Stardew Valley: Complete Guide on How to Use and Unlock the Greenhouse!

The Greenhouse is undoubtedly one of the most important structures in Stardew Valley. It allows you to grow most of the plants and fruit trees in the game without worrying about the season. Check below how to use the Greenhouse in the best way and how to unlock it!

Best layout for the Greenhouse

The Greenhouse has dimensions of 10x12 blocks for crops (central square) and a tile border around the place where you can plant fruit trees. The most optimized way to use the Greenhouse is by positioning Iridium sprayers as in the image above, since they cover the entire Greenhouse area.

Remember that, considering the Greenhouse's advantages (grow in any season), every space inside it is extremely valuable, so it's important that you place the Sprinklers as shown above so you don't lose blocks. Once you've completed the plantations, your Greenhouse will look something like this:

Unlocking Stove

There are two ways to unlock the Greenhouse:

Completing all Cup Sets in the Community Center

Once you collect all the items to form all the Community Center Cup Sets, the Greenhouse automatically renews at no cost. In all, the Cup Sets and their respective items are:

Set Items Reward
Summer Plantations Set

Hot pepper

Quality sprinkler
Autumn Plantations Set Corn
Spring Plantations Set Pod
Potato Chips
Foliar Only
animal set duck egg
big goat milk
Over there
This is great
big brown egg
big milk
cheese press
Set of Quality Plantations Chirivia (gold)
Melon (gold)
Pumpkin (gold)
corn (gold)
preserve jar
Craftsman set Tissue
Goat cheese
fruit oil

Paying to Joja Market

At Joja Market you can pay the value of 5000 gold for a Market Membership subscription. Once that's done, you can get the Joja Community Improvement Form to restore the Greenhouse by paying the value of 35000 diamonds. After payment, Morris will do the building renovation the next time you sleep.

Stove Mods

For those who want to customize the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley, the community has already taken care of developing some interesting mods. While there are several options, two of them stand out and offer everything the others have:

Custom Greenhouse: Offers a larger Greenhouse (15x15) and a basement where you can store or grow even more stuff.

Oasis Greenhouse: A modified Greenhouse full of extras like a wine cellar, spa, jukebox, night lighting and a larger grow area.

In case you don't know how to install, check out our guide of the best Stardew Valley mods and how to install them!

Facts about the Greenhouse

  • Apiaries do not produce honey inside the Greenhouse.
  • The Greenhouse protects crops and trees from lightning.
  • Scarecrows are not needed inside the Greenhouse
  • Fertilizers last a whole season inside the Greenhouse.

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