Pokemon GO: How to Get Free Poke Balls (2022)

Pokeballs are the most important items in any Pokémon game, and it couldn't be any different in Pokémon GO. It is with them that we capture the little creatures and start our collection.

When starting an account in the game, we receive 50 Poké Balls to start the adventure, and whenever we catch a Pokémon or miss a throw, the number of Poké Balls decreases. Fortunately, there are several ways to recover your stock and keep capturing. Check them all out below!

Spinning Photodisks in Pokestops and Gyms

Undoubtedly these are the most popular ways to get Poké Balls in Pokémon GO. Pokéstops (or PokéStops) and gyms are scattered throughout the city, and each one contains a photodisk. When you spin it, you will receive, on average, 3 Poké Balls (which can be normal, large or ultra), in addition to other random items. To rotate the same photodisk again, it is necessary to wait 5 minutes.

Pokestops and Gyms also offer extra items if you spin the Photo Disc on consecutive days. For each consecutive day that you visit the site, the photodisk will provide more items, up to a maximum of 7 days. Also, Pokestops and Gyms that are visited for the first time tend to give more rewards.

opening gifts

Pokestops and Gyms also provide gifts as rewards. These items cannot be opened directly by players, only sent to friends. Once you receive gifts from someone, you can then open them. Like Pokéstops and Gyms, gifts contain random rewards, but usually include Poké Balls of all 3 types.

Each player can only carry 10 gifts in their inventory and can only send 1 gift to the same person on the same day.

Adventure Sync Rewards

Adventure Sync is one of the most useful features in Pokémon GO. It allows the game to recognize the distance traveled by you even when the app is not open. On your next login, the game reports how much your character has walked through Adventure Sync. To activate the function, simply go to the Settings and check the "Synchroadventure" box:

To reward the most active players, Niantic has introduced some rewards for players who hit a few goals this week:

Meta guaranteed rewards Possible extra rewards
5km 20 pokeballs -
25km 20 Poké Balls, 10 Large Poké Balls, and 500 Stardust 3 Rare Candies or 5km Egg
50km 20 Poké Balls, 10 Large Poké Balls, and 1500 Stardust 5 Rare Sweets, 5 Caxí Prateada Fruits and 5km or 10km Egg
100km All above and 16000 Stardust

Adventure Sync rewards are always offered on Monday at 9 am local time. This is the day and time limit for you to achieve the goals above.

Quest and task rewards

Pokémon GO has two types of missions: Field Research and Special Research. The first ones are obtained in pokestops and consist of (not always) simple tasks that, when completed, provide rewards. These prizes are already reported as soon as you get the quest, and often involve Poké Balls of various types. If you didn't want to participate, just delete the quest on the field research screen and get another one from a different pokéstop.

Some examples of Field Research that provide Poké Balls are:

  • Make 3 Great Moves: 5 Poke Balls
  • Make 5 Good Moves: 5 Poke Balls
  • Make 3 Great Curves in a Row: 10 Ultra Pok√© Balls

The special researches are the "main missions" of the game, and have several stages, each with 3 tasks. Each of these tasks has its own rewards, which also include Poké Balls. You can check the rewards right next to the quest.

Collecting the free offers in the store

Every week the in-game store offers packs of various items for free. These packs always include a certain number of Poké Balls. Just go to the store and collect them, as long as you have enough room in your bag for all the items in the pack.

shopping in store

In addition to the free ways mentioned above, you can get Poké Balls for real money in the in-game store. Prices are:

  • 100 Coins: 20 pokeballs
  • 460 Coins: 100 pokeballs
  • 800 Coins: 200 pokeballs

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