The 12 best VR games for Android!

As virtual reality (VR) technology becomes more accessible, games of all genres are emerging for mobile phones. Whether through Google Cardboard (cardboard VR glasses from Google) or other devices like Gear VR or Box VR, we can already spend hours in virtual reality playing from horror and puzzle to action and adventure. If you have an Android and are looking for suggestions on what to play in VR, check out our list of the 10 best VR games for the platform below!

1. House of Terror VR

Download House of Terror VR

House of Terror VR is a horror game in which you have to explore dark and macabre environments while investigating why you are there. During the game, you need to find clues and solve puzzles to continue advancing through the scenario full of monsters and traps.

While the graphics aren't top notch, the sound effects are extremely immersive and terrifying. Walking around the stage while listening to the sound of creaking wood and the wind coming in through the windows will certainly put you in the right spot to get THAT scare.

2. Need for Speed No Limits VR

Adquira Need for Speed: No Limits VR

One of the most well-known car game franchises in the world, Need for Speed ​​has also invested in virtual reality. No Limits VR has everything you can expect from a game in the series: great graphics, police chases, various modes and numerous customization options for your cars. All this, of course, enhanced by the much more immersive experience of being inside the car while everything happens.

3. Minos Starfighter VR

Get Minos Starfighter VR

Minos Starfighter VR is an arcade spaceship game in which you face successive waves of enemies through space. The game is designed specifically for Google Cardboard-style glasses, and requires your device to support the app.

Minos Starfighter Vr offers an experience worthy of today's Space Invaders. The game has no end and the objective is to survive for as many waves of enemies as possible. For this, you can upgrade your ship and weapons.

4. Sky Fighter Training Day

Baixe Sky Fighter Training Day

Sky Fighter Training Day puts you inside an armor that, in addition to flying, is equipped with various combat systems. With it, you will have to go through courses full of obstacles, destroying drones, missiles and robots while collecting energy coins to improve the armor's abilities.

Sky Fighter Training Day has great graphics and, despite the simple premise, it's a very fun game to play in VR.

5. Hardcode

Download Hardcode

Harcode (VR Game) is a first-person shooter with lots of puzzle elements. In it, you must go through courses full of obstacles and fight battles with technological devices programmed to kill. The combats are always full of action and special effects. The game also has an online mode where you can compete against other people.

6. InMind VR

Download InMind

InMind is another game developed for Google Cardboard. The premise of the game is very interesting: you start a journey through the human brain with the aim of curing neurons that cause mental illness. During the exploration, we travel through the microcosm of the human brain through beautifully designed scenarios with very immersive graphics.

InMind is a relaxing game with very simple gameplay. Most commands can be executed with head movements, which makes the experience even easier.

7. VR Dead Target: Zombie Intensified

Baixe VR Dead Target: Zombie Intensified

VR Dead Target: Zombie Intensified is a classic zombie FPS but, of course, in virtual reality. In it, you'll need to survive the onslaught of countless waves of zombies using a veritable arsenal of weapons available. As you progress, you'll need to upgrade your weapons to survive the next attacks.

VR Dead Target: Zombie Intensified also has a decent amount of content. Along the way, you'll unlock tons of new weapons, items, and combat moves, as well as complete quests and achievements.

8. Battle Planet VR

Adquira Battle Planet VR

Battle Planet VR is an action game that puts you on a microplanet (DBZ King Kai style) to try to survive the endless waves of enemies that arrive from all sides. For that, you'll need to use your vast arsenal of weapons and a drone capable of defusing bombs. In the midst of so many enemies, you will also have to face gigantic bosses with unique abilities.

Battle Planet VR has a very captivating visual identity and very fluid cartoonish graphics. Despite not being immersive in terms of virtual reality, the game is extremely fun and perfect to be played with controller and VR-BOX.

9. Voxel Fly VR

Download Voxel Fly VR

Voxel Fly VR is an endless run game in which the only objective is to survive long enough to beat your own high score. The scenario is a 3D course in which you have to pilot your ship through the most varied obstacles.

Voxel Fly VR has several modes that make the experience much more varied. You can choose courses with low speed and many enemies, high speed and few enemies, base defense, among many others.

10. Egypt VR

Download Egypt VR

Egypt VR is an adventure game in which you explore the mysteries of the pyramids of Egypt. The scenarios are full of riddles and puzzles that you need to solve to advance.

Egypt VR makes great use of virtual reality as well as gyroscope devices. The 3D graphics combined with the first person perspective make for a very interactive and immersive experience as you search for clues, match items and complete puzzles.

11. InCell VR

Download InCell

From the creators of InMind VR, InCell is an equally beautiful game that puts you in a race inside a human cell. The goal is to get to the cell nucleus before a virus does.

In addition to action and racing, the game focuses a lot on the educational aspect, as we can read accurate descriptions of the function of different parts of a human cell. The game also requires a certain level of strategy, as you can choose upgrades or even choose different paths to try to gain an advantage.

12. Ping Pong VR

Download Ping Pong VR

Finally, a simple ping pong. Ping Pong VR is a very simple game that lets you compete against your friends in a virtual table tennis match. In addition to interesting physics, the game is compatible with any VR headset.

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