The 6 Best Tips for Beginners in Dragon City (2020)!

Dragon City is a resource management game where you have to breed, care for and evolve hundreds of dragons. For that, you'll need to manage gold, food, buildings, gems and many other things. If you're new to the game and want some help figuring out what to do in the midst of it all, check out our 7 tips for beginners in Dragon City below!

1. Prioritize your dragons and not their level

It may seem strange, but your priority in Dragon City shouldn't be leveling up, but caring for and improving your dragons. That's because the higher your level, the tougher your opponents will be, and that's just not worth it for beginning players. You'd better fight weak opponents to gain resources to feed, train and upgrade your dragons.

We know that many features unlock as you level up, but even so, the more time you spend at low levels, the better.

2. Focus on Earth habitats

If you're new to Dragon City, know right away that it's all about gold. To get it, you need to raise more dragons, which require more food, which require more farms. In this context, your best strategy is to build as many Earth habitats as possible, as Earth dragons generate gold quickly and also breed faster.

Keep doing this until you manage to buy an Earth Crystal. Once you do, place it in the middle of the habitats, this will increase your gold generation rate.

If you're not playing a lot, focus on Sea habitats!

On the other hand, if you're not a regular player, you're better off focusing on Sea Dwellings, as Land Dwellings have a low cap on gold (500), and require you to collect frequently to keep profiting. Already the habitats of Sea have a maximum gold limit of 10000, that is, if you go a long time without playing, once you log in, you will have this amount to collect.

3. Learn how Guardian Towers work

You may have already noticed that next to each island there is a destroyed tower that you can only access when you reach a specific level. They are the Guardian Towers. Each one is unlocked in one level and needs to be rebuilt to grant specific bonuses. To rebuild the tower you need to send a dragon to collect the fragments that will form each part of the building. Once all are collected, a Guardian Dragon will be released and you will gain the following bonuses:

  • midario: 20% more gold for 4 hours.
  • Jewelem: 1 free gem per day.
  • Sweet: Accelerates food production by 8 hours.
  • Winstance: 20% more damage and health for your dragons.
  • Hanzo: Speeds up the training center process by 8 hours.
  • Damona: Accelerates breeding by 6 hours.
  • Speedy e Greedy: Collects all your resources automatically.
  • Broodby: Accelerates incubation by 6 hours.

4. Breeding and Crosses

One of the biggest aspects of Dragon City is breeding your dragons to get new types. To do this, simply go to the Breeding Sanctuary, select the desired dragons for breeding and then choose "Breed!". Remember that not all dragons can breed. Also, no breeding gives a 100% chance of getting a specific dragon. Each combination has several possible outcomes, and if you don't get the dragon you want, the only alternative is to try again.

Check out our complete list of all Dragon City crosses and learn how to make your desired dragons!

5. How to prepare for the Heroic Race

Heroic Rush is one of the best ways to get strong dragons in Dragon City. If you have already advanced a little in the game and intend to participate, know that there is no mystery, just prepare well before entering the competition.

The Heroic Race is a “race” in which you advance as you complete small, simple missions. They all involve finding items that can be obtained by collecting your resources or participating in normal game activities. Altogether, missions may require:

  • Gold items: found from the gold collector;
  • Food Items: Found when collecting food;
  • Breeding and Feeding Items: Found when breeding dragons or feeding them;
  • Fighting Items: Found when battling in PvP.

Knowing what may be required in missions, all you need to do is leave as many resources as possible to collect before participating in the Heroic Race. When you receive the quests, collect only what you need to complete them and then wait for the next one. In short, all your resources should be geared towards advancing the race.

Other basic tips:

  • Invest in 30 second foods. Although the chances of finding the required items are lower, you will have more opportunities due to the short time.
  • Always try to feed cheap dragons. You can prepare for that too.
  • Never participate in every available fight. Leave some for use during the Heroic Rush.

6. How to get free gems in Dragon City

Gems are Dragon City's premium coins that you can buy with real money. However, the game offers several ways to get some for free:

  • Whenever you level up, you
  • you receive 1 gem.
  • If you log in daily, your chances of receiving gems increase, being able to receive up to 3 gems on the fifth day.
  • Every Monday the game makes a draw that can give up to 5 jewels.
  • Participating in PvP is the most consistent way to receive gems.
  • Gems can also be received at special in-game events.
  • Completing parts of the Book of Dragons also grants free gems.

Be economical with your jewelry. Avoid using them simply to speed up some processes that might very well be completed without them. Save them for important moments (like the Heroic Race) because they will show up!

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