The Sims Mobile: 10 tips to quickly evolve in the game

The Sims Mobile is one of the most fun Android games available today. It has an intuitive and lightweight mechanic, similar to the PC version. And, like the desktop editions, it allows for almost infinite gameplay possibilities. For this reason, it is quite possible to get confused or not know how to evolve in the game, especially if you are just starting out.

To make your experience easier, we bring you some tips to guide you through the complex world of The Sims Mobile. You will learn to manage all aspects of your Sims' lives. From career to relationship with friends, housemates and family. And, of course, how to make your home the way you like it. See the tips!

1. Never miss doing daily quests

Daily Quests are the fastest and most efficient way to get experience points and Simoleons, the in-game money. They can be accessed from your to-do list. In total there are 8 tasks that you can do daily, although it is not mandatory to complete them all.

If you fulfill them all, you will get a candy, an item responsible for renewing your Sims' energy, in addition to obtaining 120 extra experience points.

2. Play with at least two Sims at the same time

The Sims has always been a game about socializing. All game mechanics invite you to have a big family and a full house. In the Mobile version, this is even stronger. That's because with just one Sim you will take a long time to evolve, not only in XP, but mainly in money.

With at least two Sims, you can double your chances of earning Simoleons faster. Try having multiple avatars under your command in the same house. Your level will increase quickly, before you even notice it happening.

3. Fulfill all of your Sims' Events

Having more characters indoors means evolving faster. But only if you earn it and fulfill all the Events your Sims are required to fulfill. They can be related to Career, Relationships and Hobbies.

As the time for each event is usually long, you don't have to despair to fulfill them in a hurry. In fact, even with several characters to command, you can do everything without haste. In this sense, it is worth noting that there are secondary events related to the primary one. Fulfilling them speeds up the realization of the main event.

One important detail you should pay close attention to: never start a risky Event if your Sim is low on confidence. The chances of success increase if he is confident, as well as giving him extra time to complete the activity.

If the Event is too long, let the game do its own thing

Every action you take with an avatar spends its energy. When this happens, you need to give them a muffin or a cupcake to restore energy. This takes a bit of work if you start a long-running Event, as the Sim will run out of energy halfway through.

In order not to waste time and not to waste your precious energy reserve, start the Long Event and exit the game. Go a day without playing. In the meantime, the task will be accomplished with flying colors, your rewards will be guaranteed, and the Sim will not have used a single energy.

4. Choose your Sims career

Unlike the PC versions of The Sims, Mobile has very few career options that characters can pursue. Still, they are very important for your development in the game. After all, without money there is no way to buy new furniture, expand the house or repair broken things.

Below are the careers you can pursue:

  • Barista career
  • Career in Culinary
  • career in fashion
  • medical career
  • Career in Law - available at level 15
  • Career as an Entrepreneur - available at level 15
  • Career as a DJ - available at level 23

5. Know when it's time to get married

A really fun part of The Sims Mobile is finding your soulmate. Throughout your experience in the game you will come into contact with different NPC's, some of whom you will eventually develop better relationships with. If you feel that there is "a mood going on," start choosing romantic dialogue options.

But it is only from relationship level 10 that both become soulmates. At this point, you can try your luck and make a beautiful proposal!

Order accepted: time to prepare the party

As soon as you get the long-awaited "Yes", you should start preparing for the wedding. At level 10, external party-related decorations are unlocked. Buy them all and make your home's billboard beautiful for your ceremony.

Now that this is done, the next step is for you to have three friends with friendship level 2 or higher. It's not three for every groom. It is enough for one of the partners to have them and that is enough. Then talk to your bride or groom at a table to take your wedding vows.

The last step is to click on the wedding arch you purchased and placed at the entrance to the house. That's it: the ceremony will begin and you will finally be able to say that you are married!

6. Choose Your Sims Traits Wisely

Every Sim acquires Personality Traits as they progress through the game. Care and planning is needed here, as each Trait adds an ability to the avatar. If you add the Generous Trait to a character, for example, they will have better rewards in daily quests.

Another important information: all Personality Traits have three levels, represented by stars. A three-star Trait offers many more benefits than a single-star one. In addition, to evolve the skill to the maximum you need Silver and Gold, very rare items.

Still in terms of Trait evolution, it's not retroactive. For example, you have two Sims. One of them has the Ambition Trait with a star, but the other has none. By chance this trait is evolved. That Sim who already had the Ambition will still have one star. The other, if you want to add the Trait now, will have a level two Ambition.

Below you can see all the Traits available in the game:

  • Generous: slightly better login rewards
  • Ambitious: slightly better in all Career Events
  • Gastronomers: a little better in Barista and Cooking Events
  • Lucky ones: XP bonus from time to time when being at home
  • flirts: receive a bonus from time to time when flirting with other Sims
  • Kind: receive a bonus from time to time when being friendly with other Sims
  • Mean: receive a bonus every now and then when insulting other Sims
  • Punguistas: steal Simoleons from other Sims every now and then
  • Creatives: a little better in Fashion and Photography Events
  • Musicals: a little better at Piano and Guitar Events
  • Charismatics: a little better in Business Events and Law
  • Talented: slightly better at all Hobby Events
  • famous: a little better in DJ Events
  • Active: a little better at Yoga Events
  • Great parties: receive a Party XP Bonus from time to time when being at parties
  • Attractive: a little better at Romantic Events
  • Extrovert: a little better at Friendship Events
  • Competitive: slightly better in Rivalry Events
  • geniuses: a little better at Medical and Scientific Events
  • Artisans: a little better at Writing and Cooking Events
  • Magnetic: a little better at Internet Icon Hobby Events
  • Patches: a little better in Surgical and Space Events
  • Harmonized: a little better at Wellness Guru Events
  • Athletics: a little better in Dance Events
  • Artistic: a little better at Stylist Events
  • cunning: a little better in Secret Agent Events

7. Don't leave your Sims without energy

Sims expend energy whenever they perform Event-related tasks. It doesn't matter if it's a pleasurable thing, like playing the guitar, or if it's more demanding, like working. So keep an eye on your avatars' energy bar to ensure they don't run out of steam in the middle of an important activity.

To regain energy, there are many things that can be done. Eating cupcakes or muffins, sleeping in bed, relaxing on the couch, taking a shower, and even peeing are all things that make your Sims feel refreshed.

Don't forget that most Event tasks can be completed automatically if you simply launch them, close the game and go for a walk. When you come back, after a while, you will be with the rewards in your hands, without having spent any energy from your Sims.

8. Socialize and keep Sims active

The Sims Mobile is for anyone who wants to socialize and explore all the options of adulthood. So invest in creating several bonds of friendship with other Sims whenever possible. Just click on a person and choose the "Socialize" option. This guarantees tickets, experience points and makes your relationships evolve.

In addition to socializing, it's important not to close the game and leave your Sims doing nothing. They won't evolve, and you won't be able to level up, let alone earn Simoleons. So find an activity to occupy your avatars. There is always something to be done in the game.

9. Whenever you can, watch an advertising video

As with almost every free mobile game, in The Sims Mobile you have the option to watch a promotional video from time to time. This is important, as it only takes a few seconds to earn new items, money, experience and even unlock things from your home catalogues.

10. Retire your Sims when the time comes

Retirement is a choice, of course, but in The Sims Mobile it's a pretty lucrative choice. That's because whenever a Sim retires, you unlock heirlooms, hobbies, items and several other possibilities in the game. In fact, some Personality Traits are only available after retirements of certain avatars.

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