The 22 Best Offline RPG for Android in 2022!

An RPG fan isn't just multiplayer. So if you're looking for that game to level up, equip weapons and sell items all by yourself, check out the best RPG games to play offline on Android below!

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

The mobile version of the classic Castlevania is one of the best offline RPG options for Android. The game was one of those responsible for the creation of the "metrodvania" genre and offers the classic experience of one of the most popular games in history. Countless levels, secrets, bosses, spells, etc... a real delight for old fans and newbies alike.

Adventures of Mana

One of the greats, Adventures of Mana is a 3D remake of the Game Boy hit Final Fantasy Adventure. Here we control a hero followed by several companions, each with their own abilities. The scenario is divided into several areas with different characteristics and monsters, with a very colorful and "childish" visual identity.

Pascal's Wager

Pascal's Wager offers an experience worthy of Dark Souls. It is an offline action RPG with a very dark theme and a high level of difficulty. The graphics are also top notch and make the game not lag far behind modern console titles. Perfect for anyone who is a fan of Dark Souls, The Witcher or even Skyrim.

Stardew Valley

One of the most recommended games here at CaptainVideoGames, Stardew Valley is a much more complete and fun game than it seems at first glance. With lots of content and activities to complete, this RPG/farming simulator captivates in the first few minutes and engages players with its characters, stories and lots, lots of content.

Knights of Pen and Paper

Knights of Pen and Paper is an RPG heavily inspired by the games of the 90's. With pixelated graphics and turn-based actions, the game is also a success on PC and already has a sequel as good. The game offers not only all the classic RPG elements, but also the aesthetics and gameplay of the first games of the genre. Despite having a medieval fantasy theme, the game also mixes several contemporary elements to create a very captivating experience. What other game can you play as an elf cheering monk?

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

One of the greatest classics of the RPG genre also won its version for mobile phones. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition has content from all games in the series, plus extras, adding up to over 60 hours of gameplay. The game also has additional characters, allowing you to assemble even more varied teams.m


Download Grimvalor for free

Often compared to Dark Souls, Grim Valor is a 2.5D platform game (a middle ground between 2D and 3D) with beautifully crafted graphics. The gameplay is very reminiscent of the platform games of yesteryear and conveys a certain "familiarity". However, the game is free to test only, meaning you can complete the initial stages, but then you have to pay to continue.

ARPG soul

Download Anima ARPG for free

A hack'n'slash RPG heavily inspired by Diablo and Baldur's Gate, Anima ARPG offers the same kind of dark settings and frantic action. The game has more than 30 dungeons to explore, several secret stages, several game modes, 10 difficulty levels and thousands of character customization options including items, equipment, skills, talents, etc.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Directly inspired by the anime of the same name, The Rising of the Shield Hero is a 2D RPG created in the RPG Maker engine, so it has the same mechanics found in many other games: turn-based combat, minimalist graphics, dialog windows, etc. The game also features several memorable moments from the anime to please fans of the cartoon.

Runic Rampage

Runic Rampage is an action RPG very focused on violent combat. Here you control a dwarf warrior capable of unleashing various blows, combos and spells on enemies to keep the screen always full of corpses. Scenarios are randomly generated so that you play on different maps each time.

Monochrome Order

Monochrome Order is a Japanese RPG with 2D graphics in the best SNES style. The game is very plot-focused and allows player choices to influence the course of the story. Combat follows the turn system and it is possible to control different characters with different classes.


Monster Hunter Stories is a spin-off of the Monster Hunter series developed by Capcom and originally released for Nintendo 3DS. Unlike other games in the franchise, here we do not control a hunter, but a knight, and the game focuses much more on taming the monsters and then fighting side by side with them. Combat also follows the turn system and it is possible to customize monsters in different ways to prepare them for combat.

The Last Remnant

A PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360 game on your Android, The Last Remnant has great 3D graphics and top notch cutscenes. The game features several innovative mechanics and the battles always involve many units, from important characters in the story to others who don't even appear until the fighting starts. The game also has a very immersive story and many special effects.

Nimian Legends : Vandgels

Nimian Legends : Vandgels is an RPG with 3D graphics and a very high quality soundtrack. The game takes place in an open world and, so beautiful, it has an "Explorer Mode" that allows you to just walk through the scenarios without the need to complete quests and kill enemies. In normal mode, of course, you can fight monsters, equip different items and equipment, and everything you would expect from the genre.


ZYCA is an RPG that focuses A LOT on action. The game follows a style similar to Bayonetta with combats full of special effects, firearms and flashy and stylish maneuvers. Here, however, the commands are very simple and mostly consist of pressing the buttons at the time shown. In between combats, players collect items, level up and improve their attributes.

Vampire's Fall: Origins

Vampire's Fall: Origins is a true tribute to classic RPGs. With a visual identity reminiscent of Diablo, the game has graphics worthy of a decade ago, with turn-based 2D combat, but with a slightly higher tactical requirement than most games of its type. With a respectable open world and hundreds of customization options for items, abilities and equipment, Vampire's Fall: Origins has everything to please any RPG fan.


Download Eternium for free

Another Diablo-style hack'n'slack, Eternium stands out among Android RPGs for having different commands than most of its competitors. Here, there is no analog stick and movement happens only through clicks. The blows, abilities and spells are also made through drawings on the screen, which ends up giving a new air to combats.

Blade of God: Vargr Souls

Download Blade of God for free

Blade of God: Vargr Souls is an action RPG themed in Norse mythology. Its main differential is the amount of mechanics involved in combats, which involve dodges, counterattacks, mounts, mounted attacks, perfect dodges, grabs, throws, etc. The story goes through several well-known characters such as Odin and Loki and allows you to influence the plot through your choices.

The Swords of Ditto

A very captivating RPG, The Swords of Ditto puts you on a brief quest to defeat a being called Mormo. Every game played a new hero and a new adventure is generated, keeping the game always fresh and addictive. The visual identity is extremely engaging and cartoon-worthy, with high-quality animations. The game is also very humorous and has many funny elements like a frisbee disc or even a giant foot as a weapon.

Dungeon III bit

Another one that is pure charisma, bit Dungeon III is a 2D RPG with pixelated graphics, but with very well designed animations. Maps are randomly generated so that the action is always fresh. Countless equipment, weapons, attributes, skills, NPCs, bosses, quests are some of the elements that make Bit Dungeon III an RPG of respect.


Evoland is a very interesting action-adventure RPG. It takes you on a journey through the evolution of games in the genre. So, at the beginning of the game the graphics and mechanics are as simple as possible, and as you progress, the gameplay is improved and the graphics are also modified. Therefore, Evoland is a 2D game, but also 3D, with turn-based, but also real-time combat and many other mixtures.

Dark raider

Download Dark Raider free

Finally, Dark Raider is another RPG similar to the ones mentioned above. With retro-style graphics, here we can control different characters with their own characteristics to explore dungeons and defeat hordes of enemies. The maps are also randomly generated and there are over 20 bosses to defeat.

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