Pokémon GO: Friendship Levels, Rewards and Bonuses!

The Friendship mechanic in Pokémon GO is one of the most important in the game and guarantees several interesting features. Once you start a Friendship with another player, every day you interact with them (exchanging gifts or pokemons, dueling or participating in raids together), your friendship will increase a little and, like Experience levels, your skill levels will increase. Friendship also confer rewards and bonuses for the players involved.

See below for all of the Friendship levels in Pokémon GO, the requirements to reach them, and their rewards!


It's the first friendship level in Pokémon GO and starts as soon as one of the players adds the other as a friend. At this stage there are no bonuses or rewards involved yet.

beautiful friendship

  • Interaction days: 1 day
  • Reward: 3.000 Experience Points
  • Raid damage bonus: 3%
  • Premier Pok√© Balls Bonus in Raids: 0
  • Small Stardust cost reduction in Special Trades

Great friendship

  • Interaction days: 7 days
  • Reward: 10.000 Experience Points
  • Raid damage bonus: 5%
  • Premier Pok√© Balls Bonus in Raids: 1
  • Good Stardust cost reduction in Special Trades

ultra friendship

  • Interaction days: 30 days
  • Reward: 50.000 Experience Points
  • Raid damage bonus: 7%
  • Premier Pok√© Balls Bonus in Raids: 2
  • Great Stardust cost reduction in Special Trades

Unparalleled friendship

  • Interaction days: 90 days
  • Reward: 100.000 Experience Points
  • Raid damage bonus: 10%
  • Premier Pok√© Balls Bonus in Raids: 4
  • Excellent Stardust cost reduction in Special Trades
  • Possibility to invite the friend to an EX Raid.

lucky friendship

Lucky Friendship is an extra friendship level, but it cannot be achieved normally. It's a kind of temporary and very rare status that can happen whenever unique friends interact. The odds are extremely low, but if that happens, players have become Lucky Friends, ensuring that their next trade results in a Lucky Trade, no matter which pokemon is traded. Once the exchange is made, the Lucky Friendship ends and goes back to being Unique Friendship, but nothing prevents it from happening again in the future.

Stardust cost table

The cost of Stardust in Special Exchanges between friends varies depending on the friendship level obtained, the pokémon's category or whether it is already registered in the player's Pokédex or not (new pokémon):

friendship level pokemon already registered new pokemon Legendary or Brilliant already registered New Legendary or Brilliant
nice friendship 100 20.000 20.000 1.000,000
Great friendship 100 16.000 16.000 800.000
ultra friendship 100 1.600 1.600 80.000
unparalleled friendship 100 800 800 40.000

Example: if you have an Ultra-Friendship with a player and want to send him a Legendary or Shiny pokemon that he still do not have, the price will be 80.000 Stardust. If he already has the pokémon registered, the cost will be only 1.600.

How to Start a Friendship in Pokémon GO

To add someone as a friend in Pokémon GO, simply access the player menu (by pressing your Avatar icon) and then select the "Friends" menu:

On the screen above you have four options:

  • Submit your Trainer code for a player to add.
  • Enter a player's Trainer code for you to add.
  • Scan a player's QR Code to add them.
  • Connect to Facebook to send friend invites to all your friends who play Pok√©mon GO.

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