The 12 Best Bots for Discord!

The bot options available for Discord are not few and, of course, our countrymen could not stay out of this one. While not the most famous in the world, the bots below also provide your server with everything you need to keep everything fun, organized and in style. So, check out our selection of the 12 best bots in our country for Discord below!

1. Loritta

Install Loritta here!

Loritta is a very complete bot, fully developed in our country. With moderation and entertainment functions, it has several fun tools and other very useful ones. Among the moderation ones are the automation of messages, warnings, bans and other punishments in a very personalized way. In terms of entertainment, the bot has an XP system that encourages users to stay active, as well as working as a music bot.

2. Sagiri

Install Sagiri here

Sagiri is one of our country's most well-known music bots. Even with commands in our language, it has multilingual support and, in addition to playing music from the main platforms, the bot has some simple moderation options, assigning permissions and cute images of dogs, cats and anime.

3. Jarvis

Install Jarvis here

Jarvis is an entertainment bot that creates its own economic system where you can gain your monopoly in a variety of ways. With it you can get jobs, open stores, invest, bet, rob companies, etc.

4. Xαrαd

Download Xαrαd here

Xαrαd is a bot that, in addition to moderation commands, offers a level system, music and some minigames. In all, the bot has almost 100 commands and 3 languages ​​available: our language, English and Japanese.

5. Kalalho

Download Kalalho here

Kalalho is a bot aimed mainly at entertainment. It has music functions, a level system, its own coins and, above all, jokes and memes.

6. Lord

Download Lord here

Lord is a bot that adds a quiz game to your server. Topics range from more basic areas such as our language, mathematics, English, current affairs and general knowledge. You can also follow the performance of players through a general scoreboard.

7. OrionBot

Download OrionBot here

OrionBot is more of a server management bot with a very strong focus on organization. With several commands for voting, banning, muting and chat control, the bot also offers some minigames, memes, research tools and its own economy system.

8. nap

Sonequinha is a bot full of fun tools like image editing, memes, economy, giveaway system, Youtube music player and much more. The bot also plans to add tools such as a leveling system, streams, music player via other platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.

9. Darkness

Install Darkness here

Darkness is a bot aimed at administering and managing your server. With several commands for moderation, the bot also has its own economy system that adds a fun tone to the program.

10. WR

Install WR here

WR is a game bot where players compete to see who is the best fisherman. It is possible to catch different species of fish, improve fishing equipment, exchange fish for pets, participate in events and compete in a global ranking.

11. Hana

Install Hana here

Hana is more of a music bot that focuses a lot on practicality. With it you are able to play music with quality and with just one command through reactions.

12. Nisruksha

Install Nisruksha here

Nisruksha is another economy bot with several commands for you to farm coins by buying, selling, transferring, shopping, banking, mining, stock exchange, etc. It also has a chest drop system that can grant values ​​or even buffs to increase profits.

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