The Witcher 3: Know all the game endings!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has multiple endings. And luckily or not, you'd have to beat the game's main campaign multiple times to see all these ends. Instead, we've made your life easier: we've brought here everything that can happen before the game credits roll!

And obviously this article contains a SPOILER ALERT giant! So from now on, it's at your own risk!

Geralt's Finals

The Witch also has its romantic side!

Geralt's endings are all about Ciri and her future love affair with Triss or Yennefer. Or alone! In this block we will explain what the witcher's romantic endings are and, further down, you will be able to see what Ciri's endings are.

Geralt stays with Yennefer

If you chose Yennefer, good! Chances are you'll never hear from Geralt of Rivia again, as he and Yennefer stay away from everyone else and spend most of their time lying in bed or bathing in a bathtub. Good and deserved life after so much bloodshed!

Geralt stays with Triss

The redhead Triss has always messed with the Witcher Gerald. It is not for nothing that he moves through it, ending up in Kovir. Triss becomes the King's advisor, and Geralt lives a life of pure luxury. He basically lives to love his wife and occasionally kill a monster out there.

Geralt is left with no one

This is the ending that many The Witcher 3 players choose. If you haven't had any romance with Triss or Yennefer, this will be your inevitable end. If you have tried to keep both at the same time, which many players have tried, you will be abandoned by them. Your life will be that of a walking wizard, in the irritating company of Dandelion.

Ciri finals

Ciri can have up to 3 different endings in The Witcher 3. This will be set in the last main quest of the game, called Something Ends, Something Begins. However, getting here is not enough. Everything will actually depend on how you acted with the little witch in different situations, such as:

  1. Mission Blood on the Battlefield: how Geralt comforted Ciri
  2. Mission Blood in the Field Batalha: if Geralt paid a visit to the Emperor
  3. Mission Blood in the Field Batalha: if Geralt accepted money from Emhyr when he returns Ciri
  4. Mission Final Preparations: if Geralt accompanies Ciri to speak with the witches of the Stay
  5. Mission The Child of Ancestral Blood: Geralt's reaction when Ciri explodes and gets angry
  6. Mission The Child of Ancestral Blood: if Geralt takes Ciri to Skjall's tomb at the end of the quest
  7. Quest completion percentage: Eye for an eye, a lethal plan, Redania's Most Wanted e State Reason

Ciri dies

Ciri will die if she happens to feel insecure about her power in the battle against the White Frost. She goes to the portal in the epilogue quest and doesn't come back. Geralt goes after the last Moira and sits alone, remembering Ciri, until the credits start.

In order for you to have this ending, in the above situations you must:

  1. Say, "Relax, you don't have to be good at everything"
  2. Visit Emhyr
  3. Accept cash when returning Ciri to her father
  4. Follow Ciri in the conversation with the witches
  5. Your reaction should be "Calm down"
  6. Say "No time for this"

See this ending below


Ciri becomes a Witcher

One of the coolest endings! Ciri survives the White Frost because she is confident in her powers. She hates the possibility of being Empress, so she disappears. Geralt tells Emhyr that Ciri has disappeared. He later finds her in a tavern, to begin her Witcher training.

In order for you to have this ending, in the above situations you must:

  1. Say, "I know what can cheer you up"
  2. Don't take her to Emhyr
  3. By logic you will not accept money from the Emperor
  4. Ciri must speak alone with the witches
  5. Your reaction should be "Go ahead"
  6. Say "Yes, I'm coming with you"

See the ending below:


Ciri becomes Empress

Ciri will survive the White Frost and will be interested in becoming Empress. The epilogue puts Geralt and the girl together, for the last time. When saying goodbye you can say "Goodbye" or "Goodbye", although both answers end up being the same. Like the ending with Ciri's death, this one is also sad.

To trigger it, you'll need to do more than you did to unlock the previous endings:

  • Take Ciri to the Emperor and refuse payment for it
  • Keep the "I know what can cheer you up" answer in the Blood on the Battlefield quest
  • Ciri must speak alone with the witches
  • Your reaction should be "Go ahead"
  • Say "Yes, I'm coming with you"
  • complete the missions Eye for an eye, a lethal plan, Redania's Most Wanted e State Reason
  • Na quest blindly obvious, be nice to Dijikstra and give him information about Ciri's whereabouts
  • on the mission State Reason, side with Vernon Roche and kill Dijikstra

See the ending below:


Endings of other characters

The Witcher 3 has dozens of outstanding and important characters for the overall development of the main quest. And of course your actions throughout the game affect their lives too! We've separated some alternate endings for these avates below.

Who will be the commander of the North

We can have 3 different commanders in the North: Radovid, Dijikstra and Nilfgaard. Here's what you need to do for each one to command:

  • Radovid: completely ignore Roche and Dijikstra's quests, which will cause Radovid to defeat Nilfgaard and command Novigrad and Velen. The problem is, he orders to kill non-humans and people with magic.
  • Dijikstra: if you complete the State Motive and all related quests on Djikstra's side, repression, fear and terror will take over the North
  • Nilfgaard: Vernon Roche and Ves are your allies here. If you complete Motive of States and the related sidequests with these characters, Nilfgaard commands and Temeria is restored.

Quem comanda Skellig

Skellige has a pretty tense and complicated government, just like pretty much every region in The Witcher 3. You can interfere with it or not. See your picks and what they can bring to the game's Norse:

  • Geralt supports Cerys in The King's Wager quest: All is at peace and Skellige enters prosperity
  • Geralt supports Hjalmar in The King's Wager quest: Skellige tries to fend off Nilfgaard year after year
  • Geralt doesn't do The King's Wager quest: The region falls into civil war after Sverige Bran starts a dictatorial monarchy

End of Emhyr

If Nilfgaard rules, great! Emhyr stays alive, punishes the Empire's traitors, and all is well. Should you end up siding with Radovid or Dijikstra, Emhyr will be betrayed and ultimately murdered.

End of Bloody Baron

If you kill the creature on the Hill, the Baron will run off with a mad Anna, leaving Velen alone. If he frees the creature, the Baron commits suicide, Anna dies and Velen is destroyed.

Fate of other characters

  • Sara: if you make a deal with Puero Sarah, she gets Corinne. If you kick her out, she flees Novigrad and goes to Bald Mountain.
  • Keira Metz: can send Keira to Kaer Morhen, where she helps with the siege. Then he goes with Lambert on other missions. Keira is burned at the stake if you ignore her quests or send her to Radovid. If you force Keira not to go to Radovid, you end up fighting her and killing her.
  • Junior: if you kill Junior, he is replaced by Dudu. If you spare him, he becomes a beggar
  • Wizards of Novigrad: if you complete this quest Now or never, all Novigrad mages flee and are spared. If you ignore it, everyone dies.
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