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Discover the 23 best Io games to play in your browser! They are simple games, easy to play and VERY addictive. Below you will find a list with a description of each one and the website to access the titles. All you need is a stable internet connection and time to spend on them all!


Play here

Slither is an updated version of the famous snake game. The main objective of the game is to eat as many colored dots on the map as possible, so that your snake grows nonstop. The more you grow, the more points you earn, but at the same time the difficulty level increases!

Another problem is that there are hundreds of other players online who might try to eat your snake if it is smaller than their opponents. So keep an eye on everything and everyone. If you need to, you can "run" from enemies, but this will make you lose points and size.


Play Mope.hi here

Mope is quite addictive as it also involves evolving a creature. In this case, you will choose an animal among those that the game offers. Your objective is to eliminate the enemies, marked in red, to reach the maximum level of strength. And so it can be unbeatable!

Each animal has specific powers, in addition to the possibility of kicking, grabbing, punching and even poisoning opponents. They must eat and drink water. Each animal has a specific food according to its type: water or land. If you adapt well to both types, you can create a third category, that of the arctic animal!


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One of the simplest Io games, but one of the most fun. You control a cell, which needs to absorb mass in order to grow. This is done how? Swallowing other cells, of course! Which means your objective is to devour other players' smaller cells without letting them do the same to yours.

In fact, this is the great challenge of the game: not being eaten. The bigger your cell gets, the more points you have at the end when you die. Stay as long as you can on the field to be the first in the rankings!


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Splix is ​​for the conquerors out there. In it you will try to conquer as much land as possible from other players. The commands are very simple: you have your piece of land and to expand it you must draw a circle on the enemy's territory.

When this is done, the territory becomes the color of your land. The problem is that while you are drawing a circle on enemy land, someone else might do the same with your territory. So watch out! It's an intense strategy game, which can be quite exciting if you take the risk.


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Bloble is a strategy game based on building and defending bases. You start inside a circle, which represents your base. You must build buildings, such as a power generator, factories, barracks and even walls. It's almost like an Age of Empires!

Its base begins surrounded by a red circle. As long as he is there, no one can attack him. As soon as you go out for the first attack on an enemy, the protection circle breaks down. So build your strategy well, grow your base and be the last player alive!


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Limax is very similar to Agar. The idea is to absorb other players, but without letting yourself be absorbed, of course. The main difference is that you can play it in themed scenarios. It could be in Space, in a Halloween setting or in a chocolate factory!

In addition, there is the functionality to create traps for enemies. An interesting point that can be your salvation in this super competitive game.

7. Slay

Play Slay.One here

Slay One is pretty insane. You will control an avatar in a maze full of enemies, which are other players. Your character must seek weapons, gold and experience points to evolve and become stronger. Here having hit points and damage points is all that matters.

As you go through the labyrinths of the map, place traps that will help you eliminate opponents. If you are the last one alive, you win the game and are declared the great survivor!


Play here

Doblons puts the player in command of a ship. In other words: the main objective is to dominate the 7 seas and annihilate all the other players and their ships.

Arm yourself to the teeth with the most varied types of cannons and evolve your ship so that it can be the best of all.


Play here

Similar to Doblons, but with planes. The war is intense, and the winner is the one who dies the least and who kills the most. So he chooses his fighter, his weapons and goes to the skies to strafe as many as he can.

Some weapons and life will fall from the sky, to ease your journey in this war. Watch out for ships that appear in the ocean and try to shoot down all the planes that are in play. It's certainly one of the most tense Io games on this list, which makes it one of the coolest.


Play Diep online

In Diep you control a battle tank. You will have to destroy squares, rectangles, other geometric shapes and tanks to gain experience points. These points are used to upgrade your tank. The objective of the game will depend on the chosen game mode.

In this sense, it is one of the most complete on this list, as there are 6 game modes, including survivor mode and cooperative mode. The default is Free for All, in which the player who has the most points in relation to the other participants wins.


Play here

As you might already guess from the name, Zombs Royale is an .io game that's totally focused on battle royale. Here you can choose to play solo, duo or squad and the gameplay has everything you would expect from the genre, but in a 2D perspective seen from above. When starting matches, players parachute into the chosen area and start equipping themselves with weapons and items they find around the map. Obviously, the player or team that stays alive last wins.


Play here is a medieval themed multiplayer platform game. The setting is a kind of dungeon with various monsters where players can collect items and defeat mobs to get coins. The game has 3 game modes:

  • free for all: every man for himself. Players face each other endlessly across the scenario. If it dies, it immediately returns for more action.
  • Damageball: cooperative mode in which two teams compete in a kind of football with a poisoned ball.
  • Battle Royale: the last player alive wins.

With the money collected in the matches it is possible to buy equipment for all parts of the body, like in an RPG. It is also possible to buy new weapons, shields and even add-ons that grant certain stat bonuses.


Play here is a full 3D FPS and a lot of fun. Here, two teams engage in a frantic Call of Duty-style deathmatch: if you die, quickly come back for more firefights. Players earn points by killing enemies or capturing the flag and returning to their base. You can choose from over 10 character classes, each with their own weapon, and the game also has a challenge system, mods, shop, and more. Definitely one of the most complete .io games you will find.


Play here is a kind of World of Wacraft reduced to the smallest possible form. With fully 3D graphics, the game is an MMORPG with almost everything you're entitled to: hundreds of items, skills, clan system, PvP and much more. Definitely a surprise for an .io game.


Play here is a 3D MMORPG (it only looks like 2D, but it's not) very simple but with several different modes. In Sandbox, you are free to explore the environment, kill monsters, find loot, etc. However, the game's greatest grace is the PvP (Player vs Player) modes, which allow you to play 1v1, 2v2 matches or even a kind of soccer match in which you can decapitate your opponents.


Play here

Starblast is a spaceship game where you join a faction to fight players from other factions. As you fly through space, you can collect resources to upgrade your ship and acquire many new abilities to aid in battle. The game offers frantic action while requiring you to manage your resources well.


Play here

An amazing FPS with Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch modes. With minimalist graphics and 3D, the game focuses on the action of matches and offers a good variety of items and weapons. In Battle Royale, the game follows the mold of the genre with multiple players choosing where to parachute, looting and running from the circle. In Deathmatch, of course, the shooting is frenetic.


Play here is a cooperative game where you get on a raft equipped with a cannon to destroy enemy vessels. The game works on a team vs team vs team scheme. Each player can take charge of controlling the raft or firing the cannon.


Play here is the 3D version of Controlling a sphere through space, your role is to grow big enough to swallow other players' spheres. It's exactly the same as Hagar, but being able to wield her globe in 3D adds countless options for evasive and offensive maneuvers.


Play here

Sidearms is a 3D, 3rd person deathmatch in which you control a kid with a sword, turbos in his shoe, and a drone that carries weapons for you. The objective is simple: kill as many opponents and die as little as possible. The combats are full of movement, extreme maneuvers, robots, items, various weapons and so on.


Play here is a reproduction of the great (and fleeting) hit Flappy Bird. Here you control a species of bird with the sole objective of not touching any of the pipes taken directly from Super Mario. The game has only one command: flap your wings. The problem is that physics is extremely difficult to master and requires a lot of attention and timing to get you far. also has a multiplayer mode where you can invite friends to rage together.


Play here is a racing game in which you can choose different vehicle classes. There is no end to the games, just a scoreboard that shows which players have completed the most rounds. Each class has its own characteristics, abilities and sizes, so you can vary the style in which you participate in races a lot. For example, you can focus on speed to complete more laps, or even choose a class designed to get in the way of other players.


Play here

It may not seem like it, but is a really fun game. Your character is equipped with a kind of elastic band that expands and contracts and can be used as a weapon and as a shield. The fun of the game is being able to master the physics of the rubber band to be able to move well, attack and stay safe. It is worth it!

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