The 12 best PS4 RPGs for those who want great adventures

The PlayStation 4 is home to many quality role-playing games. There are dozens of titles of the genre that are worth playing. Either because they address the most varied themes, or because they offer several gameplay options, they are for those who like games that value complex and deep narratives and the exploration of open worlds.

It is normal that with so many possibilities it is difficult to choose which title you will play next. That's why we've separated in this article a very complete list of the best PS4 RPGs. You certainly know or have heard of some of them. Get ready for a one-way trip to the most incredible worlds on PlayStation 4.

1. Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III has been awaited for over a decade and has generated a lot of hype in the gaming community. This is the third main title in the franchise, although there are eight more spin-offs. Once again, you follow Sora's adventure, side by side with Goofy and Donald Duck, in addition to Mickey Mouse, through the most diverse kingdoms of Disney.

The gameplay is super simple. The combat style is the same as in previous titles, being totally based on hack n' slash. There are a variety of combos the player can do when using their keyblade. In addition, spells and the use of items such as potions are also present. Spells can now also be used underwater.

In Kingdom Hearts III there was the addition of two more spaces in your party. Now in addition to the traditional two companions, two more characters can fight alongside Sora. It is possible to make combo attacks with all the partners in your entourage, in order to deal more damage to enemies.

Relative to previous games in the franchise, the appearance of Final Fantasy characters has been reduced. In opposition, characters belonging to Disney were added.

You will have the company of some characters from Hercules and the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, who have appeared before. Avatars from animations such as Toy Story, Big Hero 6, Frozen and Winnie the Pooh were introduced. Although Disney has thousands of new characters in Kingdom Hearts at its disposal, it was decided not to "crowd" the game with too many references.

Sora and company's mission in this game is to prevent the start of a second Keyblade War. To do so, you'll travel through a series of worlds, collecting items, solving puzzles and defeating iconic Disney and Pixar enemies.

You should play this game if:

  • like cartoons
  • Taking an interest in the context of the Kingdom Hearts franchise

2.Final Fantasy XV

A list of the best PS4 RPGs would be worthless if it didn't contain Final Fantasy XV. Taking elements from other games, it has become one of the most robust titles in the franchise. It is he who first brings the concept of an open world, in addition to a real-time combat system that is quite similar to what Kingdom Hearts presents.

Other innovations make Final Fantasy XV the best title in the series so far. In addition to the vast open world, this world undergoes climate change and contains a day and night system. This is important, as being dark or light affects which enemies appear on the map, as well as their number and even their strength.

Fighting at night can also be a problem. If characters aren't rested, they lose stamina and don't yield in battle as much as they could. That's why it's important to use the campsites at night. You can even cook, which makes your energy recover faster. Camps are also where you can level up, as well as being safe places from enemies.

Final Fantasy XV also has classic elements of the franchise, such as the Chocobos, a kind of mount typical of the series. There are also the ancient summons, which are elemental spirits that the player can summon or face along their journey.

In narrative terms, you have a party of four characters: Noctis, controlled by you, and his companions Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto. The narrative, as is common to Final Fantasy, is quite complex. You start your journey by going to your own wedding, in a faraway realm. Along the way, however, he discovers a great conspiracy that could lead the world, Eos, into a dark age.

You should play this game if:

  • Want a revolutionary experience in a Final Fantasy game
  • Take an interest in long, complex, and high-challenge games

3. Diablo III

Diablo III is the immediate sequel to the success that was Diablo II. It brings a more classic style of RPG, with an overhead view, called isometric. At the same time, it brings a whole world in 3D, with the possibility of almost total interaction with the scenario. The setting remains gloomy, with an exploration system reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons.

The base game lets you choose from five different classes. Once you get the right expansions, that number goes up to seven. The initials are: Barbarians, Sorcerers, Arcanists, Monks, Demon Hunters. With the acquisition of DLCs, Necromancers and Crusaders are added.

The gameplay remains the same as the previous game. The idea is to go through scenarios defeating enemies, while evolving your character. You can equip it with better weapons and armor, as well as craft items, potions and spells that can help you in battle.

Diablo III brings again the hardcore mode, in which the player can create powerful characters. Once you raise a character to level 10, there is the option to enter this mode. The problem is that they cannot die, as they cannot be resurrected, being unplayable upon their death.

The game is divided into four acts. You start twenty years after the end of Diablo II. In the place where Diablo was buried, a meteor fell, which gave rise to a new form of evil that ravages the world. Your mission, of course, is to team up with warriors, sorcerers and other characters to stop the rise of demons. You must play this game

You should play this game if:

  • Like more classic RPGs
  • Have played previous Diablo franchise titles

4. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

The Digimon franchise brought good RPG-style games to PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth was the first, however, that arrived on PlayStation 4 and is of good quality. It brings simple and accessible gameplay to all audiences, with battle mechanics characteristic of previous titles and guaranteed fun.

You control an amateur hacker, who can be either a girl or a boy. If he wants the girl, he will take over Ami Aba. If you want the boy, it will be Takumi Aiba. The player then finds himself in a chat room, which is invaded by a hacker. This hacker promises a gift to anyone who wants to meet him in an augmented virtual reality room, with physical interaction.

There, half of the player will end up getting stuck, which will give him the ability to travel between virtual worlds and between the real world. That's how you find out that Digimon are real life forms. It must then help restore balance and peace in the Digiworld, facing creatures that were formed from the negative emotions of human beings.

Initially you must choose between three Digimon: Palmon, Terriermon and Hagurumon. Eventually, as you continue on your journey, you can capture and train other creatures. There are 249 digital monsters that you can find along the way and have them at your disposal in battles.

It is worth mentioning that the battles are developed in turns, something already characteristic of previous games in the franchise.

You should play this game if:

  • Like the Digimon franchise
  • Take an interest in RPG games with turn-based battles

5. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Unlimited is just what this game is. You don't need hours, but months and maybe even a year to go through the entire map of this game. As the name suggests, you have access to all areas of the kingdom of Tamriel. It's not just Morrowind, Cyrodil or Skyrim. It's these three and many others you didn't even know existed.

The premise of the game is simple. Prince Molag Bal, a demon, wants to unite the demon world with that of the player. He is the main antagonist of this title, therefore. Still, after the initial missions, you can steer clear of this storyline, as you'll find a lot to explore.

Tamriel Unlimited's open world is certainly the biggest in the entire franchise. In it there are hundreds of side quests involving NPCs of different races and with different objectives. You must explore the entire map in search of rare items and quests that will make you level up and be able to face other players' heroes.

When you have enough level and reach the capital of the kingdom, you will find an arena, in which PvP battles are released. This is related to the game's narrative. You'll decide right at the beginning of your journey which faction you want to belong to. There are three, and they all fight for the throne of Tamriel.

As you can see, there's a lot to explore in this RPG. Packs, DLCs and new content are often made available to deepen the players' experience. Despite being essentially a multiplayer title, you can focus all your gaming experience and venture around the map alone.

You should play this game if:

  • Played other Elder Scrolls titles
  • Want an open world roleplaying game with multiplayer option

6. Assassin's Creed Origins

Origins isn't the best RPG on this list, but it's certainly one of the best titles in the Assassin's Creed franchise. The game formula adopted by Ubisfot had already made these games an absolute success. By adding RPG elements to this formula, she made Origins a game that everyone who is a fan of this genre must play.

In it you take control of Bayek, in addition to his wife, Aya, in some missions. You are in Ancient Egypt, in a story that takes place in the cities of Memphis and Alexandria. The map is similar in size to Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. This map can be traveled in several ways, whether on foot, by boat, on horseback or even by camel.

The parkour system is still present, as is the possibility to climb buildings and make them fast travel points. The fighting system has been improved and is much more fluid. Naval combat remains similar to that seen in Black Flag, but also with improvements.

In Origins you have complete freedom to explore the map and carry out side quests or do extra activities. The possibility of exploring submerged areas, as well as tombs, was included. There are several puzzles that need to be solved to get rewards. A nice feature is the addition of wildlife such as crocodiles that can be tamed and used to your advantage.

The iconic eagle vision, used to perceive everything around, is present, but in a different way. Bayek has an eagle, which takes flight and reveals information about enemies, items and their location. She can even help her against enemies by attacking them from above.

Another RPG element introduced in the title was the inventory, which features information about weapons and equipment. You also have a skill evolution system, like a tree, which is divided into three subcategories.

Speaking of narrative, Bayek is the last of the Medjai, protectors of the Pharaoh. He will be one of the founding members of the Assassin order, which must fight the Elders, beginnings of the Templars. All this in the midst of a civil war that could cost the peace in the lands of Egypt.

You should play this game if:

  • Like historical games
  • Be interested in narratives set in Ancient Egypt
  • Fan of the Assassin's Creed franchise

7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Geralt of Rivia is one of the most famous wizards in the gaming world. His most recent and successful adventure, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is an example of how to make an RPG very close to perfection.

This game offers over 200 hours of gameplay, split between the base game and its two expansions. In addition to the main story line, there are hundreds of side quests to complete, as well as extra activities, which include an extremely addictive card game.

You once again take on Geralt's swords and magic, this time on a quest to find his protege, Ciri. Meanwhile, you must prevent a mysterious army known as the Wild Hunt from ravaging the Northern Kingdoms. To do so, you'll have the help of several friends, exploring a huge map.

In this map you will cross cities, villages, forests, caves and seas, either on horseback or on foot. As the gameplay is non-linear, you can have fun just exploring and doing small quests, no need to go through the main quests. There are, in addition, a series of missions aimed at hunting legendary monsters, which in itself makes for a lot of fun.

The fighting system is a bit hack n' slash, with the possibility of using two swords, a crossbow and defense or attack spells. There is the possibility to create weapons and armor with blacksmiths, which increases your attack and defense forces. In Wild Hunt you can now fight on horseback and even on ships.

You should play this game if:

  • Enjoying medieval-themed games
  • Fan of Geralt of Rivia's adventures

8. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the most successful PlayStation 4 exclusives. It brings elements that have been established in previous titles, such as the vast map, the open world concept and the presence of a non-linear narrative. It is possible to customize the character you control with new clothes, accessories and more powerful weapons.

The title brings you to a post-apocalyptic Earth, a thousand years after the present. The world is now dominated by robotic machines. Some are peaceful, but most are aggressive and attack the player as soon as they see them. Your role, in command of the archer and hunter Aloy, is to hunt these creatures for survival, while seeking to discover more about their past.

The clash with these machines is important not only to not get killed, but also to collect resources. Robot components, as well as scraps obtained from wild animals, can be used to craft various items. Hunting is therefore a fundamental part of the game.

There are at least three different ways to defeat machines and even human enemies. You can use the hack n' slash method, using your spear, fusing it with the use of bow and arrow. There is the possibility to use stealth, which works very well with smaller machines and with humans. Finally, it can create traps to blow up opponents.

It is also interesting to say that this game adopts a system of choices in the dialogues with the characters. You can be more aggressive, more accommodating, or even neutral, which partially interferes with your relationships with the characters.

You should play this game if:

  • Enjoy futuristic themes and post-apocalyptic worlds
  • Pursue a deep and complex narrative

9Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition appears on an IGN list that compiles the top 100 RPGs of all time. This already ranks this title as one that you cannot miss if you are a fan of the genre. It features an engaging game mechanic, which allows both the most classic and the most modern players to have fun with it.

You will initially need to edit your avatar before going into action. To do so, choose from four races: dwarves, elves, humans, and Qunari. Define your gender and physical appearance. You must also choose a class for the character, which can be a class of mages, warriors or thieves. Each class allows for a different style of play, with specific skills to be developed.

Here you take control of a character who will eventually become the Inquisitor. In that position, one of his missions is to put an end to popular unrest that takes place on the continent of Thedas. Furthermore, it must prevent demons from invading the world. To do so, it is necessary to close a hole in the sky, called "The Gap".

The gameplay places the player in various sections of a map, which means this isn't exactly an open world game. That's not to say, however, that there isn't much to explore. This exploration is not done alone, as the Inquisitor spends most of the game accompanied by an entourage.

You should play this game if:

  • Played previous games in the franchise
  • Interested in a game that allows terrain exploration, but no open world

10. ​​Monster Hunter World

The newest version of Monster Hunter World has been very popular with old fans and new fans of the franchise. With RPG elements, hunting monsters and creatures has never been more exciting. This game combines the exploration of an open world with a challenging combat system that requires a lot of strategy, which yields good hours of fun.

Your avatar is a Hunter, who must eliminate as many monsters as possible. This can be done alone or with the help of other players, in a robust and functional multiplayer system. The objective is to loot the remains of these creatures in order to create better weapons and armor.

In relation to other games in the franchise, Monster Hunter World eliminated sections of the map and allowed players to move freely between different areas. These areas simulate real ecosystems, which can strategically help the player in his hunts.

You should play this game if:

  • Enjoying games that focus more on action than storytelling
  • Taking an interest in the Monster Hunter World franchise

11. Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin's Creed Odyssey has even more RPG elements than Origins. It's a game whose dialogues are important for the development of the gaming experience, and there are options when it comes to interacting with other characters. Your actions in dozens of quests, whether major or minor, can lead to multiple endings.

The story takes place four hundred years before Origins. As with all games in the series, there is, however, a correspondence with the present. In actuality you are Layla Hassan, who finds a spear belonging to Leonidas I, legendary king of Sparta. In this weapon, he finds the DNA of twins: Kassandra and Alexios. You must choose which one to play with.

Once you've made your choice, you're transported to ancient Greece as the child version of your chosen hero or heroine. Their main mission, as the narrative unfolds, is to participate in the Peloponnesian War. To do so, he must choose between the Delian League and the Peloponnesian League. All this as he discovers more about his family and battles mythological creatures.

Both the battle system and the character evolution system are very similar to what has already been seen in Assassin's Creed Origins. There is a skill tree, special attacks and various ways to fight enemies, even using the scenario to your advantage.

In this game you explore fictional and real locations of Ancient Greece, as well as having the chance to talk to historical personalities such as Pythagoras, Socrates and Herodotus.

You should play this game if:

  • Want, above all, a historical experience
  • If you are a fan of the game style proposed by Assassin's Creed


Finally, Bloodborne. Despite being considered part of the Souls family and even being similar in certain aspects to games in that family, such as Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, it is considerably different. In fact, among Dark Souls III, for example, and Bloodborne, the latter deserves to be on the list for its ease of exploring the environment.

So let's start with the combat mechanics. Bloodborne brings a more fluid, fast fighting system that stimulates players' offensiveness. This is ideal, as you are often forced to face a horde of enemies at the same time. Here it is possible to jump, jump and spin around opponents in order to avoid attacks.

Bloodborne also brings more weapon options compared to Dark Souls. There is even a weapon evolution system. A small sword can serve one type of attack in its initial stage, while in the next it can grow in size and can acquire new battle functions.

Defense options exist, but they are not very efficient. You can use a shield, for example, but the aggressiveness of enemies will require a more aggressive than defensive approach on your part. You can also use a firearm as a secondary weapon, which can stun opponents.

Just like in Dark Souls, if you die, all your experience points will be waiting for you at the place of your death. You have to go back there and get them. You just can't die trying again, because the points are lost. There are times when they can be captured by enemies. Obviously, you have to defeat them to get them back.

Speaking of narrative, you are in Yharnam, a city in ruins, gothic and gloomy. She is known for guarding a legendary and miraculous medicine that cures any ailment. You are one of the thousands of travelers who come to this place in search of this remedy. There is a curse, however, that has turned the townspeople into monstrous creatures. Now you must survive them to fulfill your mission.

You must play this game:

  • Enjoy challenging and complex games
  • Fan of Souls games

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