Soul Knight: codes to have Gems and Gems!

Do you want more Gems and Gems in Sou Knight? Then see several codes that will leave your coffers full of these treasures that are indispensable in the game!

To activate the codes you will:

  • go to settings
  • Click on the padlock icon, also called secret button
  • Enter the code you want
  • click to confirm
  • Done: the code is activated!

Soul Knight general codes

Code Effect
19newyear Earn 999 Gems
2thaniv Earn 1000 Gems
Tdy8et Earn 888 Gems
jinkela Get 3 Fertilizers
Bigmouth Get 1 Titan Arum, 1 Fertilizer and 500 Gems
Cgdth Earn 700 Gems
Willbeby Earn 888 Gems
En3fkzge Earn 5 Iron Stones, 5 Wood and 1888 Gems
Gestpwierd Gain 1 Iron, 1 Wood and 888 Gemstones
Frbk1 Earn 666 Gems
F9z3ha1sun Earn 1000 Gems
Siont74scj Earn 600 Gems
nerd7Z Earn 3 Iron Stones, 3 Wood and 1288 Gems
70years Earn 777 Gems
irobot Get 5 Pieces, 5 Batteries and 515 Gems
imobsessiont Earn 1888 Gems
sunforget Earn 1111 Gems
bu3YcN earn gold
C21mKo Increases attack damage immediately
JipxQl Unlock new locations
PLsW6a Allows to play offline
VE2Xzx restore your health
QPjKnR Unlimited energy and ammo
u92SbI Unlocks all weapons
WEAPONS Vine Seed, Green Onion Seed and Carrot Seed
FLOWERS 5 Viola Heptacolor Seeds
GARDEN Trumpet Flower Seed, Gear Flower Seed, Ironwood Seed and Oak Seed
WISH 500 Gems, Viola Heptacolor Seed and Fertilizer

Gem only codes

Code Effect
100000 Earn 500 Gems
SKNIGHT Earn 488 Gems
SKBACK Earn 999 Gems
DUOSHOU Earn 500 Gems
DRUID Earn 999 Gems
NDAYSK Earn 800 Gems
KLWYX Earn 666 Gems
XNYDJ Earn 500 Gems
SFXMAS2022 Earn 666 Gems
SFESTIV Earn 888 Gems
DCDYX Earn 333 Gems
VDAYKLE Earn 600 Gems
ZSDHMK Earn 500 Gems
LWYXZYBGX Earn 800 Gems
HMBSJ Earn 369 Gems
QDKYS Earn 577 Gems
DXGTM Earn 600 Gems
NEWHALL Earn 999 Gems
BYETIGER Earn 777 Gems
GOSDAD Earn 666 Gems
DESLAD Earn 1111 Gems
18NTDRO Earn 1010 Gems
ROMMO Earn 800 Gems
GDX6KK Earn 888 Gems
6KKNTQE Earn 1000 Gems
SUPER5 Earn 666 Gems
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