The 8 Best Welcome Bots for Discord!

To make your life easier as a Discord moderator, several bots have administration tools that include automatic welcome messages for new members. This allows everyone to be introduced right at the entrance without you having to monitor the server all the time. Check out the 8 best welcome bots for Discord below!

1. Welcomer

Welcomer is the best bot for anyone looking for a welcome bot on their Discord server. It allows you to customize your welcome messages with many options of images, themes and colors. You can configure it by direct commands in Discord or even through a menu on the Welcomer website.

In addition to welcome messages, Welcomer offers good moderation tools and server role definition. As an interesting addition, if you have a server open to the public, the "Borderwall" function prevents bot members from joining without your permission.

Install Welcomer on your server.

2. ProBot

ProBot is yet another great option for setting up Discord welcome. You can set the background image, member avatar size, text and many other details. It also lets you put music on server channels, easily create embeds, and even make the bot react or automatically respond to keywords. The configuration of ProBot is mainly done from the control panel of the website itself.

Install ProBot on your server.

3. MEE6

MEE6 is one of the most complete and popular bots for Discord. With it you can create simple welcome messages to introduce new members to the server and automatically assign roles. Other features include moderation tools, alerts and notifications linked to YouTube, Twitch and Reddit, music, a level system and even guessing games.

Install MEE6 on your server


YAGPDB is a bot that features focused tools for different purposes. When it comes to greetings and goodbyes, it's not the most complete bot, but it has an interesting feature. It is possible to create multiple messages that, although simple, will be sent randomly when a new member joins. In addition, the bot integrates Reddit and YouTube notifications, assigns roles, moderates and even creates its own commands. As icing on the cake, the program has a system for sharing random facts about cats.

Install YAGDBB on your server.

5. Loritta

Loritta is a bot totally our country and full of features. It allows you to create your welcome or farewell messages in different ways, providing you with several templates that you can choose to follow or not. It is also a moderation and entertainment bot that has many tools to help with warnings, punishments, bans, games, music and more. It also has a notification system to let you know about content on Twitch, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, etc.

Install Loritta on your server.

6. Wire

Filo is a comprehensive bot that encompasses features and utilities of all kinds. It lets you create welcome and goodbye messages with a good level of customization and is perfect for anime and video game lovers. In addition to providing fun on the server with games, Filo helps a lot to manage and moderate efficiently.

Install Filo on your server

7. Koya

Are you a fan of One Piece? Well, don't hesitate to try Koya. It allows you to customize the welcome messages however you like with anime-related images and text. It also helps with moderation and has interaction and reaction tools that encourage participation on the server. Unfortunately, you have to pay to take advantage of the bot's maximum features, including some related to welcome or farewell messages.

Install Koya on your server.

8. Tatsu

Tatsu is a gaming bot that also allows you to create different welcome and farewell messages from the control panel on the website. It is totally aimed at the gamer audience, as it adds games to the chat, experience system and levels and even a virtual economy. All these features are customizable and, despite being complex, the control panel offers many options.

Install Tatsu on your server.

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