The 8 best multiplayer browser games!

Even with simpler graphics and mechanics than normal games, browser games still have their space in the market and on our computers, since being able to play quickly and without compromise is one of the main attractions of this type of games. With that in mind, we've brought you a list of the 8 (or more) best multiplayer browser games for you who want to join or compete against other players in the world. Check out!

1. .io games

Starting with the most obvious ones, the .io series of games is the most famous option for multiplayer disputes through the browser. Although the mechanics and graphics vary from one game to another, they all always have the same premise: the player must strengthen himself in order to defeat weaker opponents.

There are so many .io game options available that it would be very difficult to include them all here, but we can name some of the most popular games:

  • famous snake game, multiplayer version. Your goal here is to feed in order to grow and be able to swallow smaller opponents.
  • Here you control a cell that needs to expand to encompass other players.
  • One of the best 2D .io games, is a kind of battle royale with many different modes.
  • in this one you control a little ship that must gather energy and collect items to become stronger and defeat the various opponents around you.
  • A 2D battle royale with everything you'd expect from the genre: parachutes, weapons, items and gas. The last player alive wins.
  • a kind of MMORPG with several modes. Here you can explore the world, play PvP, something like football, etc.
  • another minimalist MMRPG, but with much more refined graphics and mechanics.
  • An FPS with Battle Royale and Death Match options.
  • an FPS Deathmatch in the best Call of Duty style with different classes of characters, different maps, mods, challenges and more!

Know that the official website of these games is exactly as it appears in the name of each one.

2. Warm

Play Tibia here

One of the classics. Although Tibia is far from its heyday, it is still one of the best browser games out there. Much older than most MMORPGs available on the market, the game remains relevant to this day with its huge content that allows you to level your character to its maximum level limit.

3. Runescape 3

Play Runescape here

Continuing with the classics, Runescape is among the oldest RPGs created. Its content is too big for a browser game, with many, many things to do. For example, here you can always level up skills such as fishing, mining, woodcutting, etc., in addition, of course, to combat-related skills.

4. Game of Bombs

Play Game of Bombs here

Game of Bombs is pure fun. The game is totally inspired by Bomberman, so any fan of one of the biggest hits on the Super Nintendo already knows how it works. The difference is that here you play in a kind of Battle Royale against MANY players at the same time. In the midst of the mess, you must collect items to increase your speed, blast radius, upgrade your bombs, etc.

5. Raid Land

Play Raid Land here

Raid Land is a game focused on various PvP modes. You can choose from 3 available classes (Archers, Warriors and Berserkers) and then join a team to face another. Combat involves a lot of movement, aiming and using skills. Each mode has its own goals, but always action-packed.

6. Habbo

Play Habbo here

Habbo is a life simulator with a strong focus on player interaction. Very popular in our country, the game has a large active community that keeps the online social experience fun. In addition to being able to create and customize your avatars, the game has a system of achievements and weekly events that give a "shake" to the gameplay. To improve, the game is EXTREMELY light with its pixelated minimalist graphics.

7. Dead Frontier 3D

Play Dead Frontier 3D here

Dead Frontier 3D is a zombie-themed survival MMORPG. With great graphics for a browser game, the game allows you to join thousands of other players in the world to survive in a world taken over by monsters that want to eat your brain. Here you can find hundreds of different weapons and items to help you explore a vast open world, as well as being able to participate in PvP matches.

8. Gartic

Play Gartic here

Gartic is the most popular of the Action Picture style drawing games in our country. The premise is already well known: one of the players draws something and the others must guess what the drawing is about. The more drawings and the faster you get it right, the more points you will earn.

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