The 50 Best Xbox 360 Games You Should Play Now!

Discover in this article the 50 best games for Xbox 360! They are of the most varied styles and times, but all with great quality! They're sure to make you want to buy them right now to remember the wonder that Microsoft's second console was. Check out the list below!

1. GTA V

Obviously GTA V is first on the list. The game was released in 2022, one of the last great titles of the 360 ​​generation, but even today the success is high. He is unquestionable proof that some games can come close to perfection.

For the Xbox 360, the graphics were already beautiful. Add that to all the freedom to do whatever you want in Los Santos and San Andreas. At the time, we had dozens or even hundreds of different activities to carry out. With a perfect single-player campaign in terms of storytelling.

Not to mention the Online mode, which is a world apart within the world of GTA V. Creating an avatar and participating in hundreds of missions, special events and manhunt for other players is one of the most fun things to do!

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2. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption was one of the best games of the Xbox 360 generation. Not only because of the Wild West theme, very well executed in the game, but because of the way John Marston's story is told.

The slow pace, the various missions and the wide open world with beautiful landscapes and a lot to see make this game a must have on the console. Much more than a GTA Western, Red Dead Redemption has one of the best solo campaigns of the genre and simply unforgettable multiplayer!

Not to mention the zombie mode... Ah, I miss you!

3. Mass Effect Trilogy

The Mass Effect franchise is a great masterpiece, and this trilogy with the first 3 games proves it. The mix of science fiction with RPG is a success. You control Shepard in the 3 games, a commander who needs to free the Galaxy from the Reapers, an alien life form that seeks the destruction of the Milky Way.

What distinguishes Mass Effect from other special-themed games is the depth of the narrative. And in that we include strong characters, non-cliché dialogues and a very intense gameplay. Traveling through various galaxies killing aliens is too much. Apart from that every choice made in the game interferes in the end.

4. Halo 3

Halo 3 is the perfect ending to a trilogy of excellence. Master Chief, the game's character, is more relentless than ever in his fight against the Covenant aliens. The super soldier has new vehicles and new weapons to put an end to the alien threat that appeared in the first Xbox.

Another nice addition to Halo 3 over the previous ones is the presence of a map editor for the online multiplayer mode. Called the Furnace, it adds a nice touch of customization to the players' group experience.

5. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is unquestionably the best single player RPG ever created. The game is extremely complete, with all the elements that the genre asks for: a legend, a hero, swords, magic and... Dragons. A legitimate medieval Role Playing game that needs to be played by everyone.

Even more if you like long games and long campaigns. At least 150 hours await you in the world of Dragonborne, especially if you have both expansions released for the game. Anyway: Skyrim is all you need if you want absurd graphics, good narrative and full freedom in an open world full of mysteries.

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6. Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 brought many changes compared to 3. A points system was introduced in the main campaign, which allowed players to acquire weapons unique to their missions.

Weapons are now more customized according to each player's play style. It was possible on some weapons to choose between several types of firing, for example.

The game also adopted an interesting tactical strategy system. You could order teammates in the campaign to eliminate enemies and make it easier for you to progress through the stages. Diving to evade enemies was another new addition, in addition to sandbox elements in some missions.

A great war game that represented a huge evolution in the Battlefield franchise. Especially in online multiplayer mode!

7. Destiny

The shooter Destiny is still a great success today. It is set in a post-apocalyptic narrative, in which humanity has colonized several planets. But all the colonies disappeared, leaving only a few humans on Earth. And your mission is to protect them.

The game is considered "live", in which the producers and creators do not "interfere" with the gameplay as much. That is: it is entirely online, and every action of a player is supposed to interfere with the actions of others. Destiny has a rich shared world full of references to other games, movies and books.

8. Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 is the pinnacle of a franchise that, if it stayed in the first game, would already have gone down in history. This military-themed sci-fi game is also a third-person shooter. In addition to having a survival footprint amid infinite hordes of enemies.

One of the highlights of Gears 3 is that it requires players to have tactical warfare intelligence in order to be successful. The battles you go through are breathtaking, especially in multiplayer for up to 4 people in the campaign. Nothing more fun than going to war with friends, right?

9. Far Cry 3

A lot of Far Cry were made after Far Cry 3, but none managed to top it. You take on a wealthy American, Jason Brody, who gets lost on an island while on vacation with his friends. They are kidnapped by pirates, and now Jason has to save them and at the same time survive.

What makes Far Cry 3 so amazing is its villain, Vaas Montenegro. Insane, uncontrolled and willing to do anything, he is a thorn in the player's shoe throughout the gameplay. In addition, we have all those survival shooter elements that have marked the franchise since forever.

10. Dark souls

Dark Souls is not for the weak or the impatient. You will die several times in the first 10 minutes of the game, it's no use. And the complexity of the title is exactly what it has best.

Gods, mythological creatures and monsters are your enemies and allies in an insane campaign from start to finish. The narrative is revealed with each dialogue or player action, which has a large and dark world to explore.

Definitely Dark Souls is an essential RPG for all players who love magic, medieval themes and punitive games. If it's anger you want to pass, then play now!

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11. Fallout 3

The Fallout franchise is the closest thing we have to the "What if there was a nuclear war?" theme. And it addresses this subject in a very competent way! Fallout 3 on Xbox 360 is a work of art in this case. The post-apocalyptic world of the game is very rich, with side quests as good as the main ones, efficient progression system and lots to do.

The game is dark, tragic and at the same time with very funny references and quotes that lighten this atmosphere a little. Strolling through devastated Washington is a unique experience, and the game's 5 DLCs will keep you hooked for over 80 hours straight.

Apart from that there is more than one possible ending, according to your choices...

12. Forza Motorsport 4

Forza Motorsport 4 was an attempt by Microsoft to take on Sony's Gran Turismo. In many ways it failed, but in many ways it was a success. It's much simpler, which means any car game fan can play it without any difficulties!

Despite not having as much variety of cars as the GT itself, it brings examples of all types. From classics to electric cars. There are a good number of tracks available, as well as dozens of challenges to do off-track.

By the way, the online multiplayer is fantastic, with a lot of competitiveness between the players. And those who like to customize cars have a full plate in Forza Motorsport 4, one of the best games of the genre for the Xbox 360 generation.

13. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is considered by many to be the best of all CoD ever made. It was kind of groundbreaking for the franchise, as it was the first to be set in a modern conflict. Weapons have more advanced technology, which has brought players a much larger arsenal than there was in previous games.

The intense, frantic, urban-setting gameplay set a new standard for CoD and other shooters that came after. A game highly praised also for its multiplayer, for its reward system and online progression.

And let's not forget that he is the origin of one of the most controversial phases of war games, which would take place in Modern Warfare 2. So start Modern Warfare and play the first mission of Warfare 2 to understand...

14. Limbo

Limbo is cuteness that makes you angry. It's easy to play and challenging at the same time. You're going to die more than you think for a game that has practically three or four actions at most, including movement.

The story is that your sister has disappeared and you are a boy who woke up in a dense and dark jungle. The mission is to find the girl, surviving all the dangers, traps and puzzles that appear along the way.

A game with very beautiful graphics, a dark soundtrack and that served as an inspiration for other good narrative titles that came later.

15. Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge is a very political game that uses action and adventure to talk about governments and political dictatorship. You command Faith, a professional runner and athlete who must carry messages of resistance to people who oppose a totalitarian regime.

For this you have at your disposal a series of Parkour-type moves. Jumps, somersaults, slides, wall running. The coolest part of the game is precisely this freedom of exploration in an open world city. There are many quests to do and visually beautiful settings to enjoy.

16. BioShock

BioShock is a big hodgepodge that just so happens to work out very well. FPS, horror, survival, all in the same package to deliver a really good experience. Escape from Rapture, almost an Umbrella Corporation at the bottom of the sea, is your main and most difficult task in this game.

What can be said is that Rapture is almost an entity. The game, in the background, will guide you through past scenes, clues and events that suggest that something VERY bad happened down there.

With supernatural powers, you'll feel like you're in a great cinematic thriller as you try to escape an insane, god-empowered villain who won't let you find out the truth about Rapture. And believe me: you will be shocked when you reach the end.

17. Rock Band 3

Rock Band 3 is one of the last great music games of the Xbox 360 generation. Guitar Hero was previously a revolution, but RB 3 was a blast. Playing with 3 other friends, completing the band, was an almost supernatural experience!

With over a hundred songs that you could buy and download for the game, it was almost endless in terms of fun. Voice, bass, drums, guitar and even keyboard made this title one of the best multiplayers ever created among all genres.

18. Portal 2

Portal is good, but Portal 2 manages to be great. It is a very intelligent game, whose narrative is hidden not only in the fast and deep dialogues, but also in the small details of the gameplay. Each puzzle to get to the next room is a test of your logical thinking, but without seeming impossible like Dark Souls.

In fact, everything is easier if you play with someone else helping you. And no, it's not the same campaign as single player for 2. It's a different story in some ways when you're in co-op. The experience is really worth it!

19.Batman: Arkham City

Arkham City is one of the best in the Arkham series. It takes place after Asylum and puts Batman/Bruce Wayne face to face with several classic comic book enemies, the main one being the Joker. We won't give spoilers, but the end of the game is very good!

The gameplay has evolved a lot from the first game. There are new weapons and moves. In addition to many side and main missions, which result in at least 40 hours of uninterrupted gameplay. It's a game that does justice to the Dark Knight and sets the stage for the latest in the franchise, which is undoubtedly the best.

20. Minecraft

Minecraft ranks last on the list, but it could very well be among the top. The game brought almost a new style of gameplay to Xbox 360. The sandbox style, with the option to create avatars, worlds, and virtually any object, was a hit at the time of launch. And the survival component is another point to highlight!

This title is worth it for many reasons. One of them is the amount of hours you can spend playing: infinite. It is a game for any age, which stimulates creativity and allows us to have and be anything. A nice escape from reality, right?

21. Red Faction: Guerrilla

Red Faction: Guerrilla is a space-themed third-person shooter. There are two factions facing each other on Mars. But the most fun thing is that the mechanics allow you to quickly build buildings to carry out your missions, as well as destroy parts and pieces of buildings, reminiscent of Fortnite.

22. Brutal Legend

One of the coolest games ever made. You take control of a roadie, inspired by Jack Black, who is transported to a magical world. With your guitar in V and your songs you free humanity from the dangers of Heavy Metal, even using an ax to eliminate your enemies!

23. Guitar Hero 5

It's not the best of Guitar Hero, but it brought in Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash and Carlos Santana as playable characters. There are 85 base songs available, plus dozens that can be imported from other games in the franchise. For fans of the franchise it remains an indispensable game.

24. Crackdown

Dystopian future game, with beautiful graphics. You control one of the Agents, elite soldiers who face off against criminal organizations and zombie-like creatures. The player evolves as he eliminates enemies, and the narrative is completely non-linear.

25. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

A game that is half a sequel and half a prequel to the first game, telling the story of Logan Keller. You can customize the protagonist visually, and the artificial intelligence of his companions has been improved. The game follows the whole tactical idea of ​​strategy warfare, with strong elements of stealth but also action.

26. Dead Rising

A great zombie open world where you control a journalist trapped in a shopping mall during a zombie attack. Now he must survive at all costs, using any object he finds along the way. The game messes with choices as you can save other survivors and eliminate human enemies if you wish.

27. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The fourth main game in the TES franchise, Oblivion, puts the player against the princes and kings of the Daedra, the demons that are trying to invade Cyrodiil. Traveling between the human world and hell, there are hundreds of missions to be carried out in what is one of the best RPGs ever made!

28. Shadow Complex

Metroidivania-style game, in which the scenarios are 3D, but the player can only move in two dimensions. The cool thing is that enemies move in any direction, but you can only shoot them if they get in your way. The evolution system is the same as in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, with a strong focus on skill acquisition.

29. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 is almost a "snake game", but with ships. Your mission is to destroy other ships and not touch them in any way. There are 6 different game modes, with variations of this objective. A simple game, but that yields good hours of fun!

30. Burnout Paradise

Practically the first version of Burnout Paradise to have an open world, Paradise takes place in the fictional town of Paradise City. It is not divided into quests, giving players complete freedom to explore a huge map, where they will find the quests to be carried out.

31. Virtua Fighter 5

Fifth and final game in SEGA's Virtua Fighter franchise. It was the first in the saga to allow online fights between players from all over the world, something that was only possible in the Xbox 360 version. Fifteen fighters come from the previous edition, with the addition of 2 new fighters. Overall it's a great fighting game, with relatively fluid mechanics.

32. Soul Calibur IV

Second game in the franchise to be released for consoles, it was very successful for bringing a lot of improvement in graphics and for maintaining the fighting style that worked in previous games. Another cool point is that Soul Calibur always brings guest characters. In IV brought 2 of Star Wars: the Apprentice and Yoda!

33. UFC 2009 Undisputed

At the time, MMA and UFC weren't that popular, but Undisputed is a good quality game, with a fragile online mode, but it was quite successful. Fighters could have 2 fighting styles out of 6, which is barely close to what UFCs offer today. Even with that, the really cool graphics and all the atmosphere of the octagon made up for it.

34. Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is online only and is co-op. On one side are the Survivors and on the other are the Infected. Survivors are controlled by 4 players, while enemies are under AI command. The objective is one: kill entire hordes of zombies to reach the end alive.

35. Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 gained prominence and many players for bringing co-op multiplayer in the campaign for the first time. Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar face a threat in Africa, which is none other than Wesker and Jill Valentine. The game is excellent in storytelling and game mechanics.

36. Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV breaks the series' 9-year hiatus and doesn't disappoint. The gameplay is focused on innovations such as Focus Attack, Armor break, Super and Ultra Combos. In total there are 25 characters, with the addition of 10 more if you have the Super Street Fighter IV version.

37. Forza Motorsport 3

Forza Motorsport 3 is among the best racing games of the 360th generation. There are over 400 vehicles from 50 real manufacturers. The 22 tracks range in 100 different options, and in this edition Drift and Drag Racing have been included. Graphically it's not a marvel, but it makes up for the gameplay that's easy to master.

38. Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins has the same footprint as TES: Oblivion. Recruit an army and face a demonic invasion of the world of Thedas. It's an RPG with a variety of character customization options, with beautiful graphics and a well-constructed narrative, a hallmark of the franchise.


Braid is a platform game that pays homage to the beginnings of colorful games in the genre. There's nothing very innovative about the narrative, but it allows players to have smooth gameplay, with great sound effects and lots of color. The old school graphics are a really cool reference to several classics, including the king of platforms himself, Super Mario World.

40. Dead Space

In Dead Space you control an engineer, Isaac Clarke, who must fight an invasion of aliens. It starts on the spaceship Isaac is on, in the shape of a virus. All gameplay features a screen where information is present in the player's armor or in projections released by it. As you can't pause, the adrenaline is constant!

41. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum is almost entirely based on the Batman comics. In this story, Joker has a plan to create villains like Bane. The game was a bestseller, having received several awards for its gameplay and narrative construction. It's another one from the Arkham franchise that deserves to be highlighted.

42.Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is a first-person shooter, focusing on cooperation between players. You can reset the main campaign in the company of friends, which alone makes the game worth it. The weapon combinations that can be crafted are another plus point, and the open world exploration missions keep you in the game for hours.

43. Assassin's Creed 2

For many Assassin's Creed 2 is the best of the franchise games. Ezio da Firenze is one of the most charismatic assassins that Ubisoft has ever created, and the setting in Renaissance Italy immerses the player in a beautiful history lesson with so many references. The plot and mechanics are excellent, completing the package.

44. GTA IV

GTA IV was not the success that GTA V did, but Niko Bellic and his trajectory in crime are very well told in this game. Incidentally, Niko's quest for the American dream sets the player in a massive Liberty City, with lots to do and some of the most memorable scenes in the franchise.

45. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a tactical game, in which the player takes command of the XCOM unit, whose mission is to defend Earth from a great alien invasion. You can control research and unit evolution, in the best Age of Empires style, but in a futuristic version.

46. Dishonored

First-person stealth game. The player controls an assassin with supernatural powers, on a quest for revenge. All missions can be carried out in many different ways, and the end of the game alternates according to the choices you make.

47. Bayonette

Hack n' slash action game, in which the player controls a character with the power to change shape. She has several firearms, can summon demons and launch magic attacks. It doesn't have the best of stories, but the combat is one of the best on Xbox 360.

48. Rayman legends

Rayman Legends follows the formula of the franchise, in which players go through stages destroying scenarios, collecting items and defeating enemies. It's a great platform game for those who like to collect and unlock special objects.

49. Saints Row IV

One of the weirdest hero games ever, where you control the President of the United States. Here you fight a fierce and unprecedented alien threat. For those who like RPG, this shooter has a huge skill tree, which can be completed as you complete the missions.

50. The Orange Box

The Orange Box is not just one game, but 5. Half-Life 2, its expansion, Team Fortress 2, Portal and Half-Life 2: Episode Two. It's really worth it because it only brings Valve games that are one of the best the company has ever made. Mainly Half-Life, which are exclusive to Microsoft.

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