Top 12 CoD Warzone Weapons!

Call of Duty: Warzone has arrived with everything and, for those who are already in the exchange of fire, it's time to know which are the best weapons in the game. We have included at least one of each category of weapons (rifles, shotguns, pistols, etc.) Check out!

M4A1: the most balanced assault rifle

The M4A1 is the most versatile assault rifle in the game. It is unlocked very early (rank 6) and all its attributes are balanced: damage, recoil control, range, etc. It is perfect for beginning players and suitable for different combat situations.

bullet damage 42 (head) and 28 (rest of body)
rate of fire RPM 800
Recharge time 2.364
Sight opening time 0.216
Basic Alcance 30sq.m
damage per second 588 (head) and 392 (rest of body)
Category assault rifle

RAM-7: more damage, less control

The RAM-7 combines an extremely high rate of fire with great raw damage per bullet, making it one of the deadliest rifles in the game. However, the weapon has a longer reload time than most rifles, as well as having a slightly shorter range and a harder recoil to control. It is suitable for slightly more experienced players.

bullet damage 42 (head) and 28 (rest of body)
rate of fire RPM 860
Recharge time 2.915
Sight opening time 0.200
Basic Alcance 27.5sq.m
damage per second 630 (head) and 420 (rest of body)
Category assault rifle

GRADE 5.56: Easier to master, harder to kill

If M4A1 is a midpoint, RAM-7 is on one side and GRAU 5.56 is on the other. Despite having the same damage per bullet as the RAM-7, all other characteristics are the opposite: lower rate of fire (which lowers DPS), longer range, shorter reload time and a much easier to master recoil control, which makes it more attractive to beginners.

bullet damage 42 (head) and 28 (rest of body)
rate of fire RPM 730
Recharge time 2.710
Sight opening time 0.190
Basic Alcance 30sq.m
damage per second 546 (head) and 364 (rest of body)
Category assault rifle

M13: Avoid if you are a beginner

Pure violence. The M13 has the highest rate of fire among automatic assault rifles, which fully compensates for its below-average damage. The M13 also has the second longest base range of assault rifles, but its recoil control is very intimidating. Its learning curve is higher, but an attachment that reduces recoil might solve the problem.

bullet damage 36 (head) and 24 (rest of body)
rate of fire RPM 900
Recharge time 2.650
Sight opening time 0.212
Basic Alcance 37.5sq.m
damage per second 540 (head) and 360 (rest of body)
Category assault rifle

AX-50: the best sniper in the game

The best sniper rifle, but by a very narrow margin. With identical damage to the HDR, the AX-50 slightly excels in its higher rate of fire and shorter reload time. However, the AX-50 has a base range that is 25 meters shorter, which makes it a sniper aimed at slightly shorter distances.

Damage per bullet / per second 250 (head), 112 (chest), 102 (belly) and 91 (limbs)
rate of fire RPM 40
Recharge time 4.145
Sight opening time 0.293
Basic Alcance 75sq.m
Category sniper rifle

Kar98k: reliable over long distances

The famous Kar98 also makes her illustrious appearance in Warzone. Despite not being as lethal as other sniper rifles, this sniper rifle is a great alternative for long-range combat, but still wants to maintain some mobility. Obviously, just don't expect to kill with one shot.

Damage per bullet / per second 172 (head), 154 (chest) and 86 (belly and limbs)
rate of fire RPM 36.5
Recharge time 3.565
Sight opening time 0.310
Basic Alcance 55sq.m
Category sniper rifle

MP5: mid-range destruction

Not only the best submachine gun, but also one of the best weapons in the game. The MP5 deals very high damage and has a great rate of fire. It has a harder recoil to control than the MP7, but its higher DPS makes it the best choice for mid-range combat.

bullet damage 49 (head), 34 (chest and belly) and 30 (limbs)
rate of fire RPM 800
Recharge time 2.794
Sight opening time 0.174
Basic Alcance 12.5sq.m
damage per second 686 (head), 476 (chest and belly) and 420 (limbs)
Category Submachine gun

MP7: Medium Range Destruction, Part 2

The MP7 is another amazing choice for mid-range combat. Despite having lower DPS than MP5, it has a higher rate of fire, an easier recoil to control and superior magazine capacity, that is, it's perfect for you to spam shots.

bullet damage 40 (head), 25 (chest and belly) and 22 (limbs)
rate of fire RPM 950
Recharge time 2.214
Sight opening time 0.176
Basic Alcance 12.5sq.m
damage per second 640 (head), 400 (chest and belly) and 352 (limbs)
Category Submachine gun

PKM: If you walk, don't shoot

A weapon to be used while standing still. The PKM has great damage, fire rate and high-capacity magazine. It also doesn't lose much accuracy at greater distances, but its mobility is very low.

bullet damage 46 (head), 34 (chest) and 31 (belly and limbs)
rate of fire RPM 750
Recharge time 7.900
Sight opening time 0.307
Basic Alcance 40sq.m
damage per second 598 (head), 442 (chest) and 403 (belly and limbs)
Category Machine gun

725: 1 shot kill

The 725 is a real cannon. The shotgun is capable of killing a (very) close opponent with just one shot to any part of the body. However, its low rate of fire and the fact that it only has two bullets means that you can't miss a single shot.

bullet damage 300 anywhere on the body
rate of fire RPM 154
Recharge time 2.585
Sight opening time 0.300
Basic Alcance 2.5sq.m
damage per second 900 anywhere on the body
Category Shotgun

Origin 12: safe and efficient over short distances

A weaker but safer option for shotguns. The Origin 12 is a semi-automatic shotgun that makes it not the end of the world to miss a shot, but don't expect the same violence brought by the 725. The Origin 12 also has a slightly longer range, but takes longer to load.

bullet damage 208 (head) and 204 (rest of body)
rate of fire RPM 230
Recharge time 3.145
Sight opening time 0.300
Basic Alcance 4m
damage per second 832 (head) and 816 (rest of body)
Category Shotgun

.50 GS: the best pistol in the game

The best pistol in the game by far. The .50 GS could very well be called Desert Eagle due to its extremely strong recoil and even more damage. Even with the difficulty to control, it is the only pistol with a real chance of winning a fight against rifles and machine guns, especially when equipped with attachments that increase its range.

bullet damage 113 (head), 77 (chest and belly) and 70 (limbs)
rate of fire RPM 165
Recharge time 1.900
Sight opening time 0.160
Basic Alcance 15sq.m
damage per second 339 (head), 231 (chest and belly) and 210 (limbs)
Category Gun

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