Skyrim Codes: All Armor, Shouts and Game Modifications

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can be quite a challenging game, and sometimes even nearly impossible. Lucky for you, in the PC version you can use codes that make gameplay easier. You can, for example, become an immortal and unbeatable warrior, who carries infinite arrows and the best weapons in the game.

For this, just type forward slash, [ ], while playing to open a text box. Some computers may require it to be [ " ] instead of the slash. Once that's done, just enter the codes you can see below. Remember that all achievements or achievements will be deactivated when a code is activated.

  • character modification
  • Adding gold, lockpicks and ores
  • addition of arrows
  • Adding Shouts
  • heavy armor
  • light armor

1. Character modification

code effect Code Notes
Activate God Mode tgm Invincibility, infinite charge
Activate No-Clip Mode tcl Dragonborn walks through walls
Transport to selected location coc "location" Replace "location" with the name of a place
Get all spells in the game psb
level up player.advlevel Does not earn perk points
Complete all Quest Stages cqs
Enables or disables map markings tmm,1
Flight tfc It is possible to take panoramic photos while flying
Quit the game right away qqq
Enables or disables Artificial Intelligence or Enemies are frozen
Enables or disables grass tg
Enables or disables HUD menus tm
Enables or disables Fog of War tfow
Kill whatever is in your sights kill
Resurrect whatever is in your sights resurrect
Unlocks an object in your crosshairs unlock
Block objects and people lock X Replace the "X" with the number corresponding to the level of blocking you want to do
Runs all enemies around killall
Removes items from the person in your crosshairs remove all items
You control the character during the cut scenes enableplayercontrols
Enables or disables being detected by an NPC tdetect
Change the owner of the object in your crosshairs setownership Great for when you don't want to steal
Duplicates all items in your possession duplicateallitems
Change the field of view fov XXX Replace the "XXX" with the value
Increases the level of a skill advancepcskill (name da skill) X
Level up a skill by more than one level advskill (nome da skill) XXX
Determines the fame of the NPC in your crosshairs setpcfame
Determines NPC infamy in your crosshairs setpfinfamy
Defines how much charge the character can carry player.modav carryweight X
Increases an amount of charge X player.modav burden X
Adds an amount of Dragon's Souls X player.modav dragonsouls X
Increases movement speed player.setav speedmult X
Determines the amount of fatigue player.setav fatigue X
Determines the amount of life player.setav health X
Determines the amount of magic player.setav magicka X
Determines player level player.setlevel X
Replacing the X with 0 will free the player from jail player.setcrimegold X
An NPC appears where you are player.placeatme X You need to replace the X with your location
Change player size player.setscale X The normal scale is 1
Opens the race selection and character customization menu showracemenu This will automatically reduce all stats and character level to minimum

2. Adding gold, lockpick and ores

code effect Code Notes
add gold player.additem 0000000f ### Change ### to quantity
add lockpick player.additem 0000000a ###
Add corundum ore player.additem 0005ACDB ###
Add orichalcum ore player.additem 0005ACDD ###
Add gold ore player.additem 0005ACDE ###
Add silver ore player.additem 0005ACDF ###
Adds moonstone ore player.additem 0005ACE0 ###
Add Malachite Ore player.additem 0005ACE1 ###
Add mercury ore player.additem 0005AC E2 ###
Add silver ingot player.additem 0005AC E3 ###
Add iron ingot player.additem 0005AC E4 ###
Add steel ingot player.additem 0005ACE5 ###
Adds corundrum ingot player.additem 0005AD93 ###
Adds orichalcum ingot player.additem 0005AD99 ###
Add Ebony Ingot player.additem 0005AD9D ###
Add gold ingot player.additem 0005AD9E ###
Adds Moonstone Ingot player.additem 0005AD9F ###
Add mercury ingot player.additem 0005ADA0 ###
Add Malachite Ingot player.additem 0005ADA1 ###

3. Adding arrows

code effect Code Notes
Add normal arrows player.additem 00020DDF ### Change ### to quantity
Add short arrows player.additem 00020F02 ###
Add Falmer Arrows player.additem 00038341 ###
Add Draugr arrows player.additem 00034182 ###
Adds Daedra Arrows player.additem 000139C0 ###
Add ebony arrows player.additem 000139BF ###
Add glass arrows player.additem 000139BE ###
Add Elf Arrows player.additem 000139BD ###
Add Dwarf Arrows player.additem 000139BC ###
Add Orc arrows player.additem 000139BB ###
Add iron arrows player.additem 0001397F ###
Add steel arrows player.additem 0001397D ###
Add Fosworn Arrows player.additem 000CEE9E ###
Add Norse Hero Arrows player.additem OOOEAFDF ###

4. Adding Shouts

code effect Code Notes
Add Fus Ro Dah 1 player.teachword 13E22 Push everything in front of you
Add Fus Ro Dah 2 player.teachword 13E23
Add Fus Ro Dah 3 player.teachword 13E24
Adicona Laas Yah Nir 1 player.teachword 60294 Reveals all life around you
Adicona Laas Yah Nir 2 player.teachword 60295
Adicona Laas Yah Nir 3 player.teachword 60296
Adiziona Liz Slen Nus 1 player.teachword 602A3 Freezes an opponent
Adiziona Liz Slen Nus 2 player.teachword 602A4
Adiziona Liz Slen Nus 3 player.teachword 602A5
Adds Strun Bah Qo 1 player.teachword 6029A start a storm
Adds Strun Bah Qo 2 player.teachword 6029B
Adds Strun Bah Qo 3 player.teachword 6029C
Add Yool Toor Shul 1 player.teachword 20E17 Cast a Cry of Fire
Add Yool Toor Shul 2 player.teachword 20E18
Add Yool Toor Shul 3 player.teachword 20E19
Adiciona Time Klo Ui 1 player.teachword 48ACA For everything around you
Adiciona Time Klo Ui 2 player.teachword 48ACB
Adiciona Time Klo Ui 3 player.teachword 48ACC
Adds Wuld Nah Kest 1 player.teachword 2F7BB You are thrown forward in one swift motion
Adds Wuld Nah Kest 2 player.teachword 2F7BC
Adds Wuld Nah Kest 3 player.teachword 2F7BD
Add Raan Mir Tah 1 player.teachword 60291 Summon wild beasts to fight for you
Add Raan Mir Tah 2 player.teachword 60292
Add Raan Mir Tah 3 player.teachword 60293
Add Su Grah Dun 1 player.teachword 3291D Physical attacks get faster
Add Su Grah Dun 2 player.teachword 3291E
Add Su Grah Dun 3 player.teachword 3291F
Add Feim Zii Gron 1 player.teachword 32917 Change your shape and you can't be hurt, but you can't hurt either
Add Feim Zii Gron 2 player.teachword 32918
Add Feim Zii Gron 3 player.teachword 32919
Adds Fo Krah Diin 1 player.teachword 5D16C Cast an Ice Scream
Adds Fo Krah Diin 2 player.teachword 5D16D
Adds Fo Krah Diin 3 player.teachword 5D16E
Adds Zul Mey Gut 1 player.teachword 602A0 Distracts nearby enemies
Adds Zul Mey Gut 2 player.teachword 602A1
Adds Zul Mey Gut 3 player.teachword 602A2
Addition Zun Haal Viik 1 player.teachword 5FB95 disarm an opponent
Addition Zun Haal Viik 2 player.teachword 5FB96
Addition Zun Haal Viik 3 player.teachword 5FB97
Adikiona Lok Vah Koor 1 player.teachword 3CD31 Clears ambient fog
Adikiona Lok Vah Koor 2 player.teachword 3CD32
Adikiona Lok Vah Koor 3 player.teachword 3CD33
Addition Hun Kaal Zoor 1 player.teachword 51960 Calls the aid of warrior spirits
Addition Hun Kaal Zoor 2 player.teachword 51961
Addition Hun Kaal Zoor 3 player.teachword 51962
Adds Joor Zah Frul 1 player.teachword 44251 Forces a dragon to land on land
Adds Joor Zah Frul 2 player.teachword 44252
Adds Joor Zah Frul 3 player.teachword 44253
Add Krii Mon Aus 1 player.teachword 60297 Reduces the power of an enemy's armor
Add Krii Mon Aus 2 player.teachword 60298
Add Krii Mon Aus 3 player.teachword 60299
Addition Of Ah Viing 1 player.teachword 46B89 Summons the dragon Odahviing
Addition Of Ah Viing 2 player.teachword 46B8A
Addition Of Ah Viing 3 player.teachword 46B8B
Adiciona Kaan Drem Ov 1 player.teachword 6029D Calms wild beasts that give up fighting or fleeing
Adiciona Kaan Drem Ov 2 player.teachword 6029E
Adiciona Kaan Drem Ov 3 player.teachword 6029F
Add Faas Ru Maar 1 player.teachword 3291A Weak enemies flee
Add Faas Ru Maar 2 player.teachword 3291B
Add Faas Ru Maar 3 player.teachword 3291C
Adds Rii Vaaz Zol 1 player.teachword xx007cb7 Cuts through enemies (only available in the Dawnguard expansion)
Adds Rii Vaaz Zol 2 player.teachword xx007cb8
Adds Rii Vaaz Zol 3 player.teachword xx007cb9
Adiciona Dur Neh Viir 1 player.teachword xx0030d4 Summons the Dragon Durnehviir (only available in the Dawnguard expansion)
Adiciona Dur Neh Viir 2 player.teachword xx0030d5
Adiciona Dur Neh Viir 3 player.teachword xx0030d6
Adiciona Go Lah Haas 1 player.teachword xx008a65 Sucks opponent's energy (only available in Dawnguard expansion)
Adiciona Go Lah Haas 2 player.teachword xx008a66
Adiciona Go Lah Haas 3 player.teachword xx008a67

5. Heavy armor

So that you can find all the Skyrim armor you want, we've divided this section according to the types of armor in the game. Remember that the "X" in each code is the quantity of the item you want to own.

old nordic armor

  • Armor: player.additem 00018388 X
  • Boots: player.additem 00056A9D X
  • Elmo: player.additem 00056A9E X
  • Gloves: player.additem 00056B17 X

Blades armor

  • Boots: player.additem 0004B288 X
  • Armor: player.additem 0004B28B X
  • Gloves: player.additem 0004B28D X
  • Elmo: player.additem 0004B28F X
  • Shield: player.additem 0004F912 X

Daedra Armor

  • Armor: player.additem 0001396B X
  • Boots: player.additem 0001396A X
  • Gloves: player.additem 0001396C X
  • Elmo: player.additem 0001396D X
  • Shield: player.additem 0001396E X
  • Shield with spell resistance 1: player.additem 00l0DFAl X
  • Shield with spell resistance 2: player.additem 00100FA2 X
  • Shield with spell resistance 3: player.additem 0010DFA3 X

Dawnguard Armor

  • brown armor 1: player.additem 0200F3F7 X
  • brown armor 2: player.additem 0300F3F7 X
  • brown armor 3: player.additem 0400F3F7 X
  • gray armor 1: player.additem 0200F3FA X
  • gray armor 2: player.additem 0300F3FA X
  • gray armor 3: player.additem 0400F3FA X
  • Boots 1: player.additem 02022757 X
  • Boots 2: player.additem 03014757 X
  • Boots 3: player.additem 04014757 X
  • Gloves 1: player.additem 02022758 X
  • Gloves 2: player.additem 03014758 X
  • Gloves 3: player.additem 04014758 X
  • Elmo 1: player.additem 020050D0 X
  • Elmo 2: player.additem 030050D0 X
  • Elmo 3: player.additem 040050D0 X
  • Shield 1: player.additem 020220B8 X
  • Shield 2: player.additem 030140B8 X
  • Shield 3: player.additem 040140B8 X

dragon armor

  • Armor: player.additem 00013966 X
  • Boots: player.additem 00013965 X
  • Gloves: player.additem 00013967 X
  • Elmo: player.additem 00013969 X
  • Shield: player.additem 00013968 X
  • Shield with spell resistance 1: player.additem 0010DFA4 X
  • Shield with spell resistance 2: player.additem 0010DFA5 X
  • Shield with spell resistance 3: player.additem 0010DFA6 X

Armor Falmer

  • Elmo: player.additem 0004C3CB X
  • Shield: player.additem 0005C06C X
  • Cuirass: player.additem 000B83CB X
  • Boots: player.additem 000B83CD X
  • Gloves: player.additem 000B83CF X
  • Reinforced armor 1: player.additem 0200E8DE X
  • Reinforced armor 2: player.additem 0300E8DE X
  • Reinforced armor 3: player.additem 0400E8DE X
  • Reinforced boots 1: player.additem 0200E8DD X
  • Reinforced boots 2: player.additem 0300E8DD X
  • Reinforced boots 3: player.additem 0400E8DD X
  • Reinforced gloves 1: player.additem 0200E8DF X
  • Reinforced gloves 2: player.additem 0300E8DF X
  • Reinforced gloves 3: player.additem 0400E8DF X
  • Reinforced helmet 1: player.additem 0200E8E0 X
  • Reinforced helmet 2: player.additem 0300E8E0 X
  • Reinforced helmet 3: player.additem 0400E8E0 X
  • Heavy Armor 1: player.additem 020023E9 X
  • Heavy Armor 2: player.additem 030023E9 X
  • Heavy Armor 3: player.additem 040023E9 X
  • Heavy Boots 1: player.additem 020023EF X
  • Heavy Boots 2: player.additem 030023EF X
  • Heavy Boots 3: player.additem 040023EF X
  • Heavy gloves 1: player.additem 020034ED X
  • Heavy gloves 2: player.additem 030034ED X
  • Heavy gloves 3: player.additem 040034ED X
  • Heavy gloves 1: player.additem 020034EB X
  • Heavy gloves 2: player.additem 030034EB X
  • Heavy gloves 3: player.additem 040034EB X

Guard Armor

  • Shield of Riften: player.additem 000214BA X
  • Markarth Shield: player.additem 000214DC X
  • Shield of Whiterun: player.additem 000214E0 X
  • Eastmarch Shield: player.additem 000214EB X
  • Falkreath Shield: player.additem 000214ED X
  • Haakmarch Shield: player.additem 000214EF X
  • Winterhold Shield: player.additem 000214F1 X
  • Solitude Shield: player.additem 000214F4 X
  • Shield of The Pale: player.additem 000214F7 X
  • Riften breastplate: player.additem 00021507 X
  • Markarth breastplate: player.additem 00021508 X
  • Whiterun breastplate: player.additem 0002150D X
  • Falkreath breastplate: player.additem 0002151E X
  • Haalmarch's breastplate: player.additem 00021520 X
  • Battleship of Winterhold: player.additem 00021522 X
  • The Pale's breastplate: player.additem 00021525 X
  • Elmo de The Reach: player.additem 00021613 X
  • Elmo of Whiterun: player.additem 00021615 X
  • Falkreath Helm: player.additem 00021619 X
  • Haalmarch Helm: player.additem 0002161B X
  • Elmo de Winterhold: player.additem 0002161D X
  • Elmo from The Pale: player.additem 0002161F X
  • Riften Helm: player.additem 00021622 X

Orc armor

  • Armor: player.additem 00013957 X
  • Boots: player.additem 00013956 X
  • Gloves: player.additem 00013958 X
  • Elmo: player.additem 00013959 X
  • Shield: player.additem 00013946 X

Wolf Armor

  • Armor: player.additem 000CAE15 X
  • Boots: player.additem 000CEE7C X
  • Gloves: player.additem 000CEE7E X
  • Elmo: player.additem 0004C3D0 X

Ahzidal Armor (Dragonborn DLC)

  • Armor of Retribution: player.additem 0401DB97 X
  • Water Walking Boots: player.additem 0401C655 X
  • Witchcraft Gloves: player.additem 0401DB99 X
  • Helm of Vision: player.additem 0401DB98 X

Armadura de Bonemold (DLC Dragonborn)

  • Armor: player.additem 0401CD93 X
  • Guard Armor: player.additem 04037564 X
  • Shoulders: player.additem 04037563 X
  • Boots: player.additem 0401CD92 X
  • Gloves: player.additem 0401CD94 X
  • Elmo: player.additem 0401CD95 X
  • Shield: player.additem 04026234 X
  • Improved Armor: player.additem 0403AB26 X
  • Improved boots: player.additem 0403AB25 X
  • Improved gloves: player.additem 0403AB22 X
  • Improved helmet: player.additem 0403AB23 X
  • Improved shield: player.additem 0403AB24 X

Chitin Armor (Dragonborn DLC)

  • Armor: player.additem 0401CD8A X
  • Boots: player.additem 0401CD82 X
  • Gloves: player.additem 0401CD8B X
  • Elmo: player.additem 0401CD8C X

Carved Nordic Armor (Dragonborn DLC)

  • Carved Armor: player.additem 0401CD97 X
  • Notched boots: player.additem 0401CD96 X
  • Notched gloves: player.additem 0401CD98 X
  • Notched Helm: player.additem 0401CD99 X
  • Shield: player.additem 04026236 X

Armadura Stalhrim (DLC Dragonborn)

  • Armor: player.additem 0401CD9F X
  • Boots: player.additem 0401CD9E X
  • Gloves: player.additem 0401CDA0 X
  • Elmo: player.additem 0401CDA1 X

Armadura Shellbug (DLC Dawnguard)

  • Elmo 1: player.additem 02022E8A X
  • Elmo 2: player.additem 03012E8A X
  • Elmo 3: player.additem 04012E8A X


  • Shield of Solitude (level 18): player.additem 0010EB62 X
  • Shield of Solitude (level 32): player.additem 0010EB63 X
  • Shield of Solitude (level 25): player.additem 0010EB64 X
  • Shield of Solitude (level 40): player.additem 0010EB65 X
  • Ygnol Helm: player.additem 000295F3 X
  • Spellbreaker Shield: player.additem 00045F96 X
  • Ebony Mail: player.additem 00052794 X
  • Dragon Priest Nahkriin: player.additem 00061CA5 X
  • Dragon Priest Rahgot: player.additem 00061CC0 X
  • Dragon Priest Hevnoraak: player.additem 00061CC1 X
  • Dragon Priest Otar: player.additem 00061CC2 X
  • Dragon Priest Vokun: player.additem 00061CC9 X
  • Dragon Priest Konahrik: player.additem 00061CD6 X
  • Dragon Priest Ahzidal: player.additem 040240FE X
  • Dragon Priest Shop: player.additem 040240FF X
  • Dragon Priest Zahkriisos: player.additem 04024037 X
  • Dragon Priest Miraak (level 1-44): player.additem 04039FA1 X
  • Dragon Priest Miraak (level 45-59): player.additem 04039FA2 X
  • Dragon Priest Miraak (level 60+): player.additem 04039FA3 X

6. Light armor

As we did with heavy armor, we've broken down the codes for light armor to make your search easier. Don't forget to replace the "X" with the desired quantity of the item.

dragon armor

  • Shield with magic resistance 1: player.additem 0010DFA7 X
  • Shield with magic resistance 2: player.additem 0010DFA8 X
  • Shield with magic resistance 3: player.additem 0010DFA9 X

hair armor

  • Bandit Armor: player.additem 0006F393 X
  • Bandit Boots: player.additem 0006F398 X
  • Bandit gloves: player.additem 0006F39B X
  • Bandit Helm: player.additem 0006F39E X

Leather Armor

  • Armor: player.additem 0003619E X
  • Thief boots: player.additem 00036583 X
  • Thief breastplate: player.additem 00036584 X
  • Thieves Guild Helm: player.additem 00036585 X
  • Thieves Guild Gloves: player.additem 00042BE9 X


  • Boots: player.additem 000483C1 X
  • Cuirass: player.additem 000483C2 X
  • Gloves: player.additem 000487D1 X
  • Elmo: player.additem 000487D8 X

Assassin's Armor

  • Armor: player.additem 0010EB5B X
  • Boots: player.additem 0010EB5C X
  • Elmo: player.additem 0010EB50 X
  • Gloves: player.additem 0010EB5E X

Stormcloak Armor

  • Bear Armor: player.additem 0008697E X
  • Bear Boots: player.additem 00086981 X
  • Bear Gloves: player.additem 00086983 X
  • Bear Helm: player.additem 00086985 X
  • Armor Sleeves: player.additem 000AD5A0 X


  • Dragon Priest Morokei: player.additem 00061C8B X
  • Dragon Priest Volsung: player.additem 00061CAB X
  • Dragon Priest Krosis: player.additem 00061CB9 X
  • Dragon Priest wooden mask: player.additem 00061CCA X
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