The 23 best light games for Android in 2022!

You don't need a high-end cell phone to play quality games. Even with more modest graphics and simpler mechanics, we've gathered below the 23 best light games that run on any Android today. There are options for all tastes, check it out!

1. 8 Ball Pool

Download 8 Ball Pool here

A phenomenon of pool games on cell phones. 8 Ball Pool may seem simple at first, but it has complex physics that makes the game very difficult to master, attracting the attention of more competitive players. With multiple game modes, unlockable content and all the excitement of competing with players from all over the world, 8 Ball Pool also has a betting system where you always have to risk your coins to play, making the game very addictive.

2. Tomb of the Mask

Download Tomb of the Mask here

Tomb of the Mask is a puzzle visually similar to Pacman. The objective here is always to collect all the coins and reach the end of the level. Even though it seems simple, the game has a level of difficulty well above average for games of the genre and challenges even the most experienced puzzle players.

3. Among us

Download Among Us here

Among Us basically needs no introduction these days. The game was one of the biggest hits of 2020 and even with extremely simple mechanics and even more graphics, the game manages to offer a very fun multiplayer experience, especially if played among friends. Here, the ability to argue (and lie) is the main ally, as the entire gameplay revolves around an imposter in charge of killing other players, without anyone really knowing who he is.

4. Subway Surfers

Download Subway Surfers here

Subway Surfers is the most famous representative of the endless run genre. The game is also on the list of the most played in the entire world and consists simply of...running. Here we control a child who needs to collect coins and dodge infinite obstacles while running from the police. The commands couldn't be simpler and you just need to slide your finger in the desired direction. Extremely addictive.

5. Pocket Mortys

Download here!

Pocket Mortys is a copy of the Pokémon games for gameboys, but with the theme of the Rick and Morty phenomenon. Here we control Rick who uses various versions of Morty to battle, such as Muddy Morty, Badly Dressed Morty, Eyeless Morty, etc. Battles follow the same turn system as Pokémon and each Morty has specific characteristics. The game has a multiplayer mode and a solo campaign.

6. Cube Escape Collection

Download Cube Escape Collection here

Cube Escape Collection is a recent game that brings together all 9 titles in the Cube Escape series. For those who don't know, these are point and click games with a theme entirely based on the Twin Peaks series, with several elements of macabre, surreal and sick mystery. The game has very high quality puzzles, some with above average difficulty levels, as well as a very engaging and intriguing plot. A must for any fan of escape games.

7. Magic Rampage

Play Magic Rampage on Android

Magic Rampage is a 2D platform RPG with cartoonish graphics. The game starts very simple but as you advance you can unlock more and more mechanics that can be performed by combining the few existing commands. The game has several stages full of secret areas and various RPG elements like inventory, different classes, various weapons, upgrades, etc.

8. 100 Days: Zombie Survival

Jogue 100 Days: Zombie Survival

100 Days: Zombie Survival is a kind of "tower defense" with minimalist graphics and extremely simple and fun controls. Here we control several characters who only need to shoot hordes of zombies and stop them from advancing. Each enemy killed grants money to be used on upgrades and items. Another simple and addictive game.

9. Major Mayhem

Download Major Mayhem here

The image above summarizes everything Major Mayhem has: action, shots, explosions and a lot of information on the screen. Here you control a soldier who automatically advances through the scenario and his only role is to shoot all the enemies that appear. On the way you will need to defeat ninjas, shoot down helicopters, unlock new weapons and abilities. Pure action.

10. Plague Inc.

Download Plague Inc. here

Plague Inc. is a very original strategy game in which you have to create and manage a disease with the aim of decimating humanity. It is possible to choose even the nature of the disease, be it a virus, bacteria, fungi, etc. and it will appear in a random country in the world. As it is transmitted, you earn points to evolve characteristics such as symptoms, forms of contagion, resistances, etc. and, the more visible it becomes, the more it will be fought by science, requiring the player to adapt and make the right decisions to continue evolving. the disease.

11. Apple Knight: Action Platformer

Download Apple Knight: Action Platformer here

Apple Knight: Action Platfomer is a platform role-playing game with simple graphics, but well-crafted animations. There is not much to say about the game that is not already in the image above: various characters, weapons, items, spells, money for upgrades and much more. The game also has a great system of achievements, skins and customizable touchscreen commands.

12. That Level Again

Download That Level Again here

One of the most creative games for Android, as the name suggests, That Level Again puts you in the same level over and over again, but always with new solutions to be found. At each level, the game offers only a small hint on how to pass and this can involve internal elements of the game or even commands on the cell phone such as increasing or decreasing the brightness, turning the screen, changing the volume, etc. Very interesting!

13. Zombie Shooter

Play Zombie Shooter free

Zombie Shooter is pure violence. With very simple graphics, the game puts hundreds of zombies on your screen for you to destroy with more than 100 different weapons. At each stage it is possible to earn points and spend them on new weapons, skills and attributes. Furthermore, despite all the carnage and frenetic action, the game also has a more or less engaging story.

14. Habbo

Download Habbo here

Habbo is a very famous social interaction game in which players get together in a hotel to chat and perform some activities. The game has an achievement system and several weekly events to keep the community active.

15. Ninjump

Download Ninjump here!

In Ninjump you are a ninja who jumps on walls and the objective is to climb as high as possible to get the highest score. There are no levels, so the focus is on beating your own high score, in the style of endless run games, with various obstacles to avoid like birds and other ninjas.

16. Chilly Snow

Download Chilly Snow here

In Chilly Snow you're just a little ball that needs to go down a snow mountain while avoiding obstacles. There's not much to talk about, but the game is strangely addictive and the gameplay is very enjoyable. Another game where your only opponent is yourself.

17. Shoot the Zombirds

Download Shoot the Zombirds here

In Shoot the Zombirds you control a pumpkin boy who needs to kill zombie birds with his arrows. The premise is very simple and there are no new levels, so the focus of the game is to beat the previous record. You lose as soon as your arrows run out, but whenever you hit a bird, the arrow is recovered.

18. Pocket City

Download Pocket City here

Pocket City is a mobile-only city building simulator. Even with very simple graphics, the game has everything that is expected of the genre and offers great content and mechanics that are not far behind famous titles like SimCity. Of course, here you need to manage your resources well to manage the city and keep expanding.

an exclusive mobile option for those who are fans of construction games. Even with simpler graphics, the game mechanics are not behind bigger titles of the genre. Overall, the game doesn't have any differentials and offers everything expected, requiring you to develop your city strategically to generate resources and keep expanding.

19. Skiddy Car

Download Skiddy Car here

One of the most addictive games on this list, Skiddy Car is a simple little car game where you just have to get to the end of each level while collecting coins along the way. Despite the extremely simple controls (you just have to tap anywhere on the screen to turn the car), the game's physics added to the speed of the courses make Skiddy Car very challenging. The game contains over 300 levels and you unlock new cars as you progress.

20. Monkey Ropes

Download Monkey ropes here

In Monkey Ropes you control a pair of monkeys tied by a rope. The objective is to advance simultaneously with the two monkeys without the rope breaking. The graphics are very simple but the game is very fun and the difficulty increases a lot as you progress. In addition there is a good variety of stages and you can unlock more than 50 new characters.

21. Mad Runner

Download Mad Runner here

In Mad Runner you control a practically parkour player who needs to dodge numerous obstacles to reach the end of the levels. The commands are very simple and you just need to walk sideways and jump. Even so, the game's difficulty increases a lot as you pass levels and new courses are unlocked.

22. Bike Race

Play Bike Race now

An extremely fun and challenging game, Bike Race puts you in control of bikers in a 2D platforming scenario. The main attraction of the game is the very realistic physics that makes everything much more difficult, requiring you to be very successful with your maneuvers to overcome obstacles. The game is divided into several worlds full of different stages and tracks, as well as a very fun multiplayer mode.

23. Fish Master

Download Fish Master here

Finally, a very basic little game. In Fish Master you need to use timing and a little patience to catch fish at the right time and, with that, accumulate points to upgrade your fishing rod and line. It sounds simple, but something about the gameplay makes the game very enjoyable and addictive.

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