The 15 best Don't Starve Together mods in 2022!

Everyone who plays Don't Starve Together knows how amazing the game is, but that it lacks several simple features that, for some reason, were not added to the game. Luckily for us, the game fully supports the use of mods (modifications), and the community has taken care of solving these problems. Below you'll find the 15 best Don't Starve Together mods of 2022 and, let's face it, some are useful, some are simple, and some are just STOLEN!

Attention: to install the mods, just click on the links below and, on the Steam page, select the green button "Subscribe". You will need to be logged into the site.

Minimap HUD

Download the mod here

Minimap HUD adds a minimap to your game screen. You can zoom and drag it to the position you want, making it much easier to see your position and that of mobs on the map.

2. Combined Status

Download the mod here

Combined Status greatly improves the game's HUD because, in addition to adding exact values ​​for Health, Hunger and Sanity, it shows several other very important factors such as:

  • character temperature.
  • world temperature.
  • seasons.
  • current lunar cycle.
  • display the clock inside caves, etc.

You can edit the mod in several ways to display just the information you want.

3. Display Food Values

Download the mod here

A very simple and useful mod that shows you all the relevant information about each food. With it you can see how much Health, Hunger and Sanity will be restored or lost, as well as see exactly how long it takes for food to go bad.

4. Display Attack Range

Download the mod here

An extremely useful mod (even a little unfair) that alleviates one of the great difficulties of the game. Display Attack Range displays the exact attack range of each mob in the game, making it very easy for you to keep a safe distance. As if that wasn't enough, the mod also shows when mobs will attack, so you can react in the best way.

5. Map Revealer for DST

Download the mod here

Okay, this mod is basically a cheat. It instantly reveals the entire map. It is suitable for those who want to play as easily as possible or just experiment, as it completely removes the element of exploration. The mod can be turned on and off easily with keyboard shortcuts.

6. ActionQueue Reborn

Download the mod here

One of the simplest and most useful mods you will find. ActionQueue Reborn allows you to accumulate actions using the Shift key. That way you can command your character to perform several actions in a queue system at once: as soon as he finishes one action, he will start the next one in the order you defined.

7. Smart Crock Pot

Download the mod here

Smart Crock Pot is one of the most useful mods in Don't Starve Together without getting stolen. It shows the results of recipes in advance, so that you know exactly the dish that will be crafted, avoiding wastage of ingredients. With it you can also save yourself the trouble of searching the internet for the result of each recipe. In the case of recipes that can result in more than one dish, Smart Crock Pot shows the percentage of chance that each one will be produced, and even shows the expiration date of the food.

8. DST Where’s My Beefalo

Download the mod here

Another mod that works almost like a cheat. Where's My Beefalo shows the location of various items and mobs on the minimap, making resource farming much (MUCH) easier. The list of items and mobs displayed by the mod is quite long, but we can say that you will have no problem finding, basically, everything you need.

9. Global Positions

Download the mod here

A mod fully aimed at multiplayer. Global Positions shows on the map and minimaps the location of all players on the server. It also allows you to "ping" the location of things, i.e. flag for other players to see. With this mod communication becomes much easier.

10. Ice Flingomatic Range Check

Download the mod here

Ice Flingomatic Range Check solves one of the most mentioned problems by the community. It clearly demonstrates the scope of the "Ice Flingomatic" structure, one of the most useful in the game. The item throws snowballs at any of your structures that are on fire, as well as revives withered plants. With this mod it is possible to build your base in a more planned way, knowing exactly which structures can benefit from Ice Flingomatic.

11. Simple Health Bar DST

Download the mod here

Another mod that could already be inserted in the game. Simple Health Bar adds HP bars to characters and mobs during combat. You can choose from several styles of bars, in addition to being able to select the location and color. Simple and efficient.

12. Backpack Slot

Download the mod here

The simplest mod ever: adds a backpack slot. Only.

13. Level Up!

Download the mod here

Undoubtedly one of the most fun mods you will find. It adds a leveling system in the game that allows your character to gain experience and level up. You can edit the mod in a variety of ways to set experience values ​​and leveling benefits. Some of the possible mechanics are:

  • gain bonuses to your stats when you level up.
  • restore stats to max when leveling.
  • gain experience as you farm and craft items.
  • lose experience when dying, etc.

14. Gesture Wheel

Download the mod here

Finally, a mod aimed at practicality. Gesture Wheel adds a wheel of emotes to the game, so you no longer need to use them with commands. Just press the chosen key to display the emote wheel and then choose with the mouse.

15. Camera Tweaks

Download the mod here

Camera Tweaks is a simple mod that adds tons of camera customization options. With it you can more precisely define parameters such as distance, angle, rotation, zoom speed and many other values.

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