The best Call of Duty Mobile setup for controls and graphics

As in other shooting games, settings in Call of Duty Mobile play an essential role in player performance. So it's very important that you explore the settings menu as much as possible to see what works and what doesn't work for you.

For you who want to increase your level in Call of Duty Mobile, check below the best configuration to improve your gameplay a lot.

Better controls setup

Configuration suggestion for Call of Duty Mobile

To access the control settings, click on the gear icon at the top of the main screen, go to the “Controls” tab and choose “Custom Scheme”. We know that control settings are very personal and each player prefers their own, but there are some fixed "rules" that will undoubtedly improve your game a lot, just get used to:

Two fire buttons (with and without sights)

It is essential that you have two shooting buttons, one on each side of the screen. In the image above, notice that on the right side is the aim shot button and on the left side is the hip fire shot. Believe me, you won't play at a high level until you implement both shots in your gameplay.

The aiming shot will always be the main one and that's why it should be on the right side of the screen. It's what you'll use in almost every situation. Hip fire, on the other hand, is only used at super short distances where you don't have time to open the crosshairs. It is usually used when you run into an opponent while running. At these times, it is crucial that you can attack as soon as possible. Opening the crosshairs may be too late.

We suggest that you place the two shots in the upper corners of the screen so that you can use them with the index fingers of each hand. Consequently, you will need to change the position minimap.

Commands made easy for cumshot

Facilitate the racing commands that are already configured by default in the game. First, drag the sprint button closer to the directional pad. So you will need to slide a lot less your finger for your character to run. The minimum distance available is shown in the image above.

Then move the second sprint button (the much smaller one located next to the minimap) to a more accessible position, and increase its size. That way you will have an immediate race option.

Decrease Operator Skill button

The Operator Skill (the yellow icon in the image above) is not one of the most used commands during matches, so there's no need for you to keep the giant size it comes configured with. Reduce it as much as possible to improve your field of vision.

Move the fire and crouch buttons away

This is very important. Keep the fire and crouch buttons relatively far apart, so you have to use different fingers to use them. Only then will you be able to make advanced moves more efficiently, such as turning a corner by sliding and shooting. The secret is to run, swipe with one finger and fire the shot at the same time. If the buttons are too close together, you won't be able to.

Use grapple position to play

The first image shows the two-finger position, very common in most mobile shooter games. The second image shows the grapple position, much more suitable for Call of Duty Mobile

Most players use the two-finger position (first image above) to play. Despite not being the most suitable, it is enough to do well in most current shooting games. However, considering that Call of Duty Mobile requires much more movement than other titles like PUBG or Free Fire, you will need to use more fingers to improve your performance.

Using the grapple position you will be able to perform all the advanced maneuvers in the game, such as shooting by sliding and jumping or easily switching between aiming shooting or hip fire. Only then will your movements come out as efficiently as possible.

Better graphics setup

In the settings menu, under the "Audio and Graphics" tab you can edit the game's video settings. They also vary greatly by cell phone, but still, there is important information you should know.

Prioritize frame rate over graphics quality

Many times we think the game is running at maximum fluidity, but it is not. To avoid this mistake, try lowering the graphics quality (even if your device is very good) and start a match against bots to see what happens. If you notice a performance improvement, use this new setting. If you want to improve your gameplay, never prioritize visuals.

Regarding the frame rate, try to always leave the maximum available, even if you need to decrease the graphics quality to the minimum. It's the frame rate that makes the game's movements fluid, and keeping it high allows you to control your aim and bursts much more efficiently.

Best sensitivity setting

In the "Sensitivity" tab, you can configure all the movement speed settings on the screen. All are extremely personal, but we also have some suggestions for them.

Prioritize Fixed Speed ​​in Rotation Mode

Call of Duty Mobile applies some sensitivity fluctuations based on how fast you swipe the screen. To turn off these oscillations, check the "Fixed Speed" field in the "Rotation Mode" section. This will always keep the same sensitivity, even if you swipe with more or less speed. That way you'll get used to the controls faster and have a more consistent movement.

Use Distance Acceleration if playing on tablets

In the same menu, you can activate the Acceleration distance option. The function is very suitable for players using tablets, as it will adjust the amount of movement according to larger screens, so you don't have to slide your finger so much to move the crosshairs. You can also grade this acceleration until you find the sweet spot for you.

Best basic configuration

Finally, make these adjustments to the game's general settings, found under the "Basic" tab in the settings menu:

aim assistant: turn off the. As you improve your gameplay, it hinders more than it helps.

Fast Grenade Throwing: turn off, otherwise you won't be able to "cook" the grenade.

tap to watch: is the default crosshair option, and also the most effective.

Show Left Fire Button: Select "On" to display the hip fire button mentioned earlier in this article.

Slide (when running): Select the "Tap squat while running" option for more efficient movement.

always run: We do not suggest that you turn this option on, as you will no longer be able to walk. Instead of turning it on, use the control settings shown above in this article.

Gyroscope: We suggest that you try implementing the gyroscope in your gameplay. In addition to being fun, it makes it a lot easier for you to make some small aim adjustments at crucial moments, especially with snipers.

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