitors, and because it runs well on most cell phones, it has reached a very high level of popularity. The game also receives constant updates that add new weapons and especially characters with their own abilities.

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3. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile

The game that made the battle royale genre a worldwide fever, PUBG Mobile could not be missing from this list. The game has no offline solo mode, so it's perfect for those who like to compete.

As in other battle royales, in PUBG Mobile you are placed in a scenario with other players (usually 100 players, but it can be less depending on the chosen mode) and the last one to survive wins the match.

In the multiplayer shooter genre, PUBG Mobile is one of the most complete: multiple modes, 1st and 3rd person perspective, lots of control customization options, constant updates, solo, duo, squads and much more.

Play PUBG Mobile for free


There's no way to talk about shooting games and not talk about Fortnite. The game swept the world mixing classic shooter elements with the need to farm items to build structures mid-match. These structures can be used offensively or defensively, depending on the player's creativity. While the mobile version of Fortnite isn't a huge hit, it certainly deserves a spot on this list.

Play Fortnite for free

5 Modern Combat 5

Undoubtedly one of the most popular shooting games for Android. Modern Combat 5 is a classic FPS with a single-player campaign and multiplayer mode. The campaign takes place through missions with an average duration of 5 to 10 minutes and the multiplayer has several modes (solo, teams, capture the flag, countdown and many others).

Modern Combat 5 is the first in the series to include a class system. Thus, each character has specific advantages and abilities, allowing each player to choose according to their style.

One downside of Modern Combat 5 is that you can only play it when you're connected to the internet, even in single-player campaign mode.

Play Modern Combat 5 for free

6. Cover Fire

Cover Fire deserves much more recognition than it currently has. The game has the quality of PC and console games, with top-notch graphics and very fluid gameplay on mobile. Both online and offline modes offer very complete experiences, whether through a very well-crafted campaign or action-packed PVP competitions.m land and air vehicles and lots of weapons. The game also features a Zombie Mode and receives constant updates with events and content in general.

Play Cover Fire for free

7.Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is one of the most in-depth Android shooting games. The game has an incredible 20-hour solo campaign, beautiful graphics and an RPG-style character system, where you level up as you gain experience.

The game doesn't innovate much in the FPS genre, but it does have some fun interaction mechanics. For example, you need to place your finger on the screen for your character to scan the fingerprint to open some doors. Not a big deal, but still interesting.

What differentiates Dead Effect 2 from other FPS for Android is the well-crafted story that makes the game a great option that will keep you hooked for a long time.

Play Dead Effect 2 for free

8.Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is a shooting game with many RPG elements. The options for playing solo are pretty good as you can interact with almost everything you see. However, the game's differential is being able to play with other people, both in PvP (player vs player) and in cooperation.

The raid system allows you to team up with other players to defeat bosses too strong to kill yourself. This, in itself, is an incredible novelty in the midst of FPS games. In addition, Shadowgun Legends PvP is one of the best of its kind, containing 6 different options for you to challenge your skills against other players.

Play Shadowgun Legends for free

9. N.O.V.A Legacy

NOVA Legacy is the latest game in the NOVA series, one of the most successful shooter franchises for Android. The game follows the Halo style: an FPS for science fiction lovers, with a futuristic theme, robots, spaceships and etc.

NOVA Legacy's strengths are excellent graphics and simple gameplay. The single-player campaign is good, but the best thing about the game is the multiplayer mode, which supports up to 8 players in competitive online matches and has tons of customization options.

Play NOVA Legacy for free

10. The Walking Zombie 2

The Walking Zombie 2 is a shooting game full of survival and RPG elements, full of primary and secondary missions, NPCs, achievements, etc. The story, as can be expected from the name of the game, takes place during a zombie apocalypse and all missions revolve around killing countless infected and advancing towards objectives. The game's graphics are in the polygonal style that give the game a very flashy cartoonish look. The Walking Zombie 2 also has some innovative mechanics for a mobile shooter, as well as many other popular features like minigames and skins.

Download The Walking Zombie 2 for free

11. Call of Guns

To vary the list a little, Call of Guns is a multiplayer shooter with a strong focus on the local network, being perfect to play with friends. The game's visual identity is very reminiscent of Team Fortress and, being a very light game, it is very accessible for most devices. Fluid gameplay, captivating characters and fun sound effects make Call of Guns an addictive game perfect for passing the time.

Download Call of Guns free

12 Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is the typical zombie horror FPS. The player needs to complete main and side quests in a world ravaged by monsters. The graphics are worthy of PC and the scenarios are quite different from each other as the character travels all over the world.

Unlike the first game in the series, Dead Trigger 2 is not repetitive as the missions and zombies are quite varied. The gameplay is very simple and the control options are customizable.

Play Dead Trigger 2

13. Gods of Boom

Gods of Boom is another FPS with cartoonish graphics, fun characters and very flashy visual effects. The game has an exclusive focus on online competition, with several game modes and quick matches of a maximum of 5 minutes, but full of action, maneuvers and explosions. The gameplay is very simple but difficult to master 100%. Interestingly, the game even has a small competitive landscape.

Play Gods of Boom for free

14Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper is a shooter more focused on strategy than action. Despite having only one scenario, each level presents a different puzzle that involves taking down your targets in a specific way, getting rid of bodies, triggering a chain reaction, etc.

Because there is only one scenario, the more Hitman Sniper is played, the more secrets on the map, advantageous positions, timings and other elements that make the player improve as a sniper are found.

15. Counter Attack – Multiplayer FPS

Seven Bull Games: "Can I copy?"

Valve: “It can, it just doesn’t do the same!”

That's how Counter Attack: Multiplayer FPS came about. The game is basically a Counter-Strike, so the main focus is the multiplayer mode, in which one team is a counter-terrorist and the other is a terrorist. The terrorists need to plant the bomb and the CTs need to stop or defuse it.

Play Counter Attack for free

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