Top 11 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Heroes in 2022!

Anyone who has experience with competitive games knows that there are always those characters that are stronger than others, and Mobile Legends is no different. Whether because they were produced in an unbalanced way or simply because their potential was more exploited by players, the game has some heroes that stand out among more than 100 existing in the game.

Final report: the list has been organized based on the performance of characters in high-ranked matches. We chose to select the best heroes in each role in the game, and in cases where there is more than one, both have been included.


The best sniper and current best hero of Mobile Legends. Brody may not have a lot of stamina but he makes up for it with his extremely high damage capacity and insane mobility, as the character constantly receives speed bonuses and his animations are not interrupted when moving.

Brody's gameplay revolves around his Abyssal Marks, which are stacks applied to all of his abilities to power up his Ult damage. So, as a Marksman, Brody must stay out of reach of opponents, apply his Marks, hit and leave. The use of Flash is mandatory!

Brody's abilities

Abyss Corrosion (Passive): Brody's Basic Attacks increase his Movement Speed ​​by 30% for 1.2 seconds and apply an Abyssal Mark to opponents hit. These marks can be stacked up to 4 times and increase the hero's damage taken by 10%.

Impact of the Abyss (AoE): Launches a shockwave in the desired direction that deals high damage, slows it by 30%, and applies an Abyssal Mark to the opponent it hits. The skill only deals 50% of its damage to minions.

Corrosive Blow (CC/Advance): Dash to a target enemy, deal high Physical Damage and stun them for 1.2 seconds, in addition to applying an Abyssal Mark. After performing the move, Brody gains 45% Movement Speed ​​in the same direction as the initial dash.

Fragmented Memory (Explosion): Hits all enemies within 8 yards, dealing massive damage, which is still multiplied by the number of Abyssal Marks applied to the opponent.


Pharsa is a Mage hero with the highest range and burst damage in the game, which makes her almost a marksman. With a strong focus on AoE damage and CCs, she is extremely useful in team fights as long as you keep a safe distance. Due to her high range, the character is excellent at keeping herself poking, so positioning is a big part of her gameplay.

Again, as a Mage, Pharsa suffers when they get close, so it's best to always have your Ult ready for moments of escape.

Pharsa skills

Spiritual Unity (Passive): Every 10 seconds, the next attack deals extra magic damage and slows Movement Speed ​​by 60%.

Cursed Raven (CC/AoE): Deals damage in the designated area and applies Marks to all enemies hit. Any ability Pharsa lands on marked opponents will stun for 1 second.

Energy Impact (AoE): Deals large area damage.

Feathered Air Attack (AoE): Deals large area magic damage over a period of time.

Handles for Handles (Buff): Turns Pharsa into a mist with 80% increased Movement Speed. Any offensive action by Pharsa will cancel the effect.


Alice is tied with Pharsa for best Mage in the game. While Pharsa has a very strong emphasis on damage, Alice is a Mage/Tank with a lot of sustain and area damage abilities. Her Passive makes her one of the biggest dangers in the game in the late game, as the longer the match goes on, the more buffs she receives when defeating minions. Overall, Alice is a frustrating opponent to face and offers great tools for her team.

Alice's Skills

Bloodline (Passive): Spawns a blood orb whenever a minion dies near Alice. She can then absorb the orb to permanently increase her maximum HP by 10 points. When absorbing 12/25/50 orbs, Alice receives a fixed buff from Cooldown Reduction, Lifesteal, and Movement Speed ​​respectively.

Blood Flowing (Advance/AoE): hurls streams of blood in the desired direction, dealing magic damage to enemies hit. When using the skill again, Alice teleports to the other end of the chain.

Blood Admiration (CC/AoE): Deals magic damage to all nearby enemies and immobilizes them for 1.2 seconds. Afterwards, enemies receive a 70% Movement Speed ​​reduction.

Blood Ode (Burst/Heal): Deals magic damage to surrounding enemies every 0.5 seconds and restores 80 (+30% Total Magic Power) HP to yourself. In the case of minions, Alice only restores 50% of that amount in HP.


The strongest assassin in the game at the moment. Bennedeta only has violent abilities focused on rushing towards a target, dealing devastating damage and then retreating, making her perfect for ganks. Although she is more difficult to play than most heroes, Bennedetta delivers more effectiveness than any Assassin in the game. What sets her apart from the rest, of course, is her ability to avoid CC (crowd control) effects, allowing her to be useful even in the midst of chaotic team fights.

Bennedeta's abilities

Lusco-fusco (Passive): When holding the Basic Attack button, Bennedeta powers up a blow that, when fully charged, will launch in the desired direction, dealing high Physical Damage.

Phantom Cut (Burst/Advance): Backs off in the opposite direction you are looking and leaves a shadow in its place. The shadow performs an attack that deals high Physical Damage and Slows 60% of enemies hit. Afterwards, Bennedetta moves forward again and makes a new hit that will have double damage if the opponent was also hit by the shadow attack.

Tit for Tat (Advance/Buff): Blocks any damage and CC effects for 0.8 seconds. After the defense, Bennedeta stabs in the designated direction, dealing high Physical Damage.

Alecto: Finishing Strike (Advance/Burst): After a short charge, Bennedeta dashes forward dealing Physical Damage and Slowing enemies by 70%. Bennedetta is fully immune during the dash.


Helcurt is the second best Killer after Bennedeta, but he's definitely much more interesting. He basically works as a counter to crowd control users, as his Passive silences opponents whenever he is affected by one of these abilities. This, in itself, gives the character a very unique and frustrating utility to play against. In addition to its damage capabilities, Helcurt's Ult also offers a unique mechanic of limiting opponents' field of vision, making team fights or ganks much easier.

Helcurt's abilities

Sprint Advantage (Passive): If a crowd control effect is applied to Helcurt, surrounding enemies will be silenced for 1.5 seconds. This effect has a 4 second cooldown.

Shadow Race (Advance/AoE): Teleports to the chosen target, dealing area damage and applying Slow.

Poisoned Deadly Stinger (Burst): Basic Attacks grant 1 Deadly Sting charge that can stack up to 5 times. If Helcurt does no Basic Attack for 8 seconds, 1 charge is lost. Upon activating the skill, Helcurt unleashes all charges to deal massive Physical Damage to nearby enemies, in addition to applying 8% Slow for 3 seconds.

Dark Nightfall (Buff): Permanently increases Helcurt's Attack Speed. When activated, Helcurt summons the night, reducing opponents' line of sight for 3.5 seconds and increasing their own Attack and Movement Speed.


Considered the best Soldier in the game, Khaleed is one of the easiest heroes to play, as well as one of the most balanced. Although he doesn't feature prominently in any of the roles in the game, Khaleed can offer a little bit of everything, being able to play tank or even support roles depending on the occasion. His passive is the highest point of his gameplay, as it grants him a constant Movement Speed ​​bonus.

Khaleed's abilities

Sand Nomad (Passive): Whenever Khaleed moves, a bar under his HP is filled. When the gauge is full, Khaleed gains a 30% bonus to Movement Speed ​​and a bonus damage to his next Basic Attack, as well as slowing him by 30%.

Desert Hurricane (AoE/Burst): Khaleed spins dealing damage to all nearby opponents. If the ability is used while moving and hits an opponent, Khaleed can use it again up to a maximum of 5 times, as long as it continues to hit enemies.

Quicksand Protection (Buff/Heal): Channels energy for a short time to restore HP and gain damage reduction. Enemies near the channel will be slowed by 30%.

Violent Sandstorm (Advance/CC): Dash in the desired direction and deal Physical Damage to all opponents in its path, slightly pushing them back. Upon reaching the end, Khaleed hits the ground and deals even more damage, as well as stuns enemies for 1 second. While advancing, Khaleed is immune to crowd control effects.


Like Khaleed, Hilda is one of the best Soldiers in the game. As such, Hilda is also very balanced, but with a much greater focus on resistance and single-target damage. Her passive also requires distinctive gameplay that requires her to stay in the woods for a while, despite being a tank. Dela Ult, however, is one of the most devastating abilities in the game.

Hilda's abilities

Blessing of the Desert (Passive): Regenerates 2% of your HP per second while in the bush, in addition to receiving a shield equivalent to 20% of your maximum HP. Upon exiting the brush, the shield lasts for 5s.

Combat Ritual (Haste/AoE): Increases your Movement Speed ​​by 60% for 3 seconds and greatly increases the damage of your next Basic Attack. Opponents hit are slowed by 40% for 3 seconds and all opponents behind the target are also damaged.

Art of the Hunt (AoE/CC): Locks an enemy as a target and deals high Physical Damage. The skill can be reused up to 3 times, with the second attack hitting nearby enemies and the third stunning them all.

Wild Fury (CC/Burst): Dash towards the target dealing massive physical damage and temporarily stunning them. Nearby enemies will take 60% of the skill's damage. Each kill or assist increases this skill's Physical Damage by 50, stacking up to 8 times. Upon reaching 8 charges, damage is increased by an additional 50% and ignores 40% of the target's Physical Defense.


Atlas is the best and most annoying tank in the game, period. His entire gameplay revolves around CCs and debuffs that can be applied to almost all of his abilities. Its very high durability added to the Perfect Fit skill make the character keep applying negatives for a long time. Although Atlas doesn't do as much damage, he is able to hold off entire teams while his own does the damage.

The only downside to Atlas is the lack of really good tools for starting combat. However, his skill set is so good that it is possible to adapt to this problem easily.

Atlas skills

Icy Breath (Passive): After using skills, unleash a Breath of Frost around that slows enemies by 50% that remain in the area for 1.5 seconds and grants the hero Physical and Magic Defense.

Annihilate (AoE): Deals magic damage in an area.

Perfect Fit (CC/Acceleration): Enter Ejected State (Atlas exits Mecha Sentry), gaining 40% Movement Speed ​​and becoming immune to slow effects. When Atlas returns to the robot, he deals area magic damage and stuns all nearby enemies.

Fatal Links (CC/Plumbing): Casts chains at all nearby enemy heroes, dealing magic damage and slowing them by 40%. When using the skill again, Atlas pulls enemies towards him and knocks them down dealing even more damage.


Like Atlas, Khufra excels in the role of Tank due to his powerful crowd control skills. The character is able to stay alive for a long time while paralyzing opponents in various ways, including in an area.

Perhaps the only reasons why Khufra is not as good as Atlas (despite being very close) is that the character requires a little more skill to use, in addition to depending on some specific situations for maximum effectiveness, as with the your last

Khufra's abilities

Curse Spell (Passive): For 1,5 seconds, increases Basic Attack range, dealing bonus magic damage of 6% of your max HP and slowing the opponent's Movement Speed ​​hit, as well as restoring 8% of your max HP. The effect occurs every 12 seconds.

Tyrant's Revenge (Advance/CC): Dash in the desired direction, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. If it collides with an enemy, the path will be interrupted and damage will be dealt at that point, in addition to knocking nearby opponents into the air.

Bouncy Ball (AoE/Buff): Khufra uses his bandages to shape himself into a ball. While in this state, he gains 60% bonus Physical Defense and Magic Defense in addition to dealing damage and slowing Movement Speed ​​by 80% of all nearby opponents whenever the ball bounces on the ground. Opponents attempting to teleport near the ball will be thrown into the air.

Tyrant's Fury (CC): Pulls all nearby opponents in front of you, deals AoE damage and slows the Movement Speed ​​of everyone hit. If enemies are thrown against walls, the damage dealt will be increased and they will be stunned.


The best Mobile Legends Support heroine also works as an Assassin. Mathilda has great utility skills to buff herself and her allies, but her damage skills are what sets her apart from the other characters in the class. Although her Passive is a little tricky to use, she grants Mathilda a lot of mobility which, when combined with the Shields of other abilities, make her one of the most evasive characters in the game.

Mathilda's abilities

Ancestral Orientation (Passive): Fills a bar as you move. Upon filling it completely, Mathilda gains 80 Movement Speed ​​and a bonus to her Basic Attack, which deals magic damage.

Soul Flower (Burst/Buff): Summons beams of light that, after a channel time, deal damage to nearby enemies.

Guiding Wind (Advance/Buff): Creates a field around you and jumps in the desired direction. The field grants 900 Shield and 25% Movement Speed. All allies within the field receive the same buffs and the ability to use Guiding Wind. When they do, they will be taken to Mathilda.

Circulating Eagle (CC/Forward): Apply a Soul Mark to the opponent, then circle around them, dealing magic damage. After a while, Mathilda dashes towards the marked opponent and knocks back all enemies in her path, stunning them and dealing magic damage. While channeling, Mathilda is immune to crowd control effects and gains 900 Shield.


Just behind the podium of Support Heroes in the game, Carmilla has a set of skills that make her extremely useful in battle. With buffs, debuffs (absurdly strong slows), self-heals and stuns, the heroine is a huge nuisance for any opponent and a great ally for any lane. Due to high mobility, the character works very well as a Roamer, that is, changing lanes and helping whoever needs it.

Carmilla's abilities

Vampiric Pact (Passive): Steals Physical and Magic Defense from enemies and deals damage. Stacks up to 5 times.

Crimson Flower (AoE/Haste): Deals area damage around you for 5 seconds and slows all enemies hit by 30%. Whenever the skill deals damage, Carmilla restores HP.

Blood Bath (CC/Acceleration): Increases your Movement Speed ​​by 60%. If used again, the skill deals damage and stuns the selected enemy.

Curse of Blood (CC/AoE): Deals area magic damage and slows the Movement Speed ​​of everyone hit by 90%. Can hit up to 3 enemies.

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