The best games like Sweet Love!

Sweet Love is one of the best virtual flirting and visual novel games of the moment. But there are other games very similar to this one if you like the style, like Eldarya! See below a little more about this and other games, as well as having the link to play all of them right now!


Play Eldarya online

Eldarya is one of the best adventure and romance games today. He is very complete because he doesn't just take the aspects of love relationship. You can customize your avatar, creating a unique style for your character. Confront dark beings to protect the Kingdom of Eldarya and embark on scenario explorations.

In Eldarya you can still adopt pets, cute pets that resemble Pokémon! They help you explore the most diverse cities to find unique and glittering treasures. It is a graphic novel with different endings, which will depend on your choices to be discovered and released.

Rising Lovers

Play Rising Lovers online

Rising Lovers puts you in the shoes of a girl at the height of her love life. The most important thing about the game is that your choices define everything in the story. Choose your boyfriend and your friendships carefully, as all decisions will interfere with the gameplay and the outcome.

old love

Play AnticLove online

AnticLove is more of a fictional relationship game, but with a narrative that takes place in a university called Palentir. It has faster narrative and action than Sweet Love and is much easier to play. The challenges and questions are simple, and only 1 action point is required to get from one place to another.

In this game you take control of a girl who studies at a magical university full of mysteries. Choosing the boy she's going to date is important, and again all her choices will completely affect the end of the game!

O Segredo de Henri

Play Henri's Secret online

In Henri's Secret you take on Lyla, who lives a school year full of teenage discoveries. Among them, of course, is passion and love. Lyla is the most popular in school, but ends up falling in love with Henri, an intelligent freshman student who hates popular girls. It's up to you to unite this unlikely couple!

Love & Diaries

Play Love & Diaries online

Love & Diaries is from the same production company as Rising Lovers. Here, however, you can take on different characters, according to your interest. This is a great advantage of this game, being several in one, which allows you to participate in several different and unique stories.

For example, you might be hired by an airline and meet a new colleague, Aaron, who you fall in love with. Or, who knows, participate in a cooking competition, where, in addition to competing, you can meet Damon, her next novel.

Hey Love Adam: Texting Game (Bonus)

Play Hey Love Adam on Android and iOS

Hey Love Adam is different from the games above, but it has a similar theme, which is that of fictional relationships. In this case, the entire game takes place simulating text messages between people. You are one of them and you interact with friends, suitors and affairs through messages in an app that looks a lot like the famous Whats.

The game is nice and worth your attention if you like romance games with choices. Even more so that the game tries to simulate real life in terms of graphics and gameplay. It's a way to slightly vary the gameplay format, but keeping the same style and theme!

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