See how to make a Shield in Minecraft and how to customize it!

Shields are items used to defend attacks from mobs. Like most equipment, it can be targeted by Enchantments. When using it, the player reduces their movement speed and is protected from attacks coming from the same direction and also from above.

To craft a shield you need 1 Iron Bar e 5 boards (any type). Once you get them, organize them like this:

Planks are obtained from any combination of wood, which in turn is obtained from trees.

Iron Bars are obtained by combining 9 Nuggets of Wood. Both Bar and Nuggets can also be obtained by smelting through a Furnace (crafted with 8 Boulders). See the procedure here!

After crafting, your Shield will look like this:

You can also apply the Unbreakable, Remedy, and Curse of Disappearance Enchantments to your Shield. Check out our Minecraft Enchantments guide to see how it works!

How to customize o Shield

You can customize a Shield in two ways, just by changing its color or by applying textures and decorations.

how to paint the shield

It is possible to change the color of your Shield by combining it with a Banner (also called a flag or banner) of the desired color. To make Banners you need 6 Wool and 1 Stick. Once you get them, organize them like this:

Wool is mainly obtained from sheep. You can kill them or just clip them with scissors. Another way to get Wool is by crafting them with 4 lines this way:

The main ways to obtain Line is by killing Spiders or destroying Webs. To change the color of the Wools, use a Dye of the desired color.

Once you have your Shield and Banner, combine them as follows:

Now, your Shield will take on the color of the Banner used.

How to apply textures and decorations on the Shield

In addition to changing the color of the Shield, it is possible to decorate it in a slightly more advanced way. For that, you will need to craft a Loom. you will need 2 lines e 2 boards of any kind organized like this:

After crafting the Loom, access the item's menu by right clicking on it. You will see this:

The 3 slots in the upper left corner of the menu are for you to place, respectively, Banner, Dye and Drawing for Banner. Once you've filled in by dragging these items onto the Loom, you'll have access to a number of different textures and decorations:

You don't need to use the 3 slots as long as you place a Banner + Dye ou Design for Banner, you will already have decoration options. The result of these combinations will be a Banner with the chosen texture, as in the image above.

Finally, to decorate your shield, simply combine the custom Banner with the Shield on the regular Crafting Table:

Ready! That way you can customize your Shield in many (MANY) ways by combining textures, designs and colors.

Information about the Shield

  • Even with Iron in its components, shields cannot be fused.
  • When a Shield absorbs damage of 4 or greater, the item takes damage equal to the attack value -1.
  • The knockback caused by explosions is decreased by 1 block when the player uses a Shield.
  • Shields do not protect the user from the effects of splash potions.

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