Super Apex Legends Character Guide: Skills and Tips!

Check out our super guide with all the Legends (characters) of Apex Legends. Below you'll find the skills, the best tips and why you should play each one. But watch out! Try them all to better learn your skills and avoid specializing in just one.

Check out the guide to all Legends of Apex Legends below:

  • Crypto the Spy Expert
  • Wattson, the Static Ombudsman
  • Octane the Adrenaline Addict
  • Bloodhound, the Tech Tracker
  • Gibraltar, to Armored Fortress
  • Lifeline, to Combat Medic
  • Pathfinder, the Advanced Scout
  • Wraith, the Interdimensional Combatant
  • Bangalore, the Professional Fighter
  • Caustic the Toxic Hunter
  • Mirage the Illusionist Trickster

Crypto the Spy Expert

Crypto is the character that entered Apex Legends Season 3. Its gameplay revolves around its surveillance drone, which can obtain information about the location of opponents, in addition to dealing damage and debuffs. The character favors more tactical players and enables more offensive strategies.

Crypto skills

Tactic: Surveillance Drone

"Launches a drone that allows you to view the surrounding area while flying. If the drone is destroyed, there is a 40 second wait before you can use another one."

Crypto's main skill. The drone can be used both offensively to locate opponents and plan flanks and to camp more safely.

Passive: Neurolink

"Enemies detected by the Surveillance Drone within 30 meters of your position will be marked for you and your allies."

Crypto's passive ensures more convenience and makes communication between the team much easier. With it, you don't need to ping (mark) opponents that are in range of the drone, as it does it automatically.

Ultimate: Drone EMP

"The Surveillance Drone unleashes an EMP blast, dealing shield damage, slowing enemies, and disabling traps."

As if the drone wasn't useful enough, it can also damage shields and slow down. This ability makes Crypto a great counter to Wattson and Caustic.

Tips on how to play with Crypto

  • Crypto is very vulnerable while you are flying the drone. He is unable to see or hear anything in his surroundings, so use the skill safely and, whenever possible, ask for cover.
  • The drone's auto ping only works within a range of 30 meters. This does not prevent you yourself, while controlling the drone, from doing normal tagging of opponents and other things that are at any distance.
  • The maximum limit the drone can be away from Crypto is 200 meters. Be aware and "park" your drone before going over this margin.
  • The best way to use the passive skill is to park the drone in a high place close to where you and your team are. Then exit the drone's screen and let it locate opponents on its own while you attack or retreat.
  • The Ultimate skill is also more effective if you leave the drone's screen and use it as a trap. To do this, position it strategically and trigger the ability when the opponent passes close. Never try to chase the enemy to use the skill as the drone can be easily destroyed.
  • The Ultimate skill deals damage to Crypto and his team.
  • Overall, avoid spending too much time moving the drone. In addition to making Crypto very vulnerable, this makes the drone easily spotted by enemies. The best way to use it is according to the tips above: using it passively and outside the control screen.
  • When playing Caustics, always do some indoor reconnaissance before entering. In addition to disabling traps, the drone can deliver the opposing team's strategy easily.
  • In the late game, when the circle is already very small, the drone is an absurdly strong support. Hardly an enemy will remain hidden if you use the skill correctly.

Crypto is your character if...

  • You appreciate more tactical gameplay.
  • You are looking for a versatile character who can prepare offensive and defensive plays.
  • You have experience with characters who use traps.

Wattson, the Static Ombudsman

Wattson is the character that arrives with Season 2 of Apex Legends. Her main role is support and her abilities favor defensive and very tactical gameplay. The developers' intention when inserting Wattson in the game was to enable the defensive style in the metagame.

Wattson skills

Tactic: Perimeter Security

"Connect nodes to create electrified fences that damage and slow enemies."

Wattson's signature skill. Fences require good map knowledge to use effectively (as depending on the terrain, opponents may be able to get support to jump over the fences). However, the skill can be used to force opponents to use a certain route.

Passive: Touch of Genius

"Ultimate Accelerators fully recharge her Ultimate ability; being near electrified turrets speeds up her tactical ability cooldown."

Wattson's passive only serves to speed up the use of other skills.

Ultimate: Electrified Tower

"Places an electrified turret that destroys explosives thrown at it, and even repairs damaged shields while standing (maximum: 3)."

Wattson's support skill. It works very similarly to the Lifeline healing, with the perk of destroying explosives. It should preferably be used within a perimeter surrounded by tactical skill or behind cover.

Wattson is your character if...

  • You are looking for a new support option.
  • You like tactical and passive gameplay.

Octane the Adrenaline Addict

Octane (or OTÁVIO SILVA) is the character that entered Season 1 of the game. His style revolves around his great movement and speed, which favor a more aggressive gameplay and also allows for several evasive maneuvers.

Octane abilities

Tactic: Stimulating

"Moves 30% faster for 6 seconds. Costs life to use."

Probably one of the best skills in the game. The speed boost allows for both aggressive and evasive maneuvers. The health percentage is proportional to your current HP, so it can never kill the player. Additionally, Octane is less affected by slowing effects. Reload time is 2 seconds.

Passive: Quick Repair

"Regains health automatically over time."

This skill regenerates Octane's HP by 1 point every 2 seconds. The skill basically serves to enable the use of the Stimulant.

Ultimate: Jump Support

"Positions a springboard that catapults allies into the air."

Jump Support is a skill best used evasively to get out of closed environments. Although it looks simple, the trampoline forces opponents to aim in directions that previously presented no danger. However, trampoline users need to practice hitting shots while in the air. The reload time is 90 seconds.

Tips for playing with Octane

  • At the start of matches, use Stimulant to loot much faster than usual.
  • Although the life lost with the Stimulant is low, avoid abusing the ability. Many players get used to the increased speed and won't stop using the skill even when it's not needed.
  • Use the Jump Support to get out of fumes and gas.
  • With Octane you need to practice your aim more, as you will often be running very fast or even in the air.
  • Despite the passive, Octane needs a lot of healing items. The Stimulant's very low cooldown means you're always low on HP.
  • The Jump Support can be used even when you are down. So when getting into close range combat, throw a support mid-battle and use it to run away if you get knocked down.
  • Don't use Jump Support to look cool in combat. While you are in the air your accuracy is slightly impaired. Also, the trajectory that the Jump Support sends characters is fixed (you can't change direction while in the air), so if you use it in open field unnecessarily, you'll certainly be shot down.

Octane is your character if...

  • You like extremely fast characters.
  • You like to take the initiative in combat.
  • You don't mind having to move the mouse A LOT to aim.

Bloodhound, the Tech Tracker

Bloodhound is the team's tracker. Her abilities are geared towards locating opponents, showing their current whereabouts or where they were just a short time ago.

Bloodhound is extremely useful indoors. While his abilities aren't x-ray vision, they do convey a good sense of where opponents might be and what's going on behind walls.

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Bloodhound's Abilities

Tactic: Eye of the Allfather

“Briefly reveals hidden enemies, traps, and hints in all structures in front of you.”

This skill allows you to find out if there are opponents in buildings in front of you and their exact locations. It's sort of an x-ray photo, so it doesn't record movements. Once you use the skill, keep in mind that opponents may already have repositioned themselves, so use the tag system to alert your teammates.

Passive: Tracker

"See tracks left behind by enemies."

This skill reveals footprints, opponents' blood, bullet casings, weapons used, recently opened doors, and other useful elements for tracking your opponents. It is especially useful for locating teams that are fleeing disadvantageous combat or fallen opponents who have gone into hiding.

Supreme: Hunting Beast

“It strengthens your senses, allowing you to move faster and mark prey.”

This ability greatly increases your movement speed (can be used defensively to evade combat), as well as highlighting recent opponents and footprints in red. Thus, you are able to see enemies through smoke, dust or anything that gets in your way, but DOES NOT ALLOW you to see through walls.

The skill lasts for 35 seconds.

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Tips for playing with Bloodhound

  • Bloodhound is very good with shotguns due to the speed boost the ultimate gives, allowing her to close in on opponents very easily. The character is great for offensive plays.
  • Base your game on the clues found by your passive skill. In addition to tracking opponents' position, you can find out what weapons they are using. So, if you know your opponent has a sniper, for example, you can play more carefully for cover.
  • Bloodhound forms a good team with Bangalore, Caustic and Gibraltar. These characters have ways of obscuring the scenery (smoke, gas, and dust), blocking the view of opponents while you normally see them with Hunting Beast. So always try to combo ultimate with these skills.
  • Use Hunting Beast while away from opponents. The skill lasts 35 seconds (far longer than a fight usually lasts), so you don't need to use it at the last minute. This allows you to surprise opponents and start combat the way you want.
  • Use the tagging system (pings) as much as you can. As the team tracker you will have a lot more information than your partners, so share as much as possible with them.
  • Remember that your tactical ability shows the opponent's location at that EXACT MOMENT, so use it to get a sense of what's going on, but don't forget they may have already moved.

Bloodhound is your character if:

  1. You have an aggressive playstyle and enjoy close-quarters or closed-in combat.
  2. You enjoy leading the team, making decisions based on your tracking skills.
  3. You don't mind having to communicate a lot.
  4. You like characters who have a pet crow.

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Gibraltar, to Armored Fortress

Gibraltar is a tank and support character at the same time. His abilities are all defensive and survival-oriented.

With Gibraltar you'll take much more damage than normal, in addition to being able to protect your partners during combat. In return, the character does not have offensive abilities.

Gibraltar Skills

Tactic: Dome of Protection

“Throws a dome shield that blocks attacks for 15 seconds.”

This skill is purely defensive as you are protected from gunfire, but you can't shoot from inside your shield either (so opponents can use it too). However, use it as any cover, leaving to attack and entering to defend.

Passive: Weapon Shield

“Aiming casts a Weapon Shield that blocks shots at you.”

This skill is especially useful when paired with a sniper. Thus, opponents will not be able to return damage immediately after their initial shot. After taking a certain amount of damage, the shield breaks and you have to wait a while before it can be used again.

Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment

“Requests a concentrated mortar attack on a marked position.”

Gibraltar launches a flare in the chosen direction and a red circle appears in the area. Then a hail of mortars rain down on the place, raising dust (clouding vision) and causing damage to enemies. The skill is good for holding opponents in place.

Tips for playing with Gibraltar

  • Gibraltar's passive allows you to be a little more aggressive and close in on enemies. Thus, with this character it is perfectly possible to win combats against rifles using submachine guns or shotguns.
  • Get used to the duration of your passive shield. Although it gives more durability, eliminate opponents as quickly as possible, as it doesn't last that long.
  • Gibraltar's tactical ability is perfect for reviving fallen teammates, healing yourself, or picking up important loot. Additionally, the shield allows you to counter abilities that deal AoE damage for a set amount of time.
  • Defensive Bombardment is a pretty slow skill, so use it strategically to get out of situations or lock enemies in place. Mortar damage is good but they are easily avoidable.
  • Defensive Bombardment does not damage its partners. In close quarters combat, try to cast it on everyone involved.

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Gibraltar is your character if:

  1. You like tank characters.
  2. His playing style is defensive.
  3. You prefer slower, more strategic gameplay.
  4. You like brute characters with a kind heart.

Lifeline, to Combat Medic

Lifeline is a support character. Her abilities are geared towards healing and equipping the team. Thus, the character is extremely good for combats at the beginning of the game when players still haven't gotten good loot.

Lifeline is also good at the end of games when the circle is already small and your team doesn't need to move much, allowing the character to heal players while they are in combat.

Lifeline skills

Tactic: Dr. Healing Drone

“Call your drone to automatically heal nearby allies over time.”

This skill is why Lifeline is good at the start of games. Exploit this to your advantage and look for combat as early as possible. Keep an eye out for the healing drone's range (which isn't much).

Passive: Combat Medic

“Reanimate downed allies faster while a shield protects them. Uses healing items 25% faster.”

Another extremely useful skill early in the game. Often players are knocked down before they have gotten any loot. At such times, Lifeline can save its partners easily since the shield generated is very strong.

Supreme: Supplies Capsule

“Request a capsule full of high-quality defense gear.”

One of the best skills in the game. It is important that this skill is used as much as possible throughout the match to equip your team in the best way. Additionally, the Supply Capsule is a great option to equip your teammates who have just returned to the match via Beacon of Respawn.

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Tips for playing with Lifeline

  • During combats you must take responsibility for reviving fallen teammates, as in addition to the shield, you take less time to do so.
  • Convince your team to seek out combat early in the match. With your support skills the chances of coming out on top are higher.
  • Whenever a partner falls, ask them to go to the nearest wall. So, when you go to revive him, face away from the wall to get as much cover as possible from the shield generated by his passive.
  • Whenever you're out of the circle for whatever reason, your healing drone is a good option to buy yourself extra time and even surprise enemies with it.
  • If a teammate dies and the team manages to recover their banner, save your ultimate for when he respawns. There's nothing better than getting back into the game with good gear waiting.
  • Ideally, the team should pass Ultimate Accelerators to Lifeline so she can use her ability as much as possible. Communicate this to the team and do your part.
  • The Supplies Capsule gives away your location, so use it with care. However, if that's your intention, the skill also serves to attract players to the location.
  • The Supplies Capsule cannot be used if you are under any roof.
  • As unlikely as it is, the Supply Capsule damages opponents underneath it.

Lifeline is your character if:

  1. You like supporting characters.

Pathfinder, the Advanced Scout

Pathfinder is another support character, but very different from Lifeline. His abilities are geared towards helping the team in terms of movement and positioning.

Pathfinder is one of the most interesting characters in the game. With creativity, his abilities can be used in countless ways.

Pathfinder skills

Tactic: Hook

“Hook to quickly reach out-of-reach places.”

The character's most important skill. With the Hook you can move very quickly and reach hard-to-reach places. In addition, you can shoot the Hook at an opponent and pull them towards you in the best “GET OVER HERE!” style.

Passive: Internal Sources

“Scans a search beacon to reveal the next ring location.”

While interesting, this skill has very little practical use. You will hardly waste time looking for a search flag to use the skill, and even if you do, the information is unlikely to make any relevant difference in the game. As with other battle royales, arriving in the safe zones first can be more dangerous than arriving last, as your team is exposed from all sides.

Ultimate: Zipline Weapon

“Create a zipline for everyone to use.”

Allows you and the rest of the team to quickly reposition. The zip line also allows access to places inaccessible in other ways. Also, the skill cooldown is short and the zipline lasts for the entire match.

Tips for playing with Pathfinder

  • You can use the grappling hook to swing and gain speed, not just get pulled to your chosen spot.
  • Pathfinder is a great sniper for being able to access high and unlikely places. If spotted, the character can easily reposition himself using his grappling hook.
  • If your team is positioned waiting for the next circle, get ahead of the action and place zip lines to help with movement or possible escapes. Remember that the skill lasts the entire game.
  • No matter how inclined the zipline is, you can always use it in any direction. Just jump and turn to the other side.
  • If you find yourself next to a search beacon, find out where the next circle will be. If you need to expose yourself to it, it's just not worth it.

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Pathfinder is your character if:

  1. You like fast movement.
  2. You like unpredictable characters with room for innovation.
  3. You prefer positioning and strategy based gameplay.
  4. You like funny and charismatic characters.

Wraith, the Interdimensional Combatant

Wraith is one of the most popular characters in the game. Her abilities are focused on movement and allow for a variety of evasive maneuvers.

If used correctly, Wraith is one of the most difficult characters to eliminate, as well as being one of the most useful for the team. Depending on the player's creativity, his ultimate ability allows for various elaborate repositioning strategies.

Wraith skills

Tactic: Entering the Void

“Reposition yourself quickly through the safety of empty space, avoiding taking damage.”

The skill allows you to be immune for a certain period and increases your movement speed by 20%, so it's perfect for evading combat and surprising opponents. However, don't forget that you don't become invisible, so your enemies can follow your movements and attack once your skill runs out.

Passive: Voices of the Void

“You hear a voice when danger approaches. So far, she seems to be helping you.”

This skill is most useful in cases where someone is targeting you with a sniper. In other cases, you'll probably get a shot or two before you can react to the warning.

Ultimate: Dimensional Rift

“Turn on locations with portals for 60 seconds, which your entire team can use.”

One of the best skills in the game, but try not to use it during battles as you are vulnerable. Dimensional Rift should be used before combat, as strategically as possible. The two portals can be placed very far from each other, so use that to your advantage.

Tips for playing with Wraith

  • Place the Dimensional Rift exit in safe places to ensure you come out of combat alive.
  • A strategy often used by high-level players is to place one side of the Dimensional Rift on high ground and the other side on low ground. This allows you to reposition and attack very efficiently.
  • Ultimate skill and tactical skill can be used together.
  • Fallen characters can still use Dimensional Rift.
  • It is possible to exit the Dimensional Rift before reaching the end.
  • Don't forget that opponents can also use your portals!
  • The tactical ability does not make Wraith invisible and also does not allow the character to attack. Therefore, use this skill to run away or before combat.
  • It is possible to place the exit of the Dimensional Rift right on the edge of the map. Thus, an opponent following you through the portal may be lured to their death if you exit the Rift beforehand.

Wraith is your character if:

  1. You like characters with high survivability.
  2. You like evasive maneuvers and good visual effects.
  3. You try to plan fights in advance.
  4. You like mysterious characters and cool animations.

Bangalore, the Professional Fighter

Bangalore is the game's hybrid character. Her abilities can be used tactically, defensively, and offensively, making her the most versatile character in Apex Legends.

Due to the variety in skills, Bangalore fits well in any team, being one of the most used characters in the game.

Bangalore skills

Tactic: Smoke Launcher

“Fires a high-velocity cylinder of smoke that explodes in a smokescreen on impact.”

One of the best skills in the game. The smokescreen is an extremely strong option both offensively and defensively. Use it to evade or dazzle enemies.

Passive: Wings on Feet

“Receiving shots while running increases your speed for a brief period.”

Another skill that can be used both offensively and defensively. But beware, the speed bonus only happens when you are RUNNING.

Ultimate: Thunderclap

“Requests an artillery strike that slowly sweeps the area.”

Although it looks good, this skill is not the best. Despite doing great damage, the missiles are very slow and will hardly hit opponents. So, use this ability to force teams to move out of advantageous positions, but don't expect to deal damage.

Tips for playing with Bangalore

  • Bangalore is the best character to match Bloodhound. Both tactical skill smoke and ultimate skill dust dazzle opponents while Bloodhound tracks them down with ease.
  • For the same reasons, Bloodhound is also the best counter in Bangalore, as it negates the usefulness of smoke. So prioritize killing her in combat.
  • Get used to interpreting sounds and fighting through the smoke.
  • Golden sights (legendary) allow you to see opponents in smoke.
  • A good way to hit your ultimate is to mask it using Smoke Launcher immediately afterwards.
  • Smoke Launcher might be the most versatile skill in the game. Use it to heal, revive partners, cover partners, loot, run away, attack, mask your ultimate ability, in short, it serves everything.
  • If using the Smoke Launcher offensively, try not to enter the smokescreen. Bangalore is as overshadowed as any other character. So, throw the cylinder at the opponent's feet and go around the smoke to locate him.
  • Smoke Launcher can be used while you regenerate your shield.

Bangalore is your character if:

  1. You like versatile characters.
  2. You like chaotic combat and lots of information on the screen.
  3. You like to control the pace of combat.
  4. You like badasse soldiers.

Caustic the Toxic Hunter

Caustic is one of two characters that need to be unlocked in Apex Legends. His abilities are geared towards AoE damage.

In addition to being great in combat, Caustic's abilities can be used strategically to discourage opponents from entering a certain area.

Caustic skills

Tactic: Nox Gas Trap

“Uses cylinders that release deadly Nox gas when targeted or activated by enemies.”

This ability can be used as a trap that warns of the presence of opponents. Use it in doorways, narrow passages and the like to get in the way of rival teams.

The cylinders only activate if they are targeted or if an opponent passes by. You can see them through walls with gray or green outline (if activated).

Passive: Nox Vision

"Allows you to see enemies through your gas."

This ability allows you to easily take down opponents who are in mid-gas.

Ultimate: Nox Gas Grenade

“Cover a large area with Nox gas.”

The area covered by the Gas Grenade is insane. Any opponent trapped in the gas will take a while to get out of it, while you can easily spot them with your passive. Use this skill as much as possible at the beginning and especially at the end of matches.

Tips for playing with Caustic

  • Use your traps wisely. If you need to heal or revive partners, close the entrances to the place with them.
  • Despite causing damage, gas can be used defensively to dazzle opponents and flee from combat.
  • Caustic is also a good match for Bloodhound, which is able to see through gas.
  • Of course, Caustic is also countered by Bloodhound.
  • Gas cylinders can be used to lock doors.
  • Remember that unlike you, your partners don't see through the gas. Try not to disturb them.

Caustic is your character if:

  1. You like characters that deal area damage.
  2. You like trap-based characters.
  3. You like ghoulish villains who take pleasure in watching people suffocate to death.

Mirage the Illusionist Trickster

Just like Caustic, you need to unlock Mirage. The character's abilities are focused on camouflage and illusions.

Mirage is more evasive than Wraith and with the advantage that, in addition to disappearing from combat, it tricks opponents with holograms, causing them to attack and expose their locations.

Mirage's abilities

Tactic: Cunning

“Throws a holographic copy to confuse enemies.”

One of the best skills in the game. The hologram generated by this ability interacts with things around it quite convincingly. When used in combat, the skill allows you to deal good damage before your opponent realizes where the shots are coming from.

Passives: See you!

“Automatically casts a hologram and cloaks itself for 5 seconds when knocked down.”

This passive is not of much practical use. If you fall, an opponent is very unlikely to believe the hologram, and even if they do, you can't do anything about it. It's basically just for you to hide when you're knocked down.

Supreme: Disappear

“Launches a team of holograms to distract enemies while cloaking.”

This ability can be used defensively to evade combat or offensively, distracting opponents and attacking them by surprise.

Tips for playing with Mirage

  • You can activate your copy even when you are in the jetpack.
  • During combat indoors, you can send the copy to one side while running to the other.
  • Once you're through cover, you can use the copy to pretend to go outside and see if anyone shoots.
  • In addition to making Mirage invisible, the ultimate ability increases your movement speed. Put your weapon away for maximum speed and get the most out of it.
  • Remember that you cannot attack until the ultimate invisibility timer expires.
  • Unlike the tactical skill hologram, the ultimate skill holograms are not as convincing. So, use them as a brief distraction and reposition yourself.

Mirage is your character if:

  1. You like elusive characters.
  2. You are patient and enjoy baiting opponents.
  3. You enjoy watching your opponents miss miserably as you kill them from behind.

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