Pokémon GO: How to do the quest "A Mythical Discovery"!

The quest "A Mythical Discovery" is one of the first Special Researches released in the game. Upon completing it, the player has the opportunity to find the famous pokémon number 151, Mew. If you haven't caught this popular Mythical Pokemon yet, check out all the quest steps below and get ready in advance!

A mythical discovery (1/8)

  • Spin 10 Pok√©Stop Photo Discs (500 XP)
  • Catch 10 Pokemon (500 XP)
  • Transfer 5 Pokemon (500 XP)

Rewards: 10x Big Ball, 1x Incubator and 3x Attract Module

A mythical discovery (2/8)

  • Receive 2 Candies walking with your Companion (1000 XP)
  • Make 10 Great Throws (1000 XP)
  • Hatch 3 eggs (1000 XP)

Rewards: 2000 Stardust, 3x Incense and 20x Big Ball

A mythical discovery (3/8)

  • Reach Trainer level 15 (1500 XP)
  • Battle in 2 raids (1500 XP)
  • Battle 2 times in Gym (1500 XP)

Rewards: 1x MT Fast Attack, 1x MT Charged Attack and 2x Star Piece

A mythical discovery (4/8)

  • Earn a silver Kanto Medal (2000 XP)
  • Evolve 20 Pok√©mon (2000 XP)
  • Receive 5 Candies walking with your Companion (2000 XP)

Rewards: 4000 Stardust, 3x Lure Module and 20x Big Ball

A mythical discovery (5/8)

  • Capture um Ditto (2500 XP)
  • Catch 10 Ghost-type Pokemon (2500 XP)
  • Make 20 Great Throws (2500 XP)

Rewards: 1x Premium Raid Pass, 1x Lucky Egg and 15x Revive

A mythical discovery (6/8)

  • Reach Trainer level 25 (3000 XP)
  • Evolua um Magikarp (3000 XP)
  • Participates 10 reides (3000 XP)

Rewards: 6000 Stardust, 5x Rare Candy and 3x Incense

A mythical discovery (7/8)

  • Capture 50 Pok√©mon Using Raspberry Fruit (3500 XP)
  • Receive a gold medal from Kanto (3500 XP)
  • Land an Excellent Throw (3500 XP)

Rewards: 8000 Stardust, 5x Big Ball and Mew Encounter

A mythical discovery (8/8)

  • Capture Mew (3x 4000 XP)

Rewards: 1000 Stardust, 1x Super Incubator and 20x Candy of Mew

Tips for completing the quest "A Mythical Discovery"

  • Set a Magikarp as a Companion as soon as you start playing Pok√©mon GO. Step 6/8 is without a doubt the most difficult of the entire mission, so the sooner you start accumulating Candy, the better.
  • Having Magikarp as a Companion also makes it easier to complete the quests to get Candy with Companion, as the pok√©mon only requires 1km for this.
  • The task of capturing a Ditto is also labor intensive. For help, check out our updated guide on how to catch a Ditto in Pok√©mon GO. Know right away that the quest will only be completed if you capture Ditto while at this stage. Capturing it before opening the quest will not work.
  • Give Caxi Fruit to all Kanto pokemons that have two evolutions. Evolving them will ensure that you fill your Pok√©dex faster and earn the Silver and Gold Medals faster.

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