The 7 best free escape games for Android

Escape games, also known as escape games, form a perfect genre for cell phones since, in addition to being a great pastime, their point and click gameplay is ideal for small screens. For puzzle fans who love to test their wits and patience, here's a list of the 7 best free escape games for Android. Check out!

1. Doors and Rooms Series (3 games)

The 7 best free escape games for Android

The Doors and Rooms series is among the most popular in the escape game genre. Despite not having an interesting differential in relation to the others, the gameplay is fluid and divided into several levels, so the player is not stuck in the same room for a long time, which conveys a sense of progress.

The 3 games in the series are:

  • Doors and Rooms
  • Doors and Rooms: Perfect Escape
  • Doors and Rooms: Escape King

Games can be played in any order without prejudice.

2. Escape Through History

The 7 best free escape games for Android

Escape Through History is an escape game that takes place through history. Whenever you complete a level and open the door, the next one will take place at another time and elsewhere in the world. This makes each level have its own elements and puzzles, which keeps the game very interesting.

Escape Through History has a moderate difficulty level and you can see that it was not designed for players to have much difficulty, but to have fun and pass the time. Most of the puzzles, although laborious, are very clear.

One of the great differentials of Escape Through History is that the game is completely free, with very few advertisements (and only at appropriate times). Also, the developers promised to add more levels in future updates.

Click here to download the game.

3. Dreamcage Escape

The 7 best free escape games for Android

Dreamcage Escape is an escape game with a fantastic theme. Here, each world is inside a bird cage, and they are full of magical, macabre and surreal elements.

Dreamcage Escape isn't the longest or hardest escape game you'll ever play, but it's sure to be one of the most captivating. The graphics and sound design are very tasteful and create a unique atmosphere that stays in players' memories even after they complete the game.

Click here to download the game.

4. Spotlight: Room Escape

The 7 best free escape games for Android

Spotlight: Room Escape is a suspenseful escape game in which your character has lost his memory and needs to not only escape the scenarios, but also get clues about his past.

Spotlight: Room Escape is divided into chapters in which the story gradually unfolds. The game has good 3D graphics and a relatively high difficulty level, as some solutions involve elements that don't even seem to be interactable, in addition to several levels having a time limit to complete.

Click here to download the game.

5. Escape Titanic

The 7 best free escape games for Android

As you can imagine, in Escape Titanic you are placed inside the famous ship. The game starts right at the moment of collision with the iceberg, and from there you are put into a frantic sequence of puzzles to escape with your life.

Escape Titanic bets on a fast-paced game. For the most part, each scenario has just one puzzle that, when solved, moves you to the next one, with new elements.

Even though it's one puzzle at a time, the game succeeds in keeping the solutions quite varied. In some you will need logical thinking, in others you will need speed, timing, attention to detail, etc.

Click here to download the game.

6. Cube Escape Series (9 games)

The 7 best free escape games for Android

The Cube Escape series is a must for fans of escape games. With a story full of mysteries, supernatural events and various sick elements (like a fetus in a jar or a leech coming out of an old woman's nose), the 9 games in the series keep players stuck on their mobile screen.

Despite repeating some puzzles throughout the games, for the most part each title manages to present its own challenges and even new mechanics. There's no way to complete one of them and not want to move on to the next one, mainly because each game tells a part of the story.

The Cube Escape series has already won some awards around the world. Its hand-drawn graphics and style heavily inspired by Twin Peaks make the game one of the best aesthetics of the genre. Also, throughout the series you will find some extremely unique puzzles.

The 9 Cube Escape games are:

  • Cube Escape: Seasons
  • Cube Escape: The Lake
  • Cube Escape: Arles
  • Cube Escape: Harvey’s Box
  • Cube Escape: Case 23
  • Cube Escape: The Mill
  • Cube Escape: Birthday
  • Cube Escape: Theatre
  • Cube Escape: The Cave

The story follows the order of the list above, but each game can be played individually without prejudice.

7. World’s Hardest Escape Game

The 7 best free escape games for Android

Maybe World's Hardest Escape Game isn't really the hardest game of its kind, but it's definitely one of them. The game has around 10 hours of gameplay, which is a lot for an escape game.

In World's Hardest Escape Game the puzzles are well balanced. Some are simple and some are quite complex, which leaves the game with a good pace that allows the player to progress, and then hold it for a long time on a single problem.

In all, the game has 20 different locations and hundreds of puzzles. It is definitely perfect pastime for fans of escape games.

Click here to download the game.

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