The 5 best CS:GO training maps and how to install them!

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Keeping your aim and reflexes sharp is a must for any CS:GO player. Fortunately, there are several maps created by the community that have exactly that goal: training. Check out the 5 best aim, reflex, spray and smoke training maps below in CS:GO!

1. Aimbotz

Install Aimboz here!

Aimbotz is the most popular training map in CS:GO and is used by most professional players. In it you appear in a kind of secure base surrounded by bots on all sides. Inside it you have access to all the weapons in the game and you can configure if the bots run (and at what speed) or stay still, if they have a vest and helmet, if they shoot back, etc.

Aimbotz also lets you start a countdown to see how many bots you can kill in that time, so you can measure your progress.

  • Made exclusively for training aim.
  • Customizable bot behavior.

2. training_aim_csgo2

Install training_aim_csgo2 here!

Training_aim_csgo2 is a map to train aim, reflex and response time. The targets are not bots, but small red targets that appear in random places on the screen for you to shoot. It is possible to configure the distance, speed, size and resistance of targets.

In training_aim_csgo2 you can also choose several training modes to measure your response time, train angles and even the quality of your spray (burst of shots). The map interface clearly shows your hit and miss data, allowing you to accurately track your progress.

  • Made to train aiming, reflex and response time.
  • Various training modes.
  • Shows hits and misses.

3. Yprac

Install Yprac maps here!

Probably the most complete training map today. Yprac has many tools to train aiming, reflex, response time and spray, with several customization options for each one.

However, what sets Yprac apart from the others is that he has a collection of training modes on each of the competitive maps. It places bots in all the main positions of each scenario so you can practice how to enter the best angles (peeks). In addition, these maps also allow you to train the main smokes (smoke grenades) on each map! Undoubtedly, it is the tool that comes closest to the competitive reality of the game.

  • Various tools to train aiming, reflex, response time, spray, peeks and smokes.
  • Very suitable for those who take the competitive mode seriously.

4. Recoil Master - Spray Training

Install Recoil Master - Spray Training here!

As the name suggests, the Recoil Master - Spray Training map is made exclusively for spray training. It has all the tools needed to measure how many bullets you hit or miss while unloading a magazine at the enemy.

The map also allows for some customizations such as multiple targets, moving targets and even bullet time. Whenever a spray ends, the map shows on the screen all related stats like hit rate, headshots, chest, belly and legs.

  • Best option for spray training.
  • Very simple and straight to the point interface.

5. Fast Aim/Reflex

Install Fast Aim/Reflex here!

Fast Aim/Reflex is a map that closely resembles Aimbotz, but with mobile bots that try to attack you with knives. This allows for an experience closer to a Deathmatch where you need to have aim and reflex to survive. In addition, the map does not offer great news.

  • Made for unique aim and reflex training.
  • Middle ground between Aimbotz and Deathmatch.

How to install and run training maps in CS:GO

To install the training maps above (or any other) on your CS:GO, you just need to be logged in to Steam and access the Map Workshop through the links above or through the menu Play CS:GO>Workshop Maps>Access Workshop:

Once in the Steam Workshop, all you have to do is choose the "Subscribe" option on each map's page:

That's it, this will automatically add the map to your game library, so you can select it in all game modes just like any other map. In addition, it is also possible to use the console commands "map [map name]" is "changelevel [map name]" to access them.

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