Top 10 farm games for mobile!

Harvest Moon or Farmville? Check out these and other great farm games for you to download right now for your mobile, both Android and iOS! We brought games of the most varied styles, which will awaken your desire to be an online farmer in your spare time. Check out!

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Play Harvest Moon on Android or iOS.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is the last title released from this old and famous franchise. The objective of the entire game, however, is to save the village's lighthouse, and for that your farm must prosper. Plant anything you can imagine, customize the farm, take care of the animals and be part of one of the cutest narratives in farming games.

Stardew Valley

Play Stardew Valley on Android or iOS

Some say that Stardew Valley is the best farm simulator for mobile. Well, in addition to planting crops, caring for animals and having to expand your farm, Stardew Valley gives you RPG elements. Interact with NPCs and complete missions that, in total, yield around 50 hours of gameplay. You can even get married, can you believe it?

There Day

Play Hay Day on Android or iOS

Hay Day is super popular and is one of the farm games where you have the most things to do. First you will have to clean the whole farm and only then start planting. Taking care of animals and building new buildings is also part of your job.

You can explore a city, sell goods at a roadside market and participate in minigames. In the end, you can even build a city all your own. As seen, the game is huge and will hold you for months.


Play WeFarm on Android or iOS

Another game that "copy" Farmville. But WeFarm improves Farmville in many ways. For example, it has dozens of side quests and an interaction system with other players that makes the game more complete. Without forgetting, of course, all the planting, harvesting and selling gameplay.

Egg, Inc.

Play Egg, Inc. on Android or iOS

Egg, Inc. is much more than a game about an egg production empire. It's a very well done indie game, with beautiful graphics and mechanics well tuned for a mobile game. It's a casual game that plays alone without you, idly providing resources and money.

The only downside is that it's a fairly automatic game. You log in once or twice a day to check on the egg production and that's it.


Play Township on Android or iOS

Township is a mix of town building and farm maintenance. The main thing is to build a city from scratch; the farm exists to give you resources to improve your magnificent metropolis. With something even cooler: you can build a zoo to take care of your animals.

Big Little Farmer

Play Big Little Farmer on Android or iOS

One of the few freemium games of its kind that lets you play 100% offline whenever you want. This is undoubtedly its main feature and what sets it apart from the others. Overall, it's very similar to Farmville, but with controls that are easier to master.

Planting, caring for animals and selling your products are some of the daily activities in the game. It also has dozens of extra content that can be unlocked for free or paid.

Blocky farm

Play Blocky Farm on Android or iOS

As the name and image suggest, Blocky Farm has a similar visual appearance to Minecraft. It is also more arcade and free compared to other farm games. You can drive vehicles, adopt pets, customize the entire farm and practice activities such as fishing.

Blocky Farm also has a cool climate change system, a town with NPCs to interact with and lots of freedom to explore in its small farmer world.

Farming Simulator 20

Play Farming Simulator 20 on Android or iOS

Obviously Farming Simulator 20 is the most realistic on this list. Which means it's a game with a higher level of complexity than the others. But the idea is the same: plant, harvest, sell and profit.

The great quality of the game is to have more than 100 vehicles from real brands. And you can direct them all on the 1st person camera. Taking care of horses and other animals, as well as interacting online are also options that complete the game a little more.

Farmville 2: Country Escape

Play Farmville 2: Country Escape on Android or iOS

Farmville was very successful on Facebook. Today Farmville 2 is an option very close to the first edition. It's more arcade, more "pay to play", but with a high degree of fun. It is one of the most complete in terms of what you can plant, and the customization capacity is also huge.

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