The 39 Best Android Games in 2022!

The game options for the Android platform couldn't be more varied and nowadays it is possible to play any kind of game on our mobile devices. There are so many options available that it's hard to choose, but to make your life easier, we've put together a list of the 39 best games on the platform. It has for all genres and tastes, check it out!

1. Call of Duty Mobile

Download Call of Duty Mobile here!

The Call of Duty phenomenon reached cell phones, breaking all possible records. Call of Duty Mobile managed to translate the PC and console multiplayer experience to its mobile version very well. Here, you have access to various modes of battle against other players, especially the acclaimed Battle Royale mode. If you want to play alone, the game also has an extremely fun zombie mode.

The game undergoes constant content and event updates, keeping the experience quite fresh. Definitely a must-play for anyone who is a FPS fan.

2. Free Fire Battlegrounds

Baixar Free Fire Battlegrounds

The most popular Battle Royale for mobile devices is a good multiplayer challenge. Hop on an island with 50 players. Alone, in a duo or in a team of 4, try to win each battle, surviving until the end. Use cool weapons like sniper rifles, automatic rifles, vehicles and more while communicating in real-time with your team. Show that you are a warrior.

3. Minecraft

Download Minecraft here!

Minecraft is a hit even on cell phones. The phenomenon inspired the creation of numerous similar titles, becoming almost a new genre of games. In its Pocket version, Minecraft basically maintains all the features of the original version, with only a smaller world and a lower amount of resources.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is a game for all audiences, appealing to younger players with its LEGO similarities, as well as older players who want to create complex worlds.

4. Among us

Download Among Us here

Even though it was released in 2022, Among Us exploded in 2020 and its success and popularity continues with everything in 2022. The game has very simple graphics and mechanics and focuses 100% on the social aspect, requiring players to interact with each other. For those who don't know, in Among Us, 10 players get together as crew members of a spaceship with the objective of making repairs in different areas. However, one of the players is an imposter tasked with killing everyone else without being discovered. This is where all the fun of the game lies, as it's up to players to defend themselves or accuse other players so they won't be expelled from the ship.

5. Pokémon GO

Download Pokemon GO here!

Pokémon GO is a revolutionary game that uses GPS and augmented reality to offer extremely original gameplay. Most activities in the game require you to get out of your house and interact with other players, from catching Pokemon, battling in gyms, raids, and even Team Rocket! So far the game already has more than 600 creatures for you to collect, evolve and strengthen, in addition to numerous achievements, events, PvP battles and constant content updates.

6. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Download Wild Rift here

After so much waiting, Wild Rift arrived offering everything it promised. The mobile version of League of Legends has the same addictive factor that only Riot knows how to do and is very faithful to the original game while making perfect adaptations for mobile gameplay. Considering Riot's ability to keep its games fresh, there's no doubt that Wild Rift will dominate the MOBA scene on mobile devices.

7.PUBG Mobile

Download PUBG Mobile here!

The mobile version of the famous PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is quite a challenge. Using virtually the same maps, weapons and game mechanics as its PC version, in PUBG Mobile you'll take part in epic 100-player battles with different modes.

8. Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac

Download Saint Seiya Awakening here!

Saint Seiya Awakening is a turn-based action and strategy game based on the famous Knights of the Zodiac series. The game faithfully follows the story of several arcs of the drawing and is perfect for those who are fans of the anime. Here you have access to dozens and dozens of playable characters, each with their own characteristics that help you build your team the way you want.

In addition to the action and strategy, the game is extremely attractive for those who like collecting games, as you will undoubtedly want to unlock all your favorite knights.

9. Gardenscapes

Download Gardenscapes here!

Gardenscapes is a game of the classic match 3 genre (in which you have to join three identical pieces to destroy them) combined with simulator elements. Here, each puzzle game offers resources for you to manage your garden, whether fixing, decorating or improving every part of it. Eventually, an extra minigame appears between levels for you to complete and gain extra resources.

The game is very reminiscent of the Candy Crush phenomenon and has gained more and more fans with its simple and addictive gameplay, and has already won an equally successful sequel called Homescapes.

10. GTA: San Andreas

Download GTA San Andreas here!

One of Rockstar's great phenomena, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas continues with everything in its mobile version. With great graphics and gameplay faithful to the PC and console versions, the game is a delight for fans of the franchise who want to keep the action in the palm of their hand.

11. Brawl Stars

Download Brawl Stars here!

Brawl Stars is a battle royale but very different from the others. The game has simple minimalist graphics and the matches take place between a few players and end in a few minutes. Brawl Stars has over 20 characters but the game receives constant content and balance updates. Undoubtedly it is one of the best current games and runs even on weaker devices.

12.The Room

Download The Room here!

Considered one of the best point-and-click puzzles for mobile phones, The Room is a mystery game in which you have to solve several original and high-quality puzzles. The game is aimed at those who like to spend a lot of time solving puzzles and is known for being very engaging and immersive. In addition, The Room's graphics stand out from the vast majority of games in the genre.

13.Shadow Fight 3

Download Shadow Fight 3 here!

Shadow Fight 3 is a little known fighting game that has great gameplay and graphics, interesting visual identity and charismatic characters. Unlike most fighting games for mobile phones, Shadow Fight 3 has several command buttons that allow a good variety of blows, dodges, defenses, combos, etc., which gives the game a depth well above average. Throughout the game you unlock equipment such as weapons, armor and helms to equip on the approximately 30 playable characters.

14 Plants vs Zombies 2

Download Plants vs Zombies 2 here!

Plants vs Zombies 2 is a gem of the tower defense genre. Your objective here is to stop a zombie invasion using cards that summon plants on the board. Each unit has its own characteristics and needs to be positioned with a lot of strategy. Likewise, your zombie opponents also have the most varied types and abilities, requiring you to adapt a lot to complete the levels. Undoubtedly one of the most fun and captivating mobile games.

15. Coin Master

Download Coin Master here!

Coin Master is a simple and very addictive game in which you earn coins and other resources in a slot machine so that you can attack other players' villages. The more you attack, the more resources you gain to build and fortify your own village. To be even more addictive, the game has cards to collect, scenarios to unlock and much more!

16. Injustice 2

Download Injustice 2 here!

Injustice 2 is a fighting game that brings together several characters from the DC universe. In all, there are more than 30 playable characters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker, Flash, Bane and many other famous ones. The game's graphics are console-worthy and the gameplay leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to the versus mode, the game has a very interesting story and a well-crafted progress system in which you will spend time until you unlock all the characters and their upgrades. Undoubtedly a great game for both multiplayer and single-player.

17. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Download Don't Starve Pocket Edition here!!

Don't Starve is one of the most popular survival games on the market. In it, you wake up on an island where you can interact with practically everything, and your objective is just one: to survive. The game is marked by a high degree of difficulty, especially since the map is automatically generated in each new game. That is, you will never find the same things in the same places. Also, the number of possible combinations and uses for each item is very large, so you will die many (MANY) times until you learn the right method of surviving.

18. Candy Crush Saga Series

Candy Crush Saga is the biggest hit of the match-3 genre ever made and one of the most successful games in history. With its addictive visuals and sound effects, the game has thousands and thousands of stages distributed among the various titles in the series. While the first stages are easy, over time you'll find yourself taking weeks to get past a single stage. Patience and attention are mandatory virtues in this series!

The 4 games in the Candy Crush series are:

  • Candy crush saga
  • Candy Crush Soda Saga
  • Candy Crush Jelly Saga
  • Candy Crush Friends Saga

19. Arena of Valor

Download Arena of Valor here!

One of the great MOBAs available for Android, Arena of Valor has everything you can expect from a game of its kind. Here, you have access to different heroes and abilities and you must use a lot of strategy, game knowledge and, above all, teamwork to win matches. For anyone who is a fan of the genre, Arena of Valor is a must-play game on mobile.

20. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Left

Download Duel Links here!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is the best card game from the famous anime available for Android. The game offers the classic and complete Yu-Gi-Oh! with an unprecedented diversity, as it has hundreds and hundreds of cards available, allowing you to customize your deck in ways never seen before. The game also receives constant content updates as more and more cards are added.

21.Clash Royale

Download Clash Royale here!

Destroy each enemy's towers in a game of strategy, cards and defense – in real time, against real players. They are extreme combats that last three super intense minutes. It is essential to manage your deck well, using the right cards against the right enemies. Clash Royale also has a huge community of players, which makes games even more fun.

22.Shadowgun Legends

Download Shadowgun Legends here!

Shadowgun Legends is a shooting game with many RPG elements. Despite the single-player mode being very good, the real fun is in the multiplayer, both in PvP (player vs player) and in cooperative mode. In the first one, the game offers 6 different modes for you to test your skills against other players. In co-op, the game has a raid system in which you have to team up with other players to defeat enemies that are unbeatable in other ways.

23. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Download Mobile Legends here!

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular MOBAs in the world, especially in our country. With simple gameplay and average graphics compared to some competitors, the game is more accessible for novice players and also for more modest devices. The game has many heroes, various game modes, achievement system, skins and much more.

24. FIFA Soccer

Download FIFA here!

Definitely the most popular football game for Android. FIFA Mobile has excellent graphics, flawless gameplay, great artificial intelligence and more content than any other game of its kind. FIFA has offline campaign, online leagues, PvP (player vs player), over 550 teams, multiple modes and much more.

25. Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Download Most Wanted here!

One of the great titles in the classic Need for Speed ​​series, Most Wanted leaves nothing to be desired in its Android version. The game maintains all the style already known by fans of the franchise and has very high quality graphics. In addition to its very extensive content, the game also supports the use of mods that allow you to further customize your vehicles and the game in general.

26. Last Day on Earth: Survival

Download Last day on Earth here!

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a survival game where you have to resist zombie invasions. For that, you'll need to farm resources and craft utensils to help you build buildings, obstacles, supplies and much more. Even with a common premise, the game stands out in the genre for its difficulty, as it requires a lot of strategy both in combat and in setting up your shelter.

27. Hearthstone

Download Hearthstone here!

This classic card game also exists on Android devices. With hundreds of different cards, heroes and a mechanic that is easy to learn, but takes a while to master, Hearthstone is a very cerebral game, in which the strongest cards don't always win. Face real players and try to win, controlling your deck well and keeping your opponent in check.

28. 8 Ball Pool

Download 8 Ball Pool here!

8 Ball Pool is a virtual pool game that may seem simple at first, but it has complex physics that can be explored in depth to make the most spectacular shots possible. Its main attraction is the betting system in which players need to invest their game money to compete. The bigger the bet, the bigger the profit...and the loss. Dangerously addictive!

29.Lords Mobile

Download Lords Mobile here!

Become a powerful military strategist by creating, training and winning dozens of battles with your armies. He increases his kingdoms, his influence and his money, attacking enemy castles and conquering many territories. He can even use other strategies such as trade or alliances with other kingdoms. A real adventure.

30. Tomb of the Mask

Download Tomb of the Mask here!

An extremely addictive game, Tomb of the Mask is a kind of puzzle version of Pacman. In it you control a little creature that needs to collect coins and reach the end of the dozens of levels in the game. While it sounds simple, finding the correct route to the end of each level is a real challenge that will keep the most persistent players stuck for quite a while.

31. Asphalt 9

Download Asphalt 9 here!

Asphalt 9 is a racing game with very good graphics, a lot of content and great mechanics. The game is exclusively online as it has numerous weekly and monthly events, as well as PvP (player vs player), which keeps the game very varied. So far, the game contains more than 50 cars to unlock (and upgrades) and more than 800 events to participate in.

32. Clash of Clans

Download Clash of Clans here!

Clash of Clans puts you in the role of building and running a village. The objective is to upgrade it as much as possible to resist attacks from other players, as well as prepare your own army to attack opposing villages. For this, you will need to know very well the characteristics of all buildings, units, items and spells in the game to know exactly how to use them in the best way. Another extremely addictive game.

33. Pocket Mortys

Download Pocket Mortys here!

Pocket Mortys is a kind of Pokémon game, but instead of being a trainer of cute creatures, you control Rick and your fights are little Mortys of all kinds. Options include Muddy Morty, Badly Dressed Morty, Eyeless Morty, and much much more. Battles follow the same turn system as Pokémon and each Morty has specific characteristics. In addition to the campaign, the game also has a PvP where you can test your Mortys' skills against Mortys from other Ricks. IT'S...

34. Teamfight Tactics

Download Teamfight Tactics here!

Teamfight Tactics is a huge PC phenomenon within the Auto Chess genre. For those who don't know, the game puts you on a board on which you have to place pieces that are actually heroes from League of Legends. The matches take place between several players at the same time and the one who assembles the best builds and has the best positioning wins. It's a kind of strategy battle royale. Very interesting!

35 Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

Download Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

Manage your racing team in a very realistic game, full of details. Define the strategy and the best method to win in the box, train your drivers and follow the races in real time or through a multi camera system. React quickly to accidents or changes in the weather to win championships on the world's best tracks.

36. Marvel Future Fight

Download Marvel Future Fight here!

Fight against villains with the mighty Marvel superheroes. In this action-packed RPG, you can use the powers of Thor, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Captain America and more. Create your own team of superheroes and face other teams against real players while fulfilling different missions and unlocking secret content.

37. Summoners War

Download Summoners War here!

Become a Summoner in this multiplayer strategy RPG with intense challenges. To protect the realm, you'll need to use spells and other tactics to control monsters that will help in your quest. Participate in different battles against real players, invest and manage your monsters' training and try to make your guild grow.

38Hitman Sniper

Download Hitman Sniper here!

Eliminate targets with sniper rifles and rifles of many other models, completing risky missions around the world with the legendary Agent 47. It is important to find out who is the right target, or they will not complete the mission. There are over 150 missions in 10 different contracts. Compare your score with other players around the world.

39. Granny

Download Granny here!

Trapped in a hideous house, all you think about is escape. But can you? A little sound and Granny comes running to get you. Get ready to be scared with this fun and mysterious horror game.

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