The 25 Best Online Multiplayer Games to Play on PC in 2022

This definitive list brings you the 25 best online multiplayer games for you to enjoy on PC! Some names are already expected and established, such as Fortnite and Battlefield 1. But calm down: we also brought some surprises that will please all player profiles!


Fortnite is more of a Battle Royale. In fact, perhaps the best of all. And with the news of the last seasons, he managed to overcome himself. Surviving on an island with 99 other enemies is now even more frantic. If that was even possible!

There are dozens of weapons and vehicles to use, as well as new ways to hide, dances and skins. A very complete game in the genre and perfect for those who love to play online.

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2 Apex Legends

One more free game for your collection! This time a good Battle Royale, which emerged as a derivative of the Titanfall franchise. Apex focuses on teamwork, with each team having 3 components. You choose a character from among several Legends. And each Legend has unique skills and abilities.

Despite being a Battle Royale, it is quite different from other games of the genre, such as Fortnite. First, because in Apex players can be revived if their teammates do certain actions within a period of time. Also, there are 60 players maximum on the map, divided into 20 teams of 3 players.

3. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Obviously, CS:GO couldn't be missing from our list. After all, for more than 10 years the game has had its own competitive scenario, being the first eSport. It came about as a modification of Half Life and was an absurd success. Today there are thousands or millions of players online taking control of terrorists and counter-terrorists.

Global Offensive kept everything that the classic versions of Lan Houses had, but with new weapons, improved graphics and new customization options. There's not much to say other than: go play this wonder!

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4. Dota 2

Dota 2 needs no introduction. It is one of the most highly regarded and played MOBAs, although it is the most complex, difficult to understand and offers the least dynamism. It is no wonder that today it has dozens of championships spread across the planet.

Just like rival games, Dota 2 makes you choose a hero and head to the battle arenas to help your team defeat the opposing team. There are several missions to complete within each match so that there is a winner, and the fantasy-themed gameplay is great for those who are passionate about the theme.

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5. GTA Online

Tired or finished the GTA V solo campaign? Then go to Online mode and have fun creating your avatar and exploring the game's huge map. The amount of content for this multiplayer is absurd, with exclusive and themed events.

With each new update, Rockstar makes this mode more robust and complete. You can create a gang with your friends or be a lone vigilante. Just be careful not to have a bounty on your head while playing. You don't want to be chased by dozens of other players...

6. League of Legends

League of Legends is another successful MOBA on our list, the great competitor of Dota 2. In fact, in general, both games have very similar mechanics. In LoL you are a summoner, who calls a champion who will be your avatar. From there, a fight is fought against an enemy team.

The game has achieved a very high status in the gaming community. It is already an eSport and has more and more international competitions. It's great for anyone who likes the genre. Or if you've always had that curiosity, but never gave it a chance.

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7. Overwatch

Overwatch is a bit like Apex Legends because it's a hero shooter. In other words, you choose a hero from more than 30 avatars and join a team of six players. The mission is to face the opposing team in the most diverse game modes that the game presents.

One of the possibilities is to defend points on the map, while another can be to guide a load to the enemy area, without it being destroyed. There are only 4 game modes, always focusing on attacking enemies.

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8. Paladins

There was a lot of controversy that Paladins would be a copy of Overwatch. Discussions aside, we have a game with two teams of five players each. Each side engages in combat with the other, and the objectives will depend on the game mode chosen.

Deathmatch forces a team to kill 40 times first to win the duel. Onslaught requires the winning team to have 400 points or more when game time runs out. Siege are 4 rounds in which you need to capture points of interest.


One of the first Battle Royales! PUBG features 100 players who parachute onto an island and need to survive to win the match. It's going in search of weapons to kill opponents and reign alone as master of the round.

Like other Battle Royales, such as Fortnite, the playing area will decrease over time. A way to force everyone to face each other. The good thing is that you can play both in first and third person.

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10. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is over 20 years old, but it still has dedicated servers today. The eternal battle between humans and orcs is one more you need to play at least once in your life. And it's a game that can yield many hours of fun, especially if you install its 7 official expansions.

You can choose from 12 races, including humans and orcs. They are divided into Alliance and Horde, and each race can have a specific class, such as Paladin or Priest. Gameplay is all against all, which means your skill as a player is what matters!

11. Battlefield 1

Traditional shooting games involving major wars cannot be missing from a list like this. And nothing better than Battlefield 1! This game revolutionized the online multiplayer experience in the genre, taking players away from that "more of the same" of aiming, shooting and killing.

The game puts you in World War I, with absurd realism. This war is portrayed very faithfully, but without taking away from the players the speed and intensity of the combats, characteristics of the franchise.

12. Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is a fighting game, but with some points that resemble platform games. You select a fighter and enter battles against other warriors in a small space arena.

This arena has some platforms so that avatars can battle and jump to avoid other people's attacks. The objective is to take down opponents from these platforms. Whoever eliminates the most enemies in a given period of time wins.

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13. DOOM

DOOM has made a resurgence in 2022 for PC. Its revival brought everything that made this game a hit in the 90s: lots of demons to kill, crazy weapons and that perfect soundtrack for a game as frenetic as this.

Online play is excellent, with modes that allow teams to fight to the death or classic domination of a point on the map. But in addition to the renewed graphics, this version now brings the possibility for players to transform into demons during matches. Want something more interesting than that?

14. Elder Scrolls Online

Speaking of fantasy, Elder Scrolls Online is today one of the leaders of the genre. It completely expanded the franchise for multiplayer experiences, mixing action, adventure and even good storytelling.

You create your avatar and explore the ENTIRE kingdom of Cyrodil, in the midst of a factional war for the throne. In this war you can participate in PvP battles in arenas or you can simply explore and find your own way around.

15. Hearthstone

Hearthstone was born out of World of Warcraft as an online and offline strategic card game. Players build their decks using heroes from 9 classes, being able to use skills, weapons and even spells during game turns.

The objective is to reduce the opponent's initial 30 life points to 0. For that, you must form the best combinations of cards in your turns, using heroes, minions, spells and weapons. There are 9 game modes, from Training to the online ranking game, which yields good hours of fun.

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16. Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is at its best when played online. Hunting the most bizarre and powerful creatures on the island is much more interesting if it can be done with up to 3 players.

As the game enters that endless loop of killing creatures for loot, it's great for those looking for more action than story. In fact, forget the story. Monster Hunter: World focuses entirely on fighting, evolving your character and interacting with other players.

17.Rocket League

Motorized soccer matches seem bizarre, but in Rocket League the idea works very well! The game has been around for a while, but it's still on the rise in online rooms around the world. Choose your machine, customize it and hit the pitch with your four-wheelers.

The idea is to guide the car towards the ball and score goals. It may seem easy because the ball is big, but it is really a challenging task. A simple game that will make you addicted!

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18. Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege puts players in the shoes of counter-terrorist agents. You are part of a team that needs to plan an invasion of closed places, in order to neutralize or eliminate the terrorists that are besieged there. It's a game that mixes some CS elements with those of other games in the Tom Clancy's franchise.

We still have other game modes, like rescuing hostages from the hands of terrorists. The idea is that each game is fast, frantic and doesn't give the player time to think too much. Ideal for those who want intense online fun.

19. Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Old Republic is an online RPG set in the Star Wars universe. You will be able to make your way as a Sith or by going to the light side. Within each faction are different classes, with a unique backstory. The end of the game will depend on your moral choices throughout the gameplay.

In addition to being a Jedi, the game also allows space combats with ships. All of this can be shared with other players, which can facilitate or complicate your gameplay according to the player's class and skill combinations.

20. Tom Clancy's The Division

The Division was a nice surprise from Tom Clancy's franchise. You are part of a group of soldiers who must fight crimes and investigate a smallpox outbreak that has decimated New York and the rest of the planet. You must team up with other Division agents to do this, which includes working with other players online.

There's still the Dark Zone, where players face off in search of progression and new weapons in an online leaderboard. A good shooter with elements of RPG and strategy, which can please the most diverse profiles.

21. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved has a really cool premise: surviving on an island infested with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Basically you start naked and with nothing but natural resources and your survival skills in the wild.

You can and should hunt and tame creatures, including the T-Rex and the Sabretooth Tiger. Of course, none of this is going to be easy, and that's precisely the idea of ​​this game: that you have a hard time trying to survive in a dangerous place without any help.

The game has its strong point in the online multiplayer component. You join other players, forming tribes with their own rules. The objective is to make the tribe prosper, surviving everything that the island of Ark hides. Some servers are free, while others are password protected.

22. Dauntless

Dauntless is a free to play RPG that can be very interesting if you are a fan of the genre. The story is even something we've seen around: an event destroys part of humanity, bringing demonic creatures into the world. Your mission is to eliminate them before they eliminate the rest of humans.

You will kill so-called Behemoths by looting their corpses. This way you'll have resources to improve your weapons and even create stronger ones. The strong point of the game is being able to play it with up to 3 other players in an online cooperative mode. Here this game gets really interesting!

23. For Honor

For Honor is an essential game for those who like medieval themes and gameplay focused on melee combat. Both single player and multiplayer are essentially tactical combat. The objective is always to eliminate the opposing army, either by destroying their commanders or by conquering points on the map.

Among the 3 types of warriors you can choose from is a medieval knight, a samurai and a viking. Each one has its own style of attack and defense, which makes this choice really important. A game that can keep you online for days while you conquer enemy territories.

24. Worms

Worms has been a PC classic since the 90s! The idea of ​​a game where worms warriors and assassins fight for territory is too much. And it still works today, with the latest games in the franchise.

You'll have an arsenal with dozens of different weapons at your disposal to eliminate your enemies online. Be part of a team and use explosive rams and bazookas to blow up the scenery and send opposing worms to their death. All this with animations and funny lines of homicidal worms.

25. Albion Online

Albion Online is an entirely free game developed with little money, but with a lot of dedication on the part of its creators. It brings elements of both Diablo and LoL, creating frantic gameplay where players face off in a vast open world.

At the same time, you must conquer territories and build cities that will dominate the map. In that sense, with the collection of resources, it presents itself a bit like a survival! You can have your farm, which will produce enough to help your guild in the battles to come!

Collect, hunt, craft and trade or sell armor and everything you do at local markets or with other players! And it's all about letting the beasts and demons of the world of Albion wipe you off the map.

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