The 19 best Call of Duty Mobile memes!

In addition to offering all the fun within the game, Call of Duty Mobile is already generating the best jokes on the internet. Check out our compilation of the 19 best game memes and share with friends!

1. I only play gloves

2. Sad, born?

Crédito: callofdutyzueira

3. Those who have never experienced this are privileged

4. ¯ _ (tsu) _ / ¯

5. That quick game while nobody shows up

6. Who agrees?

7. "Sorry sir, we can't do anything"

8. Heavy...

9. I'm so happy

10. Anyone else?

11. "...but it's absolutely right!"

12. Always. Have. One.


14. NOW GO!

15. It's time to become a streamer

16. On the other hand...

17. It really exists!

18. Umm... guys?

19. Anyone who doesn't have a good PC or console knows how it is!

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