The 45 Best Free PC Games of 2022!

If you don't want to spend money on PC games, we have the solution. Currently, many game producers choose to create free games, monetizing the game with microtransactions or other methods. A free game is not limited or unattractive, quite the opposite! So check out our list of the 45 best free PC games!

1. Lost Ark

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One of the most anticipated MMORPGs of the year, Lost Ark launched worldwide in 2022. It quickly became one of the most played games on Steam and there is a reason behind all this success: with a mechanic similar to Diablo and Path of Exile, the gameplay is addictive and invites you to try out the different classes and game modes.

Whether a Warrior, Marksman, Mage or another among many other classes and subclasses available, each one has its own qualities and can be crafted and evolved. Venture into a new universe and share experiences with players around the world. In Lost Ark, you can play in Story Mode, explore dungeons, or engage in PvP battles with allies and foes from across the globe.

2. Valuing

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Valorant is one of the most popular competitive FPS games today. It was developed by RIOT Games, the same producer of League of Legends. The game works in matches played between two teams of 5 against 5 in rounds, where one team attacks and the other defends. Plant or attempt to defuse the Spike Bomb, exterminate all opponents, and buy weapons and shields during the pre-round with the credits you earn between matches.

With a lot of strategy, Valorant offers the perfect balance for those who like a good multiplayer shooter and strategy game. During the rounds, you can assume the position of the defending team and the attacking team, each with different objectives and missions.

3 Genshin Impact

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Do quests and explore the immense world in an epic journey. It's a mix of action RPG with gacha games, where you can customize your character. It has a high number of mechanics, rules and collectible content throughout the story. One of the most important points of Genshin Impact is the possibility to play multiplayer matches, despite not interfering with your individual story progress.

With amazing graphics and captivating atmosphere, enter an exciting adventure in search of your twin brother. There are tons of characters, battles, and trivia to explore along the way.

4. League of Legends

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The most popular MOBA in the world, League of Legends or LoL, as it is known, is an intense game where strategy is very important. Taking the place of a summoner, the player controls a champion with special abilities and powers in direct combat with teams of other real or computer-controlled players.

It's a game that takes time to master, but it's passionate. And there are champions for all tastes, as well as chances to compete. With such a large community, you'll never have to wait to wield your powers.

5. PUBG: Battlegrounds

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One of the best known Battle Royales could not be left out. PUBG marked the style games for its fluid mechanics and fierce combats. There are 100 soldiers who fall on the island by parachute and need to run to loot good loot, shoot well at opponents and, above all, be the last survivor.

Now for free, PUBG has more players, new adventures and new weapons to discover.

6.Fortnite Battle Royale

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Jump on a deserted island together with 99 other players and try to survive until the end using weapons, collecting resources and building fortifications.

Fortnite's Battle Royale mode is different from other Battle Royale games in that it is possible to build, giving players an original way to attack and defend. With really cool weapons, attentive creators, and a huge community, Fortnite is undoubtedly a game worth exploring. After all, 125 million players can't be wrong.

7 Apex Legends

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Undoubtedly, the great sensation of 2022 remains a great option in 2020. Apex Legends is the newest success in the battle royale genre and features gameplay that is different from the others by bringing characters with specific abilities and characteristics.

Apex Legends promises to stay on top with constant updates and bug fixes. Apparently, the game is being prepared for competitive and still has a lot of content waiting to be inserted in the game, from weapons and characters to new modes.

8. Brawlhalla

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Brawlhalla is a Super Smash Bros style fighting game in which there is no life bar. Instead, the characters become lighter with every hit they take, and the goal is to send the opponent off the stage.

The game has more than 40 characters with unique movesets and more will come in updates. The game also has a large number of possible moves and blows, which make battles very dynamic.

9. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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CS: GO remains one of the best online action games. The free version doesn't lose anything to the paid version, keeping quality graphics and a simple and easy to master game mechanics.

Despite not being able to play against those who have the paid version, the “free” community of the game is huge. So choose your side, join a team and get a lot of headshots.

10. Dota 2

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Another MOBA for those who like League of Legends style games. It is more complex than LoL, but an advantage is that you can choose any of the heroes in the game from the beginning.

So spend some time getting to know each character before choosing your favorite. And if you master all his skills it will be even easier.


  • play roblox now

The darling of sand box games could not be left out. In the world of Roblox, you have unimaginable unique game options to enjoy alone or with your friends. It was once considered one of the pioneers of the multiverse for its variety of connections and experiences that the platform can provide. Based on social interactions, you can add other people and customize your avatar with different clothes and accessories.

There is a game on Roblox that is perfect for you. Here, you will experience simulation, crafting, role play, skill, combat and much more. It just depends on your own preferences!

12. Rec Room

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Rec Room is the ideal place to build and play with your friends. Get your whole gang together or meet people from all over the world to chat, have fun, explore a world created by other players, or build something new and unheard of.

It's a PC game that's already prepared for the virtual environment of the metaverse. You can play using VR (Virtual Reality), for example, or just open the rooms as a space for conviviality and social interaction. Customize your avatar and explore the Creator Pen, where you have the freedom to unleash your creativity and create anything - characters, objects, cars and even cities.

13.Path of Exile

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Inspired by the famous action RPG Diablo, many gamers say that Path Of Exile is what Diablo 3 should have been. And, in fact, the game is quite engaging, posing different challenges even to the most experienced players. Creators are always releasing new bosses to slaughter, magical powers to learn, or mystical weapons to find. Your character starts out as a nobody and gradually needs to survive, learn to improve skills and master weapons and spells that don't depend on your character's class.

This is where Path of Exile shines the most: with a talent tree that seems infinite, there can be characters of the same class that are completely different in the skills and weapons they use.

14.Call of Duty: Warzone

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Call of Duty surprises us again, this time with a pretty solid and instantly successful Battle Royale. You can play with and against millions of players around the world to prove that you are the best surviving soldier.

The game mechanics encourage matches to be more frantic, with a good repertoire of weapons and moves.

15. Team Fortress 2

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Team Fortress 2 is an FPS to be played in teams and that mixes some RPG elements, mainly the class system. In it, each team can be composed of attack, defense and support characters and players need to work in sync.

The game has nice cartoon-style graphics that create a charismatic atmosphere for the game. Also, there are several modes to be games, each with a different objective.

16. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

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Released in 2022 worldwide by Konami, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel broke records for concurrent players on Steam. It has over 10 cards in total and a great dueling engine. You can play against players from all over the world in Competitive Mode, or train and learn about card mechanics and history in Solo Mode.

As a true tribute to all Yu-Gi-Oh players old and new, Master Duel has established itself as one of the best options for legendary duels. Play against the world's greatest duelists from wherever you are. Collect cards and create your own competitive decks to triumph.

17. Magic: The Gathering Arena

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Magic: The Gathering Arena is a digital version of the Magic: The Gathering card game. The rules are the same and each player has their own deck that needs to be used strategically to defeat the opponent.

For those unfamiliar with Magic, the game is deeper than others in the genre, so it can be difficult at first.

18. Hearthstone

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A lightweight card game that runs on more modest PCs and with a lot of attention to detail, Hearthstone is for competitive gamers. The game's mechanics are easy to understand, but getting good results takes time, as does getting legendary cards. The best way to learn remains to play the game a lot and face other players. Which will never be lacking, thanks to its huge community.

19. Gwent

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Born in the Witcher 3 universe, Gwent is a popular card game, in which the player controls a deck that simulates his army. The player who scores the most points in each game wins, needing to defeat the enemy in two games with resources that run out. This mechanic is different from other current games such as Hearthstone or Magic.

If you prefer a more cerebral card game that doesn't rely so much on having the best deck, try Gwent. After all, if Geralt likes it, it's because the game is worth it.

20. Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 is one of those games that you can enjoy alone or online. Regardless of what you choose, the game has enough content for you to play dozens of hours completing missions.

The story was very well elaborated and is accompanied by an audiovisual system that enriches the game. All this contributes to making you want to progress in the constant evolution of your character, until she becomes the greatest Guardian in the game.

21. Starcraft 2

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A real-time strategy classic is now free and is back to stay. Now with a massive single player campaign and the ability to access more Co-Op content for free.

In StarCraft, you control a huge futuristic army that needs to be trained, equipped and placed in the right place to win. In addition, you need to find the best combination of troops to defend your bases and defeat your enemies. If you like strategy and super competitive environments, StarCraft 2 might be what you were looking for.

22. Transformice

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One of the Flash classics is back and it's worth missing out on. In this crazy MMO platform game, help your mouse to get the cheese and get back to the hole without getting hurt. There are several traps and obstacles among the thousands of levels available. The funniest thing is that there are several real players around the world in the same game as you, which makes the game very crazy and unpredictable. The Shaman is the leader of each match and his mystical powers can help or hinder.

You have less than 2 minutes to complete the mission and even physics is against you. It may take some practice, but you'll soon be able to climb walls. In any case, we guarantee you hilarious and unique moments with your mouse in every game you enter.

23. Spelunky

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Don't let the simple graphics of this game fool you. Inspired heavily by old 8-bit games, Spelunky is rich in details, enemies, weapons, supplies and lots of unfriendly bats. The game generates a completely original map every time you play, which never lets the game get boring. It's a nice surprise and runs on any computer.

24. Quake Champions

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Mixing elements of Quake 3: Arena, this game brings new modes, original weapons and even has the possibility to access Champions, basically characters with different powers and abilities.

Although still in development, Quake's brutal speed will make many experienced players remember the classic and many novice players will start their adventures in the arena with an old-school FPS, ultra fast, loaded with explosions and accompanied by a powerful soundtrack.

25. Guild Wars 2

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One of the best MMOs ever created, Guild Wars 2 continues the saga of the first title with a creative free singleplayer campaign, dozens of options for each character class, and many weapons and skills to learn or unlock. In multiplayer, both co-op and PvP modes work fluidly, with an effective matchmaking system that doesn't keep anyone waiting too long. Grab your axe, your bow with incendiary arrows or your special spells and join the battle.

26.Rocket League

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Do you like football, but also love turbocharged cars? Then Rocket League was made for you. In this cross-platform game, join rocket car soccer matches alone or with other friends. Activate the turbo to jump and throw amazing shots on the big ball to the field.

The gameplay allows you to do various breathtaking stunts. Loop, make insane turns and kick the ball with precision. There are also new fixed and temporary modes that allow you to explore some different power-ups and new game options like basketball, hockey and football - all with your own turbocharged car!

27. Trackmania

  • Play Trackmania now

Cracking cars is great to pass the time and Trackmania fulfills the objective well. They are cars and tracks inspired by Formula 1, but with just the right amount of play. Go through loops, hairpin turns, tunnels and insane bridges to complete every loop to perfection. The 25 available tracks are constantly updated, so there will always be a new challenge to complete.

Win races and get rewards. Forget about matches against artificial intelligence! In Trackmania, all the players you are competing against are real - but don't worry, you only play against players or ghosts of similar levels to yours.

28. World Of Tanks

  • Play World of Tanks now

Tank teams in deathmatch mode? Yes it's true! With this original idea for a war game, in World Of Tanks you pilot these powerful war machines trying to detonate other players through very detailed maps. There is also an incredible amount of tanks to unlock – from light reconnaissance tanks to MBTs with massive armor and weapons.


  • Play Warframe now

If you're looking for a content-heavy free online game, few are like Warframe. Since its launch in 2022, it has been expanding!

It's a great shooter and action game, with lots of firearms, melee fights and skills to eliminate all kinds of enemies. The space and futuristic theme is very interesting, taking you to various galaxies and planets.

30.EVE Online

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EVE Online is a very difficult MMO with unprecedented freedom in terms of space games. You can dedicate yourself to exploring planets and regions far from any civilization. There is the possibility of participating in military organizations to fight wars.

EVE Online's economic system is quite extensive, so you can prosper in different ways! It's up to you to collaborate with others or do everything yourself.

31. Never-winter

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If you're looking for a free MMORPG, Neverwinter is one of the best options. It's a very extensive game, and it's surprising that you can enjoy it from start to finish without paying anything.

Gameplay is very smooth, and battles require planning and good reflexes. It's great to play, mainly because it has a good inspiration from the wonderful Diablo!

32. TeamFight Tactics

  • Play TeamFight Tactics now

TeamFight Tactics is quite similar to Dota Underlords, but uses the characters from League of Legends. The dynamics are almost the same, although there are some differences, as this is an easier game to play.

33. Paladins

  • Play Paladins now

Maybe Overwatch will catch your eye, but not enough to make you want to spend. In that sense, let's go Paladins!

In addition to having a good repertoire of characters, it includes good mechanics, such as the card system. With them, you can customize your champion's attributes and abilities to suit the way you play.

34.Star Trek Online

  • Play Star Trek Online now

Star Trek Online is an excellent MMORPG, despite being over a decade old. All fans of the series and movies should play it as it allows you to even enter the world of the franchise.

Whether in space battles or off ships, you can develop your character freely and evolve to become the best captain the Universe has ever seen!

35. Dauntless

  • Play Dauntless now

Dauntless is this: imagine a Monster Hunter, but free and with graphics similar to Fortnite! Here you take control of a Slayer, tasked with hunting dangerous creatures that threaten to devour all humans.

To keep your people safe, you need to get new equipment, join forces with others, and get to know creatures' weaknesses well.

36. Fishing Planet

  • Play Fishing Planet now

Tired of the insane combats and want a smoother game? Grab your things now it's time to fish. Try Fishing Planet, an amazing super realistic fishing simulator created by fishermen for fishermen. There are more than 170 species of fish, each with its own behavior.

The simulator is so realistic that you have to be careful about the equipment you use, the fish you catch, the backpack you store and even the licenses to fish in certain lakes and restricted rivers. Take a day off to test your fishing skills in this fun simulator.

37. Doki Doki Literature Club

  • Play Doki Doki Club now

If you like Visual Novels, Doki Doki Literature Club is an impressive game. At first glance, it looks like a simple and tremendously enjoyable game, but... The only thing we will say is that it has undertones of psychological horror.

You better see for yourself! After all, it's free and it's not such a long game, it lasts around 4-6 hours.

38. Smile

  • Play Smite now

Smite is a MOBA with action RPG elements, with the camera around the character. We can put ourselves in the shoes of many gods from different mythologies, and they are all very unique in their abilities.

We must choose one or the other, depending on the role we want to play in helping our team to beat opponents. There are many game modes, so you won't be bored!

39. Legends of Runeterra

  • Play Legends of Runeterra now

And we continue with another game based on the League of Legends universe! It's still in beta, but Legends of Runeterra remains a good alternative if you want a free PC card game.

You can build a deck consisting of two different regions for a total of six. Games are individual games, and victory largely depends on how and when you bring champions, followers, abilities, and spells into play.

40. Trove

  • Play Trove now

Trove is a game that, with an appearance similar to Minecraft, hides great gameplay. Together with many other players from all over the world you can build, explore dungeons, defeat bosses side by side, fish and even keep pets!

It is one of the best free to play games that you can play online as it is practically an endless adventure.

41. RISK: Global Dominance

  • Play RISK: Global Domination now

Conquer the world with this multiplayer version of the classic board game. Your objective is to strategically move your troops to dominate the entire planet. Build your own army to reinforce your skills.

There are more than 60 map options available, which makes the gameplay very dynamic and fun. If you're tired of classic mode, you can try fighting on the Cold War axis, switch to futuristic worlds or defend yourself against zombies!

42. World of Warships

  • Play World of Warships now

If you are looking for a naval war game, try World of Warships! It is a game focused on PvP, from the same company that created World of Tanks.

You can choose from many warships and show your talent in escort or rescue modalities. Changes in weather affect matches. After all, sailing under the sun is not the same as sailing under rain or fog!

43. Shop Titans

  • Play Shop Titans now

It's time to become the best trader in this city of adventurers. Shop Titans is a merchant simulation RPG where you can craft equipment, stock the shop and sell anything you want. In addition to becoming very rich, if you know how to manage your profit margin well.

Gathering materials to help produce your shop items is a lot of fun too. You can hire heroes and carry out missions to get rare materials, essential for the manufacture of some parts. Craft, trade and sell until you become the best shop in the kingdom!

44. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

  • Play Daggerfall now

Today we are used to Skyrim, Oblivion and even Morrowind. For this reason, you may know next to nothing about Daggerfall. The second part of the saga is an open world RPG and adventure game with many characters to meet and environments to explore. It's worth playing and enjoying the fact that Bethesda has it out as it's a good way to enjoy a classic!

45. Cell to Singularity

  • Play Cell to Singularity now

Clicker games are the ones where you have to click to level up, collect points and upgrades - almost infinitely. Despite seeming irrelevant, clicker games can also be very fun and incredible to play, as in the case of Cell to Singularity, where the objective is to reconstruct the entire process of expanding the Universe and forming the Earth.

Click and buy upgrades for the Earth, filling it with amino acids, DNA and entropy, helping its biological and technological evolution. It's an amazing game where you can follow the evolution of the Universe detail by detail.

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