The 12 Most Amazing Challenges in The Sims 4 in 2020

So you like to play The Sims but don't know what to do anymore? Don't worry, we've consulted our gurus and picked the 12 most amazing challenges for The Sims 4 in 2020!

Challenges are missions created by other players to make The Sims gameplay more dynamic and fun! They all have their own rules that need to be strictly followed. Here, you'll find reality TV-inspired challenges, building challenges, adventure challenges, funny challenges, and even challenges that span many generations! Choose your favorite and good luck.

1. Big Brother Challenge

Objective: Watch the Sims' interactions on the reality show until a single winner is left.

Everyone loves a good reality show. Always loaded with mayhem, brawls, romance and lots of fun, take the opportunity to create your own Big Brother where you dictate the rules of the game! This is one of the coolest challenges for those who like to let their Sims feel free to get into trouble out there.


  1. Create 8 Sims with totally different random traits. To make the game special, create complete characters (story, personality, etc) for each of the Sims;
  2. The house must be fully equipped, with living and leisure areas. Create a wall around it and don't let your Sims out until they're eliminated;
  3. Free will must be enabled in the settings;
  4. Computers, televisions and other activities that allow external contact are prohibited;
  5. Use your creativity to carry out weekly interventions (theme parties, painting week, among others) to stir up the interaction between Sims;
  6. Once a week, the Sim with the lowest friendship level among the other participants must be eliminated.

2. MasterChef Challenge

Objective: Find out which Sim is the most talented in the kitchen through eliminations.

MasterChef is the kind of TV show that everyone loves. Indulge in this fun cooking competition that will show everyone which Sim is the best in the kitchen. Pay attention to every detail, be careful not to miss the point!

General rules:

  1. Create 3 Sims to be the judges. They must have a Master Chef as an aspiration and a Gourmet as a trait;
  2. Create 5 Sims to be the participants. Random traits and aspirations;
  3. The house will be the show's studio, so make sure you have all the necessary accommodations to survive, train your skills and compete;
  4. Set aside four days a week: for the general challenge, For immunity challenge, For elimination challenge and para allow Sims to leave the house to fish and find fresh food;
  5. Participating Sims can NEVER have cooked before the first challenge;
  6. If during the challenges the participating Sim passes out or performs their physiological needs, they are automatically classified for elimination. During scavenging, it is automatically scavenged;
  7. When only two competitors remain, the final will be in an elimination challenge format.

Instructions for the Weekly Challenges:

General: Choose any dish and all participants must make a serving for four. After the judges try it out, the bottom two go to elimination. In case of a tie, it is necessary to repeat the challenge until there is a clear classification or withdrawal.

Immunity: The overall challenge winner will compete against a random judge. The judges who didn't participate try it, and if the participant's dish is better than the judge's, the participant is immune the next week. On the other hand, if the judge beats the participant, nothing happens. In case of a tie, it is necessary to repeat the challenge until there is a clear classification or withdrawal.

Elimination: Participants with the lowest overall challenge ratings compete against each other. Choose any dish and cook at the same time. The participant who cooks the worst dish must be eliminated. In case of a tie, it is necessary to repeat the challenge until there is a clear classification or withdrawal.

3. Vampire Challenge

Objective: Occupy all lots of Forgotten Hollow with your descendants and assassinate Vlad.

Centuries have passed, however, the time has finally come to put an end to Count Vladislaus Straud. Revenge is a delicious dish best served cold, preferably seasoned with red blood cells. Build the greatest clan of vampires and dominate the dark Forgotten Hollow, whatever the cost!


  1. The game must start with a Sim or vampire couple in Forgotten Hollow. Build a small underground house;
  2. No drinking plasma. Vampires in your family can only feed on blood, so always have strong friendships with other Sims to "enslave" them;
  3. If any baby descendants are born human, they must be expelled from the city as soon as possible;
  4. You can only turn three human Sims into vampires;
  5. After occupying all of the Forgotten Hollow lots with your descendants, organize a party with Vladislaus and finish him off (by exposing him to the sun or offering him the cure for vampirism).

The Sims 4: Vampires game pack required.

4. Mermaid Challenge

Objective: Live out of water until you find your true love.

A young mermaid has fled the kingdom of Atlanta to escape her marriage to a clam. Independent, brave and adventurous are the words that best define the little one. Without letting anyone discover her identity, the mermaid is willing to risk living as a real human, never to set foot in the sea again! What she didn't expect is that a great love was on the way to change all her plans.


  1. Create a mermaid and start the game on any lot of Sulani;
  2. It is not allowed to enter sea water. Use baths, glasses of water, among others to hydrate yourself;
  3. Absolutely no one can know that you are a mermaid;
  4. Marry the first human Sim who asks you out;
  5. Have a child. When the baby becomes a child, she finds some way to turn everyone in her family into mermaids.

The Sims 4: Tropical Islands expansion pack required.

Not sure how to turn a human Sim into a mermaid? Check out our full tutorial now!

5. Animal Shelter Challenge

Objective: Rescue and deliver 30 domestic animals for adoption.

You have always been passionate about animals. Now that adulthood has arrived, you've decided to move to a new city and fulfill your biggest dream: set up an animal shelter! A life dedicated to saving abandoned dogs and cats will be a rewarding adventure.


  1. The game must start with a single Sim, possessing the Dog Lover and Cat Lover traits and the Animal Friendly aspiration;
  2. Use money cheat exclusively to buy and work in a veterinary clinic;
  3. Ensure that your home is fully equipped to receive abandoned dogs and cats;
  4. Find stray dogs and cats on the street to adopt. Then fill the friendship bar with another Sim by 50% to donate an animal;
  5. The donation must be made through the Manage Worlds tool, where you can transfer the animal to the future family.

The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs expansion pack required.

6. Long Life Challenge

Objective: Live the full experience of a Sim's life, from childhood to old age.

It is normal to play The Sims 4 with large families, always controlling two or more Sims per game. In this challenge, the goal is to break the habit of controlling everyone around us and adapt to the environment. Have fun enjoying all the stages and challenges that life can offer.


  1. Free will must be enabled in the settings;
  2. Create a childless couple. The challenge only starts when both parents are at level 2 of their careers and have their first child;
  3. From then on, it will only be allowed to play with the first child. It is forbidden to select other Sims, even to "check" their needs;
  4. As a baby, use interactions to ask for food and exercise skills;
  5. As a child, get an A in school;
  6. As a young person, get a part-time job and start dating;
  7. As an adult, get married and have at least 1 child;
  8. As a senior, quit your job and spend your time relaxing with family.

7. Kleptomaniac's Challenge

Objective: Steal 3 objects from all city lots and complete aspiration.

In a fun adventure in the world of crime, be a real thief and rob every house in the city! You have to be very manipulative to not let anyone suspect your plans. "Borrowing" and "accidentally" forgetting to return it also happens in the best families.


  1. Create a Sim with the Kleptomaniac personality trait and Public Enemy aspiration;
  2. Build a house with the basics. Most of your home decor should be stolen items;
  3. Join the Criminal career and reach the maximum level by the end of the challenge;
  4. Burglarize houses and shops only at night;
  5. The use of cheats is not allowed.

8. Castaway Challenge

Objective: Survive on subsistence and earn all mission rewards. The challenge ends when you reach Logic skill level 10.

If you've ever watched Castaway or The Blue Lagoon, you know that being stranded on a desert island is, to say the least, challenging. Okay, we don't promise you comfort or a beautiful romance, but we guarantee that trying to survive will be a super fun adventure! Do whatever it takes to stay alive in the company of your great companion Wilson.


  1. The active Sim must have nature-related aspirations, wearing old and dirty clothes;
  2. Create a lot surrounded by water and greenery, including fruit trees. It is allowed to create walls and ceiling, not forgetting the wood and straw theme. The Sim can never leave this island;
  3. The only object allowed to start the game is the Woodworking Table. With it, it will be possible to create the rest of the furniture as you advance in skills and win prizes;
  4. Your money doesn't matter, since you will only be able to buy the objects of the prizes. Pay bills by cell phone;
  5. Eat only fruits and fish, so exercise your Gardening and Fishing skills very well;
  6. Dying obviously means you've lost the game.


Unlock rewards by completing missions.

1. Chest Reach level 5 in Gardening, Mechanics and Fishing skills
2. Yoga Mat Two days after receiving the chest
3. shower Reach level 5 in the Wellness skill
4. Mirror Two days after receiving the shower
5. Bed Reach level 3 in the Charisma skill
6. Painting Easel Three days after receiving the bed
7. Bar Reach level 5 in the Painting skill
8. Sand Bag Reach level 5 in the Mixology skill
9. Stove and Refrigerator Reach level 5 in Gymnastics skill
10. Chess Table Reach level 5 in the Cooking skill

9. Breed Out the Weird Challenge

Objective: Clear the genetics of a weird Sim's offspring.

This challenge is the funniest of them all! The objective is simple: have several children until you clean the original Sim's genetics, leaving the heir as "normal" and beautiful as possible. Many Youtubers like to generate these combinations automatically in CAS (Create a Sim), however, in the original challenge, the objective is to flirt around the city and bond with other Sims to generate beautiful offspring.


  1. Create your first Sim in CAS, being as weird as you can. Exaggerate the details until his appearance is no longer human. For the choice of clothes and name, use the random function;
  2. The first Sim must have no skills or work. Spend all your time flirting around town until you find someone to have a baby with;
  3. When the baby is old enough, move him to a new home and repeat the process until the first Sim's genetics are completely cleared.

10. Banquet Challenge

Objective: Hold a gold level feast with all the excellent gourmet dishes.

Do you have what it takes to be Willow Creek's most respected chef and party planner? So completing this challenge will be potato. Organize many banquets until you get a golden event with excellent dishes. Ensure a perfect meal by cooking all available gourmet portions!


  1. Cooking and Gourmet Cooking Skills at level 10;
  2. Invite a minimum of 6 people per banquet;
  3. Cultivate a vegetable garden to get fresh food;
  4. It is not allowed to use cheats to upgrade skills or fill needs.

11. Choose Only the Third Option Challenge

In The Sims 4, building houses is a mandatory part of any new game. Inspired by youtuber funBABE, the challenge of the third option consists of "trying" to build a house using only the third option of the objects and colors available in Build Mode. We guarantee that the result will be surprisingly funny!


  1. Build the structure of the house normally. When decorating, always choose the third option of the object in the category. In that object, select the third available color (the order of counting the colors doesn't matter, however, follow the same rule for all the others);
  2. If the third object is not available, go to the next one;
  3. For items with multiple categories (eg different types of floors, wallpapers, etc.), the third material is chosen OU the category with all options;
  4. Because it's just a build and decoration challenge, cheats are allowed.

Need help decorating your homes? Check out how to make objects bigger or smaller in The Sims 4!

12. Desafio Not So Berry

Objective: Fulfill all 10-generation goals.

The Not So Berry Challenge (translated to something like "Not So Sweet") is one of the favorites by the Sims community precisely because of its complexity of experiences and flavors. You will go through 10 generations, each with its different purpose and lifestyle. It's certainly one of the most fun challenges to do when you're tired of the usual gameplay.

General rules:

  1. The Sim of each generation must follow their specific color in all skins (e.g. hair, makeup, clothes, etc). A single Sim per generation must follow the challenge;
  2. It is necessary to complete the Career and Aspiration of Sims of all generations;
  3. The use of cheats is not allowed.

Generation 1 - Mint (Light Green)

CAREERS Scientist
Aspiration King of Mischief
Traces Vegetarian, Jealous, Materialistic

Mint Goals and Rules (Green):

  1. Master Logic and Mischief skills;
  2. Complete collection of all elements.

Generation 2 - Strawberry (Red)

CAREERS Politics
Aspiration Romantic in Series
Traces Hot Headed, Snobbish and Romantic

Strawberry Objectives and Rules (Red):

  1. Abandon someone at the altar;
  2. Only have 1 child;
  3. Marry an old Sim.

Generation 3 - Banana (Yellow)

CAREERS Astronaut
Aspiration nerd brain
Traces Clumsy, Ambitious and Lonely

Banana Objectives and Rules (Yellow):

  1. Master Aerospace Science and Mechanical skills;
  2. Not having friendships or relationships with other Sims until the first generation grandparent dies;
  3. Build a rocket and visit Sixam (requires The Sims 4: Get to Work game expansion);
  4. Enter the secret lot of Oasis Springs (requires Mechanical skill at level 10).

Generation 4 - Gray

Aspiration bodybuilder
Traces Active, Relaxed and Music Lover

Gray Goals and Rules:

  1. Master Singing and Athletic skills;
  2. Failing in three love relationships, then marrying the fourth;
  3. Be the best friend of all your children;
  4. Do movie night with the family every Sunday.

Generation 5 - Plum (Purple)

CAREERS Medical and Entertainment
Aspiration yes from the renaissance
Traces Genius, Evasive and Dance Machine

Objectives and Rules Plum (Purple):

  1. Master Dance, Athletic and other random skills;
  2. Divorce and marry the same Sim;
  3. Living in three different worlds;

Generation 6 - Orange

CAREERS Criminal
Aspiration Public Enemy
Traces Gluttony, Self-assured and Evil

Orange Goals and Rules:

  1. Master Charisma and Cooking skills;
  2. Pregnant with twins only once (the use of cheats allowed);

Generation 7 - Blackberry (Pink)

CAREERS Expand your Business
Aspiration Autor Best-seller
Traces Creative, Little Flirtatious and Neat

Goals and Rules Amora (Pink):

  1. Mastering Writing Skill;
  2. Complete collection of postcards;
  3. Have a large and beautiful garden;
  4. Become a writer once your Sim reaches adulthood.

Generation 8 - Peach (Dark Orange)

CAREERS Detective
Aspiration comedy star
Traces Gastronomic, Lazy and Goofy

Goals and Rules Peach (Dark Orange):

  1. Master Cooking, Gourmet and Comedy skills;
  2. Marry a friend from work;
  3. Change the world as soon as you reach adulthood.

Generation 9 - Avocado (Dark Green):

CAREERS Technology Guru
Aspiration Computer genius
Traces Childish, Geek and Cheerful

Oobjectives and RAvocado egras (Dark Green):

  1. Master Mixology, Video Game and Programming skills;
  2. Accept all invitations to parties and events;
  3. Have 5 best friends and 5 enemies.

Generation 10 - Blueberry (Blue)

CAREERS Critical
Aspiration Big and Happy Family
Traces Dark, Perfectionist and Joyful

Blueberry Objectives and Rules (Blue):

  1. Master Photography, Cooking and Wellness skills;
  2. Marry your best friend from school;
  3. Adopt a child;
  4. Having a secret affair with your spouse's best friend.

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