The 13 best house decorating games for you to customize yours!

For interior design lovers, in this article we've gathered the 13 best home decor games on all platforms, from PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox to Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. Despite being a very limited genre, we managed to keep the list quite varied since here you can find more "hardcore" games but also other very basic ones. Check out!

1. House Flipper

Plataformas: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch e Android

House Flipper is a house building, renovation and decoration game. In addition to being able to just have fun with the customization part, you can complete several specific missions to earn money within the game. You can even buy houses to renovate them and resell them for more profit. The tasks are as varied as possible, from painting, demolishing, building and cutting grass to decorating every detail of the house, as in the image above.

2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

A Nintendo Switch phenomenon, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very complete game and full of content to explore. In addition to all the mechanics and varied gameplay options, the home decor part does not disappoint in any aspect, offering a huge number of options for furniture, rugs, shelves, appliances, plants, and MUCH more.

3. The Sims 4

Plataformas: PC, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One

Obviously, The Sims couldn't miss it. The world's biggest real-life simulator is one of the biggest names on the market when it comes to home decor. The game already has several expansions that have added a lot of content for you to leave your house and characters the way you want, whether using more realistic elements or even more "surreal" ones. The Sims 4 really has decor elements for every taste.

4. Habbo

Platforms: PC

Habbo is one of the most popular social interaction games in our country, especially because it runs directly in the browser, in addition to being very light. With very charismatic pixelated graphics, the game has hundreds of customization options for you to decorate your environments and characters. Although the game can only be played online and has several events, you can just stay in your own room and decorate your rooms the way you want.

5. Virtual Families 2

Platforms: PC, Android and iOS

Virtual Famillies 2 has many features of The Sims. In it you control your characters for a normal life with work, family and everything else.

The game has several random events and one of the coolest mechanics is to develop the personality of the characters. Also, the game takes place in real time, that is, 1 second in the game is 1 second in real life.

Virtual Famillies 2 has many options for customizing characters and items for the home and the gameplay is very simple.

6. Fashion House Designer

Platforms: Android and iOS

Fashion House Design is a simple house decoration game for mobile. With cartoon graphics, the game allows you to customize your home's bedroom and living room with various options of wallpapers, furniture, rugs, flowers, windows and various other elements. Overall, a great game to pass the time and play without compromise.

7. Kawaii Home Design

Platforms: PC

Kawaii Home Design is a Japanese manga chibi style decorating game. The game offers several environments for you to decorate to your liking, but it also has missions for you to deliver the locations the way customers want. One of the game's differentiators is that you can create your own furniture from scratch, as well as earn achievements to unlock more and more content.

8. Holly’s Home Design

Platforms: Android

In Holly's Home Design you take on the role of home renovators who need to complete various services. The game has an "open" mode where you can use any item to decorate the environments and another mode where you have a limited budget to buy them. The game also has an interesting item rarity system in which you earn more points if you use certain objectives in decoration.

9. Adorable Home

Platforms: PC and Android

In Adorable Home you control a couple who have just moved into an almost empty house and now have to furnish and decorate it. As you perform everyday tasks like working, shopping and cleaning the house, you earn "love" points (upper right corner in the image above) to acquire more items and especially more pets for the house. Overall, Adorable Home is a very relaxing game and the focus on pets makes the game very different from the others.

10. Homescapes

Platforms: PC, Android and iOS

Homescapes is one of the most successful match 3 games. With each completed level, you earn a star that can be used to buy decorative objects for your home. The game has dozens of environments to be decorated in the most flashy ways possible, and when you think you have nothing more to do, the game always presents new places for you to start decorating from scratch.

11. Dream House Days

Platforms: Android and iOS

In Dream House Days you take on the role of an apartment owner who needs to renovate and decorate the places to please more and more tenants. The more you improve environments and use pretty decorations, the happier they become and the more points and money you earn. Despite not having much content, the game stands out a little for the variety of environments that you need to decorate in different ways at the same time.

12. Just Married House Deco

Platforms: PC

Just Married House Deco is a simple browser game in which you have to decorate every room in a newlywed house. The game consists of just choosing which options you like the most and then finishing the room and moving on to the next one.

13. Minecraft

Finally, he. If the game allows you to build and destroy absolutely everything, then of course you can also create a house to decorate it from the inside. In Minecraft, the only limit is your imagination, as the game has insanely large content for you to customize your environments exactly the way you want.

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