The Sims 4: Learn how to kill and resurrect your sims!

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In The Sims 4, there are several ways to watch your sims die. In fact, it's common knowledge that players sometimes succumb to their sadistic instincts and kill their sims on purpose. Fortunately, there are also ways to bring them back to life.

Check out this guide to learn how to kill and how to resurrect your sims!

10 ways to kill sims

1. Starve to death

If you don't let your sim feed, it will starve to death. This method will to delay a little bit, but it ends up getting there.

To keep your sim from falling into temptation, remove the fridge and phones so they don't order food, or else put them in a room and remove the doors.

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2. old age

When an elderly sim reaches the end of its life, it dies. The only ways to prevent this from happening is by turning off aging in the game's options or drinking Potions of Youth.

If you don't want to torture your sims, but simply see the normal course of life develop, just wait for time and death to do their work.

3. Fire

Flames can quickly spread across the floor and walls, and if your sim is caught in them, they will die a painful death.

To be able to immolate your sim and if he doesn't have Cooking skill, there's nothing better than having him cook any complicated recipe. Or, turn on the lareira next to combustible material such as chairs, rugs or curtains.

4. Rocket

If your sim has a low Science skill and you still launch them on a rocket to explore space, there is a very high chance that a accident. Another way to do this is by having a sim with the Mischief skill put a piece of fruit in the rocket's tailpipe.

In order to be able to send your sim into space, however, it is necessary to reach a high enough level in the Astronaut career to unlock the rocket building on your lot.

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5. Electrocution

Be careful when repairing electronic objects at home if your Mechanics skill is low, as you risk dying from electrocution.

However, your sim will not die from the first shock. he will just stay scorched and you will have to insist once more on reparation for it to actually succumb.

6. Rage attack

In The Sims 4, you have multiple levels of each emotion. In the case of rage, your sim can be Angry, Very Angry, Furious or Enraged. If you get to Enraged and don't to calm down quickly, your sim will suffer a Heart Burst and eventually die.

Have your sim get into fights with other characters or look at Enraged art to keep them in that emotional state.

7. Laughing Attack

In the case of this emotion, you can reach Playful, Very Playful, Silly, and Hysterical levels. This last emotional state can only last for a short time or you will die with a Laughing Attack.

The quickest ways to get into this emotional state is by watching Comedies on the small screen, reading comedy books or taking a bubble bath.

8. shame

This emotion also has four different levels: Ashamed, Very Ashamed, Humiliated, and Mortified. Calm down your sim quickly when in the last state or he will die of shame.

To stay dangerously in this emotional state, you must do your biological needs on the floor next to other sims, walk in public without having showered, be rejected by other sims, or see other sims in awkward situations.

9. Fatigue

As your sim ages, it will lose stamina. So if you send it if to exercise for long periods of time, he will quickly reach the Dangerously Tired status, which will last for 4 hours.

That's when you can keep exercising and die, or stop and live another day. This can also happen if you tell your sim to be intimate with another sim many times in a row.

10. Cow Plant

If you are creating one of these plants in your home, it needs to be fed every 12 hours. Don't complete this quest and your sim will be devoured by the plant!

To get this special plant, you first need to develop your Gardening skills and then find Cow Plant berries to plant. They can be found by fishing, exploring space, searching for treasure, or combining random plants.

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Now learn how to resurrect

To return your sims from the dead you have three options.

1. Ambrosia

Since The Sims 3 this food has special properties. Ambrosia can rejuvenate a sim and even bring it back from the dead. Of course this means that your recipe is a bit complex due to the rarity of your ingredients. You should also be able to max out the Cooking skill to unlock the recipe and reach level 7 Gardening to produce the Flower of Death, an essential ingredient.

After producing this gourmet meal, have your ghost eat the Ambrosia to resurrect. Don't forget that you can only control the ghost if it belongs to you. family. If that's not the case, you'll have to talk to him until you reach 95% friendship and then unlock the friendly option "Invite to Family/Group".

This dish only lasts 10 hours out of the fridge, so don't waste it!


  • Acara Flag: fish caught in the Willow Creek river
  • Flower of Death: appears in the excerpt of a Pomegranate (appears when cutting apple or cherry trees) and an Orchid (obtain by completing the Space Rock Collection)
  • Potion of Youth: obtained from the Rewards Shop for 1500 points

2. Book of Life

This method of resuscitation requires a little more planning. This is because you need capturar the life of a sim in the book so that it can be relived later. First, you need to reach the maximum Writing level. There, you will have to write the Book of Life on the computer and, with it already written, select “Capture the Epic Saga of…” and choose the desired sim to be by your side.

If that character dies, you can summon up with the book so that your ghost appears. From there, it is necessary to invite him to be part of your family so that he can interact with the book and choose “Restore Life”. You can have more than one book with the lives of different sims.

3. mallets

Another way to resurrect a sim is by using codes. When using one of these codes, the sim will no longer be a ghost immediately and will come back to life. Once again, he needs to be part of your family. Select the desired Ghost and open the console to enter the code. To do so, select CTRL+SHIFT+C.

Before entering the code corresponding to the type of ghost you want to revive, type “testingcheats true” to make sure that the cheats are active.

This is the list of codes and their corresponding ghosts:

Code Ghost
traits.remove_trait anger death from anger
traits.remove_trait cowplant death by cow plant
traits.remove_trait electrocution death by electric shock
traits.remove_trait embarrassment death by shame
traits.remove_trait fire death by fire or explosion
traits.remove_trait hunger starvation
traits.remove_trait laugh death by hysteria
traits.remove_trait oldage old age death
traits.remove_trait exhaust death from exhaustion

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