The 10 best places to camp at Free Fire!

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In Free Fire, it is very important to know the Bermuda map. In this list we have chosen some perfect locations for patient players who prefer to create a safe strategy, or as the community says, "camper". Use this guide to create your own strategies or, if you prefer, catch some campers off guard.

Currently, many old bugs (called "secret locations" by some players) have been fixed to prevent illegal perks. This guide only uses current and tested locations.

1. Stone Arch at the Mill

The Mill is a very violent place, especially when the plane passes close or overhead. The Stone Bow on the Mill is basic but safe and, despite not allowing you to attack anyone, it is also practically impossible to take any damage, including with grenades. To get there, don't forget to walk right along the wall, if you don't want to be a pancake.

2. Warehouse Window

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Still inside the Mill, there is the possibility of climbing on the edge of a window in the upper warehouse. To do this, use the tire to jump on top of the shed next to the warehouse. Then take a run, jump and try to land on the edge of the window. For best results, lie on the floor.

3. Outdoors

These island advertising boards are great places to camp. There are some all over the map. The only problem is that they are very high and therefore can only be accessed when the player jumps out of the plane. If you decide to go with this strategy, remember to use the Drop flashlight as an extra.

4. Chimneys in Mars Electric

The power plant chimneys on Mars Electric don't seem like much of a hiding place, but by climbing up the diagonal concrete links it's possible to be well hidden. Your enemies will need to have the right angle to be able to detect you.

5. Satellite Dish on Mars Electric

This dish allows you to observe enemies perfectly, but it is not possible to shoot from this position. However, it is also not possible to be hit. Use carefully. There's a tire right next to the antenna to get the hell out if you need to.

6. Hill of Mars Electric

On this hill it's pretty easy to stay hidden. By the design of the game itself, it is possible to stay out of sight without falling, just needing to stay crouched, despite the rock wall being almost vertical.

7. Warehouse in Shipyard

It is possible to jump on top of a warehouse in the Shipyard. To do this, it is necessary to jump on the handrail of the ladder of the nearby crane, run to the highest place and jump. The zone is not easily accessible, but it can only be reached if your enemies climb the ladders of the crane. If you keep an eye on the stairs it will be ultra hard to be surprised.

8. Sentosa Island Dam

Even in the corner of the dam on Sentosa Island it is possible to remain hidden and free from danger. The only downside of the place is that it is at one end of the map and the circle will hardly close there. However, if your goal is to hold the points or something, it's a good spot.

9. Boats in Rim Nam Village

Sometimes the best places to hide are so simple that no one remembers. There is a small space between two boats moored on the beach in Rin Nam village, so it's a good place to stay out of sight. Even from above, it is very difficult to detect you.

10. Guardhouses

IT'S. Often, the most visible places provide the best hiding places. There are many guardhouses around Bermuda and they are perfect places to camp. Go upstairs, lie on the floor and wait. It has two disadvantages: poor visibility and they are vulnerable to grenades.

Tips for successful camping

  • If available, load and use the Airdrop flashlight or even the Map. It's a good way to get some basic loot when you come out of hiding;
  • Even hidden, never stop looking around so you don't get caught by surprise;
  • Camperar is not in itself a winning strategy. It has advantages and disadvantages;
  • If jumping into Squad, each comrade should be covering a different side of the hideout if possible;
  • Be patient. Always wait for the right moment to shoot or move out of hiding;
  • Camperar does not protect anyone from gas. Keep an eye on the circle;
  • If possible, use sniper weapons or DMR.

Anti Camper Tips

  • Whenever you enter a building, "sweep" the rooms to make sure that no one is lurking;
  • Stay tuned. If a drop is falling in a strange place, it could be a player calling for it;
  • Someone shot you and you can't identify the right place of the shot? Don't risk trying to switch shots at random. Wait until you can detect the enemy or retreat. Getting out alive is more important;
  • It's no use being nervous. Camperar is as valid a strategy as any.

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