The 30 best free Xbox One games

Fortnite, Call of Duty, Rocket League: Check out these and other great free-to-play games on Xbox One! There are 30 titles of the most varied styles and genres. Single player, multiplayer, offline and online! Check them out and download them all right now via Xbox LIVE!


The 30 best free Xbox One games

Number 1 on the list everyone already knows. Fortnite is the king of Battle Royale, moving millions of dollars and millions of players around the world.

We have up to 100 players who parachute onto an island. They have to face each other, leaving in the end only one player alive. There are dozens of weapons available on the island, as well as vehicles. In this mode it is also possible to perform insane constructions to defend against opponents.

And let's not forget about the popular Fortnite skins and dances, which make the game even more fun!

Call of Duty: War zone

The 30 best free Xbox One games

Call of Duty surprises with a pretty solid and successful Battle Royale. You can play with and against millions of players around the world to prove that you are the best surviving soldier. The game mechanics encourage matches to be more frantic, with a good repertoire of weapons and moves.

Path of Exile

The 30 best free Xbox One games

Playing Path of Exile and not thinking about Diablo is impossible. The creators of PoE are big fans of the RPG classic and made sure to include all the successful elements of that game in the game. It starts from the perspective of the title, which brings the isometric view, half from above. Those who are used to this will have no problem playing PoE.

Path of Exile puts the player in control of an exile in the wasteland of Wraeclast. His mission, of course, is to survive long enough to exact revenge on those who put him into exile. To do so, you must create your character, choose your class, buy and sell items and, what's more fun, evolve your avatar.

Learn how to get started with Path of Exile with 8 essential tips!


The 30 best free Xbox One games

Furious Vikings, magic and fights in a 2D environment in the best Super Smash Bros. style: everything Brawlhalla offers, completely free of charge. This game is very competitive, as it has ranked matches, as well as at least three world championships.

The game can be enjoyed both locally and online. Regardless of what you choose, the gameplay remains the same. To win, you have to knock your opponent out of the scenario. In other words, the last champion standing and with the most knockouts after the match time runs out is always the winner.

Apex Legends

The 30 best free Xbox One games

We have in Apex Legends a very different Battle Royale. It starts with the fact that you will necessarily be grouped in a trio. That's why teamwork is essential in this game. Communication is facilitated by a dialing system. Virtually everything can be flagged, so your fellow battlers can follow your directions.

There are up to 60 players on a single map. Deaths here can be reversed if allies perform certain actions in a short time. It's important to say that you can't have two players with the same heroes on a team. They are called Legends. There are currently 10 Legends available for you to choose from.

All the tips to do very well in Apex Legends!

Rocket League

The 30 best free Xbox One games

This is already a classic for those who like to compete online and don't even need an introduction. Recently it was free for Xbox One, with full content and very soon it will have cross platform!

Realm Royale

The 30 best free Xbox One games

Realm Royale is from the same creators of Smite and Paladins. Despite being a Battle Royale, this game is a little different in its proposal. Here there is the possibility to choose between four different classes. Each class has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition to each class having weapons and spells that work best with their abilities.

Overall, we have all those classic elements of the famous Battle Royale. Up to 100 players are sent to a huge map, having to fight each other to survive. There is a weapon crafting system, possible through the Forges, located in certain locations on the map.

Destiny 2

The 30 best free Xbox One games

Destiny 2 can be played alone or online. Both single and multiplayer modes bring dozens of hours of gameplay. The story was very well elaborated and is accompanied by an audiovisual system that enriches the game. All this contributes to making you want to progress in the constant evolution of your character, until she becomes the greatest Guardian in the game.


The 30 best free Xbox One games

If you want a great online RPG to pass the time, Neverwinter is a very good title. It was originally released for PC, but Microsoft was smart and extended access to Xbox One owners. The game's elements are among the most classic, such as the different character classes, the immersive and medieval narrative and the game's evolution options. avatar.

The only thing about Neverwinter is that it will constantly encourage you to carry out the blessed microtransactions. We emphasize that you can go very far in the dozens of quests in the game to spend a penny. Of course: everything will depend on your experience and your skill in games of the genre.

World of Tanks

The 30 best free Xbox One games

A simple game, but that yields good hours of online fun. In World of Tanks your main mission is, together with your allies, to destroy all enemy tanks. Other game modes include conquering the opposing base and defending your own. The proposal, however, is always the same, with not much variation in gameplay.

Tanks are divided into classes, which allows you to vary vehicles whenever you want. In fact, there are more than three hundred different tanks, belonging to the most diverse countries. There is also the option to "decorate" your tank with flags, slogans and other details. If you have in-game money, you can camouflage the vehicle.


The 30 best free Xbox One games

Warframe is another one that went straight from PC to Xbox One. On the list it is one of the most "complete", in the sense of having RPG, shooter and stealth action elements. It is possible to create a character, although the creation system is not the most extensive or with several options.

Speaking of the game itself, there are dozens of missions that you need to complete. They take place on several planets, which contain enemies of the most diverse types. You can build your arsenal, but you can also switch to melee combat if you think it's better that way.


The 30 best free Xbox One games

Gwent is a spin-off of The Witcher 3, which is already worth the interest. It is a card game that is very reminiscent of the classics Hearthstone and Magic, but focused on characters and creatures from the world of the wizard Geralt. It is a totally indispensable title even for those who are not fans of the Witcher.

The game mechanics are very simple to understand, and the card field's visuals are intuitive. Basically each game has three rounds. The one who wins two rounds from his opponent wins.

See 12 tips to be the master of Gwent!

DC Universe Online

The 30 best free Xbox One games

Anyone who always wanted to play an MMORPG that involved the DC Comics universe, can now do so. DC Universe Online is a great game for a free-to-play title. Offers a wide variety of character customization. Choose whether it will be male or female, the type of physique, weapons, power, personality, skin color and hair type.

The most important choice, however, is whether you will be a villain or a hero. You must choose to have Justice League members Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman as your masters, or The Society, Joker, Circe and Lex Luthor. This part is interesting, as it will govern all your progress in the game, especially your missions.


The 30 best free Xbox One games

Smite is a very famous third-person MOBA on Xbox One. Players choose from over 80 goddesses, gods and other legendary and mythological entities to enter battle arenas. Basically we have two teams facing each other. The objective is to defeat the opponent's Phoenix and Titan to win the match.

There are 8 pantheons available in Smite, ranging from Greek to Celtic, Mayan, Chinese, Nordic and Egyptian. Each character has a single attack and four spells. The gods are divided into five classes, in addition to being categorized according to their roles in combat.

3on3 FreeStyle

The 30 best free Xbox One games

The game delivers a unique multiplayer experience where you team up with two other players and play street basketball against teams from around the world. The game is beautiful in terms of graphics, and the gameplay is super fluid, allowing for a realistic and dynamic game.

3on3 FreeStyle even has player customization. The more you win matches, the more customization options you'll have to make your avatar unique.


The 30 best free Xbox One games

A 2D game set 30 years before the main events of FFXV. The game takes place in stages, in which players must face hordes of enemies, such as monsters and daemons.

You control Regis Lucis Caelum, who performs combos and performs spells to get past opponents. Your companions can be summoned to help as the combo streak increases. After the Story mode is cleared, a challenge mode with 25 stages is released.

APB Reloaded

The 30 best free Xbox One games

APB Reloaded is a 3rd person shooter style MMO. You choose your side of the PvP battle, whose stage is the fictional city of San Paro. There are 27 unique vehicles, more than 30 different weapons, clothing and exclusive objects that allow for deep customization.

Armored Warfare

The 30 best free Xbox One games

Modern combat game between heavy artillery vehicles such as war tanks. It's packed with game modes, allowing for both PvP and PvE combat. In both types of matches the gameplay remains the same: eliminate the opposing team using strategy, teamwork and a lot of coordination.

Battle Ages

The 30 best free Xbox One games

Game in the Age of Empires style, in which you take control of a civilization and must evolve it over 6 ages. And, of course, facing other societies for mastery of the map, which is one of the best points in the game. Like other titles of the genre, you can participate in online matches and wars, against players from all over the world!

Battle islands

The 30 best free Xbox One games

Game set in World War 2, bringing frantic strategy gameplay! The year is 1942 and you must set up a base on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Evolve your troop, collect resources and prepare to fight by land, sea and air to avoid letting your island be conquered by the enemy!

Bless Unleashed

The 30 best free Xbox One games

A very complete RPG. The map is huge, as well as the customization and evolution options are varied. You can play with friends or alone, exploring every corner of Bless, in a narrative that is shaped by every choice you make in the game.


The 30 best free Xbox One games

Another good vehicular combat game for Xbox One. The difference and the coolest part is that you create your vehicle from scratch and upgrade it as you get points in PvE and PvP combats. There are several vehicle factions and tiers, providing a wide world of customization and evolution.

Cuisine royale

The 30 best free Xbox One games

An intense, cruel and realistic Battle Royale focused on giving the player as many weapons as possible. Also, you can conduct satanic rituals and perform black magic to increase your chances of being the last survivor in this PvP battle.

Darwin Project

The 30 best free Xbox One games

In Darwin Project there are only 10 players in combat against each other. The map is "controlled" by an eleventh player, the Show Director, who adds traps and problems to make life difficult for players.

You can choose from various equipment. Bows, axes, traps, hooks and electronic items. Whoever gets the first kill of the match gains a Director perk. Whoever is the only survivor wins.

Defiance 2050

The 30 best free Xbox One games

Massive co-op shooter where you create your avatar, select and customize weapons, and enter a giant open world for intense battles. Choose your class, your side of the conflict and find the best strategy to defeat your enemies.

Dungeon Defenders 2

The 30 best free Xbox One games

Dungeon Defenders 2 somewhat resembles Dota, LoL and Smite. Gather a group of 4 friends, choose and evolve your avatar and fight endless hordes of enemies in medieval and magic-filled settings.

eFootball PES 2020 Lite

The 30 best free Xbox One games

A simpler version of eFootball PES 2020, with Match Day and myClub and with online matches against players who have the full version. It's worth trying the game, which has the top teams and the same beautiful graphics as the full game.


The 30 best free Xbox One games

Fallout Shelter is another classic of free games This spin off of Fallout is a great simulator, in which you control a nuclear bunker. You start off with half a dozen villagers in your vault, who will help you expand it, tackling invaders and all the other problems that can arise, like fires and giant bug infestations.

Star Trek Online

The 30 best free Xbox One games

Star Trek Online is an excellent MMORPG, even though it's older than the other games on this list. All fans of the series and movies should play it as it allows you to even enter the world of the franchise. Develop and evolve your character with complete freedom to participate in adrenaline-filled space battles!

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