Top 10 Hardest Friday Night Funkin' Mods for PC

Friday Night Funkin' has numerous mods spread over the internet, which can please all tastes. In this article, we've rounded up those aimed only at the most hardcore gamers possible, as the mods below are very, very difficult. Check out!

1. Friday Night Funkin vs Starecrown

One of the hardest FNF mods and also one of the most different. In it, we face a demon that doesn't sing and just stays silent, staring and in a very macabre way. Since we sing alone, the matches have a lot more arrows to hit and the music and music only serves to increase the tension.

Access the game here

2. Friday Night Funkin: Mid-Fight Masses

A mod that doesn't seem to be difficult, but it is. Here we play against a nun in a very relaxing song, but with a very complicated arrow pattern that includes a lot of double notes.

Access the game here

3. Friday Night Funkin: Kapi

In this mod, we face Kapi, a very stylish half-human kitten, to the sound of an upbeat song that sounds like a Japanese game soundtrack.

Access the game here

4. Friday Night Funkin vs Shaggy (Salsicha)

This mod brings a well-known opponent: the famous Scooby-Doo Shaggy. The song is a lot of fun, mainly because Shaggy sings a note with each arrow.

Access the game here

5. Friday Night Funkin: Zardy FoolHardy

Among the hard FNF mods, this one stands out. The opponent of the turn is Zardy, the scarecrow from the game Zardy's Maze. The game is more difficult than most of this list, and it still has different modes, including even a duet in which we control another Zardy, having to press the keys at the same time as the opponent.

Access the game here

6. Friday Night Funkin vs Whitty

An almost impossible difficulty mod. The opponent is Whitty, a 20% human and 80% unknown being who has a bomb for his head. The speed of the arrows is insane and the music includes macabre voices, ambulance sirens and then a very heavy rock. Anyone that lasts longer than 10 seconds deserves respect.

Access the game here

7. Friday Night Funkin vs Tricky the Clown

This time the opponent is Tricky, the macabre clown that appears in several mods. Here the difficulty level is very high and the music is very heavy.

Access the game here

8. Friday Night Funkin: The X-Event

In this mod you compete against a kind of ghost/demon who dreams of being a singer, to the sound of dark and lively electronic music.

Access the game here

9. Friday Night Funkin: Zardy & Ronald McDonald

In this mod we can choose two opponents, Zardy (already mentioned above) and the famous clown Ronald McDonald, in a Christmas setting. The pattern of arrows in this mod is not that complicated, but the real challenge is the speed at which they pass.

Access the game here

10. Friday Night Funkin: Tabi Genocide

Also known as Friday Night Funkin' vs Ex (since the opponent is Tabi, Girlfriend's ex-boyfriend), this is possibly the hardest FNF mod. With a very demonic theme and very heavy music, this game features an extremely difficult arrow pattern and aimed only at the most hardcore players possible.

Access the game here

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