Rules Of Survival: 10 tips to stay alive

Rules Of Survival (ROS) is more of a Battle Royale style game, but with 120 players per match. ROS can be played on your smartphone or PC as long as you have the mobile version installed.

As in all games of this type, your place in the ranking does not depend only on luck, but on a lot of skill, aim and strategy.

Check out our list of tips tested in the heat of battle:

1. Know the map

Currently, there are two maps in ROS: the Ghillie Island and the Fearless Fjord. Each of the maps is different, with zones such as cities, mountains, mines and rivers. Try to know each map and choose places where you can jump with relative safety.

2. Skydiving expert

Choose a location and jump. Learn to master your parachute to spend as little time in the air as possible. Remember to change your body position while in free fall and once the parachute opens, maintain the right position to increase your speed. Land whenever you can on the roof of a building. That way you'll always have a better view and be able to loot the rooms from top to bottom.

3. Get Loot

As soon as your feet touch the ground, start pegar loot. In the first few seconds, the important thing is to make sure you get a weapon. If other players land near you, whoever has the best weapon (or the most ammo) lives to fight another day. As soon as you find better weapons or equipment than you have, throw the old ones on the floor. Your backpack space is limited.

4. Learn to use each type of weapon

In ROS, nothing is gained by talking. Everything is conquered with shots. There are different types of weapon, from sophisticated snipers to hunting shotguns. Learn the tricks and techniques of each weapon, as well as their advantages and flaws, as you won't always be able to find your favorite shotgun. Whenever you can, get extras to improve your weaponry. The right extras can decrease recoil, make aiming easier, and increase the amount of ammo per magazine.

Learn all about every weapon in Rules of Survival!

5. Shoot to kill

Eliminate enemies if doing so is to your advantage. Don't give up your position for just one more kill. If you decide to shoot, always try to eliminate the enemy quickly. If he's far away, keep your weapon on semi-automatic, aim and fire. In addition to lower recoil, it will save much more ammo.

6. Move safely

Whenever possible, move from shelter to shelter, using the scenery to protect yourself. Above all, always be aware, using the third-person view to observe what is happening around you. In ROS, crawl almost no sound. Use this trick to stealthily move between locations or to approach enemies without being noticed. Remember that crawling is slower than running.

7. Don't make it easy

Did you open a door? Then close. It's not about politeness, it's about keeping your enemies in the dark. If someone sees an open door, they will wait for someone to leave that building. Or worse, someone could walk in through the conveniently open door, shooting to kill. Do not overlook this detail.

8. Be Patient

Patience is not an item to add to your loot, so you'll need to have some before joining the game. Battle Royale style games are tactics and strategy games. If you've already managed to get weapons, protection, backpack and bandages, keep yourself protected, keeping watch. Don't try to get into every shootout. Remember that the objective is to reach the end of the game.

9. Team together will never be defeated

If you decided to play in double ou Squad, keep mic communications simple and short, but keep hinting to your teammates. Warn of nearby enemies, available loot, terrain type, and other important details. If you prefer, you can use text messages.

10. Vehicles

ROS maps are great. It's perfectly possible to do everything on foot, as long as you don't wait until the last moment to move on to the next circle. If you take a vehicle, you can spend more time looting and exploring more distant areas of the map. However, vehicles make more noise and are perfect targets. ROS even has bikes, which make less noise and don't need gas.

Remember to practice a lot, explore the terrain well and not repeat the same mistakes. Soon you will be climbing the rankings.

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