Top 10 Champions for Beginners in League of Legends

Do you want to play League of Legends and don't know which champion is right for you? Find out which are the best Champions to learn to play LoL and find the character that will make you love this game.


''Just being in a fight to find out who you really are.''

The Monkey King of Vastaya is one of the most interesting champions you'll discover in League of Legends. Don't be fooled by its not-so-robust appearance: Wukong is a fierce warrior with unexpected talents.

Wukong was mentored by Champion Master Yi and uses the art of Wuju fighting in his matches. His passive is Stoneskin, an ability that increases this warrior's Armor and Magic Resist.

One of his best abilities is the Decoy, which makes Wukong invisible for a brief period of time. This skill can help you evade enemies or launch a surprise attack (especially if combined with the Cloud's Radiance skill, a Physical Damage attack up to 2 nearby enemies).


"I never play with matches."

This is not a girl like the others. Annie is also known as the Dark Child and she has several abilities that make her a very difficult enemy to face in battle.

Annie is a terrifying sorceress, able to make it difficult for opponents to play with Pyromania (her stun passive) or destroy all enemies in the area with fire. Magic damage is with this girl, but it's her stun skill that makes her really popular.

And how can you forget about your fatal skill called Summon: Tibbers? Tibbers is her teddy bear and Annie manages to bring her best friend to life. With this ability, Tibbers attacks and burns anyone who is close to him.


"This kingdom and its people have given me everything I have. What kind of man would I be if I gave less than that in return?"

A man of honor and loyalty, Garen is the right Champion for anyone who has always enjoyed playing as a warrior or soldier. An great choice for tank, Garen has health regeneration as a passive and his Armor and Magic Resistance passively increase with the kill of opponents.

Judgment is a sinister skill that makes the warrior dance deadly with his sword, dealing damage and reducing enemies' Armor. His best skill is Demacian Justice, which can turn the tide against the opposing champion with the most recent kills. With the power of Demacia, Garen deals damage based on the Health his target has already lost, dealing more damage the less Health the enemy has.


"There will be no rest as long as Kayle's tyrant continues to exist."

Morgana is a master of the dark arts and will do anything to stop the enemy's advance. a great choice for those who like to play as support and do group control.

Morgana specializes in dealing magic damage, either by cursing an area with her Tormented Ground skill or by shooting dark magic orbs that deal damage and immobilize an enemy (Dark Binding skill).

His Black Shield ability is useful for protecting team members by placing a barrier that absorbs magic damage and prevents trips. Morgana has Magic Vampirism and her passive reflects that: the Champion heals when she deals damage with her abilities.

The Fallen Angel shows off his sensational ability to stop enemies with the Soul Fetters skill, binding energy chains to targets, dealing damage, slowing their Movement Speed ​​and stunning them.


“Loneliness can be lonelier than death.”

Who wants to be friends with the cursed Amumu? Condemned to spend eternity alone, this champion is a tortured soul who has a lot to offer a new player. Amumu is a good choice for anyone who wants play as jungler, but he is also strong enough to turn into a mighty tank.

His attacks and abilities are varied, he is able to reduce the magic resistance of targets with his passive, cause various types of damage, immobility and stun with his bandages or cause the loss of a percentage of Max Health.

One of his best abilities is Chilique - which uses Amumu's rage to deal damage and permanently reduce the Physical Damage he could take.


"I don't care what face is on your coin, as long as you pay."

The fastest bounty hunter you will find, Sivir is one of the best champions for anyone who wants to play as ADC (“loading” the game with your Attack Damage).

Without resting for a moment, this mercenary passively increases her Movement Speed ​​when attacking a target. Her weapon of choice is a blade that works like a boomerang, dealing damage as it passes and using her Ricochet ability to attack secondary targets.

To impede enemies' abilities, Sivir creates a protective shield to defend herself. But nothing better than On The Hunt, your best skill that increases your allies' Movement Speed ​​and gives Sivir's bonus Attack Speed ​​boost.


“Who says evil has to look scary?”

Veigar is an evil sorcerer who wants to be a fierce dictator instilling fear in everyone around him. His passive ability is impressive: each time he hits an enemy champion with an ability, Veigar gains a permanent Ability Power boost.

This is a champion who is a master of magic damage, using dark energy or summoning masses of dark matter to target his enemies. Veigar is one of the characters with increased ability to stun targets em League of Legends.

With the Event Horizon ability, the champion creates an area that warps the boundaries of space for 3 seconds. Enemies that pass within this space are stopped and stunned with Veigar's evil power.


“Its melody moves the soul, its silence makes the body cry.” ~ Jericho Swain

The power of music is this Champion's greatest weapon and healing tool. It's one of the best choices for anyone looking to start playing League of Legends as a support – and why not do it smoothly?

She is specializes in healing allies, with a remarkable skill like the Aria of Perseverance. Touching this Aria, Sona heals herself and a nearby ally who is injured, and gains an aura that temporarily shields allies in the aura.

Supporting the team, Sona is also able to play the Song of Celerity to increase her allies' Movement Speed. But don't think she can't seriously attack enemies if she wants to: Sona is able to cast blasts of sound that deal magic damage and her passive gives an additional effect to her damage.

But nothing like his great skill called Crescendo which is truly merciless. With Crescendo, Sona plays a destructive melody that forces enemies to dance, dealing magic damage and stunning her targets.

Master Yi

"The sharpest sword's edge is no match for the calm of a peaceful mind."

One of the easiest junglers you can find in the game, Master Yi is a fast and effective swordsman with a lot to offer players. His abilities are simple and straightforward, making him a fierce opponent against sorcerers or ADCs.

Your Alpha Strike teleports you across the battlefield dealing Physical Damage to multiple units while staying safe from attacks. He has the ability to heal himself through Meditation, something valuable when he launches multiple attacks and manages to return to a safe place.

His great skill is Highlander, which turns him into a powerful attacking machine, increasing his Attack and Movement Speed. Each kill or assist extends the duration of this ability, giving this virtuous warrior even more freedom.


“One tribe, one people, one Freljord.”

A master archer from the icy lands of the Freljord, Ashe is a heroine who believes in the peaceful unification of the tribes and fights for the greater good of the Freljord. With her bow of divine ice – bestowed on her by the goddess Avarosa – Ashe is a fierce champion in battle.

A supportive Easy-to-learn ADC that players have fun playing with, Ashe is a great choice for beginners. His passive ability is Freezing Shot, where his attacks slow enemies, making them vulnerable to additional damage.

Other skills, such as Concentration or Burst, temporarily increase your Attack Speed ​​and Physical Damage, respectively. She has a unique ability as an ADC called Hawk's Gaze that is very useful in crowd control: Ashe fires an arrow that shows unrevealed terrain on the map, something useful for the whole team's strategy.

Her greatest skill is Enchanted Crystal Arrow, in which Ashe fires a giant ice bolt. If the projectile collides with an enemy, it takes magic damage and stuns, while other nearby enemy champions take half damage and slow.

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