The 16 best motorcycle games for Android!

Traffic Rider is one of the best motorcycle games for Android. But besides it there are other unmissable titles for those who like maneuvers on two wheels. Discover the 16 best motorcycle games for Android, which are divided into racing, jumping and even strategy and RPG games!

Check the list:

  • Traffic Rider
  • Bike race
  • Last Outlaws: The Outlaw Biker Strategy Game
  • Racing Smash 3D
  • Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic
  • Moto X3M
  • Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator
  • Trial Xtreme 4: Extreme Bike Racing Champions
  • Zero Gravity Rider
  • Trials Frontier
  • Mega Ramp Bike Stunts
  • Racing Fever Motorcycle
  • Faily Rider
  • Wheelie challenge
  • Royal Moto 2
  • Dirt Bike Unchained

Traffic Rider

Play Traffic Rider now

Traffic Rider is an infinite racing game where you control a motorcycle and travel through traffic full of endless obstacles. The sounds of traffic and your motorcycle have been recorded so they look real, and you get a first-person view that brings the experience even closer to what it's like to ride a raging motorcycle in real life.

Something really fun is that, despite being an infinite runner, there is a career mode. In it you can collect points and get trophies according to objectives accomplished along your travels.

Bike race

Play Bike Race now

An extremely fun and extremely difficult game as it is based entirely on the laws of physics. You need to do tricks by tilting your phone enough to achieve perfection and complete the move. Bike Race has a multiplayer mode, 19 worlds full of stages, 16 bikes and 152 unique tracks.

Last Outlaws: The Outlaw Biker Strategy Game

Play Last Outlaws now

Last Outlaws is all about motorcycles, but it's not about racing or doing tricks. Here you manage a biker gang, which has a small club in the middle of the city. Your goal is to make this club grow and dominate the entire city with your shady business.

Once you've done that, you'll be able to unlock other cities to expand your criminal empire. The game has many elements of strategy, RPG and resource management, being a complete game for different types of players.

Racing Smash 3D

Play Racing Smash 3D now

In this motorcycle game, racing is the main element, however we have a very fun addition: the fight during the disputes for the first place. In this case, you must use the most diverse weapons to beat the other runners, knock them off their bikes and prevent them from crossing the finish line before you.

There are dozens of different tracks, motorcycles and weapons. Face other obstacles like cars and even a plane! Racing Smash 3D is a game that brings a lot of adrenaline and many possibilities in each race.

Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic

Play Moto Rider GO now

Another infinite runner game, but with beautiful graphics and a lot of visual realism. Enjoy unforgettable journeys on top of your two-wheeled machine, passing through 4 different scenarios, in 4 unique game modes.

Moto Rider GO doesn't have a career mode, but it does have achievements and challenges to keep you playing for hours on end. In addition, all bikes can be tuned and customized, to be faster and with better control.

Moto X3M

Play Moto X3M now

Moto X3M is one of the most famous motorcycle racing games for Android. Fulfill the objectives of each level with your motorcycle, beating the clock and your own time in each of the 170 stages of the game.

As you progress and unlock new stages, you gain access to new bikes. Unfortunately, there is no tuning option, but the stunts are part of the gameplay and earn you precious points to use when purchasing new vehicles.

Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator

Play Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator now

Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator brings a fantastic and huge experience to your Android. The bike customization options are almost endless, and you have a giant open world where you can do almost anything with your machine. Stroll through the city, make jumps and do stunts or complete the challenges proposed by the game.

This game has excellent graphics and sound effects that are really well done, to try to make you feel what it's like to ride a real motorcycle!

Trial Xtreme 4: Extreme Bike Racing Champions

Play Trial Xtreme 4: Extreme Bike Racing Champions now

Trial Xtreme 4 is a game for those who like to climb the rankings and compete with their friends. There are almost 200 stages in which you'll duel against other players and yourself while trying to improve your time. The tracks have quite challenging obstacles, such as broken bridges over rivers or loops.

The game has a kind of career mode, in which you have to impress sponsors to get contracts. So you can stand out to run in the best maneuvers championships in the world!

Zero Gravity Rider

Play Gravity Rider Zero now

Gravity Rider Zero is perhaps the easiest of the games on this list. You can't tune your bike and there is no difficulty level. The experience is made to always be something easy, where you can win with peace of mind, just enjoying the fun of doing tricks on the tracks.

The most fun detail is the fact that it is a game with a futuristic theme. Which means bikes that range from "normal" to prototypes you only see in sci-fi movies. And each bike has its own unique style and feel, which makes for a very diverse experience every time you race.

Trials Frontier

Play Trials Frontier now

Trials Frontier is a game that mixes maneuvers and race against time or to make the best time. It brings very beautiful graphics and challenging gameplay, as controlling the bikes requires a lot of training. Each race has unique obstacles, as the tracks are themed and make you have to reinvent yourself to complete the challenges.

Mega Ramp Bike Stunts

Play Mega Ramp Bike Stunts now

Mega Ramp Bike Stunts is focused on impressive jumps in the air, over water, over fire, from one building to another, in various situations. You take control of a professional biker who must perform the perfect jumps to earn points and continue unlocking new levels. And all this in the midst of races against opponents!

Racing Fever Motorcycle

Play Racing Fever Moto now

Have you ever imagined a Need for Speed ​​motorcycle for Android? This is Racing Fever Moto! Face 4 motorcycle gang leaders in 4 different regions. Show that you are the best driver by winning side races until you reach the main ones. Which will only be possible if you tune your bikes to the fullest, whether in the mechanical part, or in the visual part.

Faily Rider

Play Faily Rider now

Faily Rider is a Subway Surfer-style endless runner game in which you have to make Phil overcome complex obstacles, pick up power-ups and get as far as possible without getting knocked down. A game with modest graphics, simple gameplay, but quite casual and great to pass the time.

Wheelie challenge

Play Wheelie Challenge now

Wheelie Challenge is quite difficult, but that's where the fun of the game lies. The mission is to get as far as possible without touching the front wheel on the track. You can do it alone, giving a ride to someone on the back, using as many different bikes as you want. A game that requires patience, self-control and a lot of training.

Royal Moto 2

Play Real Moto 2 now

A racing-only game, inspired by Moto GP tournaments, although you can play with the most varied styles of motorcycle, including Scooters. The types of controls are the most varied, serving both the most professionals in racing games, as well as the most amateurs and beginners.

Dirt Bike Unchained

Play Dirt Bike Unchained now

Be a world star in Moto Cross racing! Win races, win challenges and earn the legendary Red Bull helmet in a career mode full of good challenges. The graphics are of great realism, and the physics of the bikes also appeals to those looking for something closer to the real thing.

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