Pokémon GO: Complete List of Mega Evolutions and How They Work!

Mega Evolutions in Pokémon GO are temporary evolutions available to some Pokémon. To get them, you need to farm a resource called Mega Energy, which, like the Candies, is unique to each pokémon. Below you will find the complete list of all pokemons that already have mega evolutions available, the ones that will still have them and other information such as cost, how to gain mega energy and more!

List of Mega Evolutions already released in Pokémon GO

The Mega Evolutions below are now available in Pokémon GO and cost 200 Mega Energy to be carried out for the first time, with the duration 8 hours. After this period, the Pokémon returns to its previous form and the cost to be Mega Evolved again decreases and is fixed at 40 Mega Energy, with the exception of Mega Beedrill and Mega Pidgeot, which cost 100 Mega Energy and now only cost 20 Mega Energy.

Pokémon Attributes Max CP

Mega venusaur

ATQ: 241
DEF: 246
STM: 190

Mega charizard x

ATQ: 273
DEF: 213
STM: 186


Mega charizard y

ATQ: 319
DEF: 212
STM: 186

Mega blastoise

ATQ: 264
DEF: 237
STM: 188

Mega pidgeot

ATQ: 280
DEF: 175
STM: 195

Mega beedrill

ATQ: 303
DEF: 148
STM: 163

Mega houndoom

ATQ: 289
DEF: 194
STM: 181

Mega gengar

ATQ: 349
DEF: 199
STM: 155

Mega abomasnow

ATQ: 240
DEF: 191
STM: 207

Mega ampharos

ATQ: 294
DEF: 203
STM: 207

Mega gyarados

ATQ: 292
DEF: 247
STM: 216

Mega Manectric

ATQ: 286
DEF: 179
STM: 172

Mega lopunny

ATQ: 282
DEF: 214
STM: 163

Mega altaria

ATQ: 222
DEF: 218
STM: 181

Mega slowbro

ATQ: 224
DEF: 259
STM: 216

List of mega evolutions that will be released in the future

The mega evolutions in the table below are not yet available in Pokémon GO, but they have already been identified through data mining. This means that this information has not yet been officially released, but is already in the game's code. It is worth mentioning that all information collected by data mining regarding mega evolutions has been confirmed so far, so it is safe to assume that the pokémons below will be the next to be released in the game.

Attention: the information found in the game's code points out that Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon will follow the same mechanics of mega evolutions, so these pokémons are listed in the table below. There is still no information on the cost to perform each of them.

Pokémon Attributes Max CP

Mega alakazam

ATQ: 367
DEF: 193
STM: 146

Mega Kangaskhan

ATQ: 246
DEF: 210
STM: 233

Mega Pinsir

ATQ: 305
DEF: 231
STM: 163

Mega Aerodactyl

ATQ: 292
DEF: 210
STM: 190

Mega Mewtwo X

ATQ: 375
DEF: 202
STM: 214

Mega Mewtwo Y

ATQ: 388
DEF: 202
STM: 214

Mega steelix

ATQ: 212
DEF: 327
STM: 181

Mega Scizor

ATQ: 279
DEF: 250
STM: 172

Mega Tyranitar

ATQ: 309
DEF: 276
STM: 225

Mega Sceptile

ATQ: 320
DEF: 186
STM: 172

Mega blaziken

ATQ: 329
DEF: 168
STM: 190

Mega swampert

ATQ: 283
DEF: 218
STM: 225

Mega gardevoir

ATQ: 326
DEF: 229
STM: 169

Mega sableye

ATQ: 151
DEF: 216
STM: 137

Mega Aggron

ATQ: 247
DEF: 331
STM: 172

Mega Sharpedo

ATQ: 289
DEF: 144
STM: 172

Mega camerupt

ATQ: 253
DEF: 183
STM: 172

Mega banette

ATQ: 312
DEF: 160
STM: 162

Mega Absol

ATQ: 314
DEF: 130
STM: 163

Mega glalie

ATQ: 252
DEF: 168
STM: 190

Mega Salamence

ATQ: 310
DEF: 251
STM: 216

Mega metagross

ATQ: 300
DEF: 289
STM: 190

Primal Kyogre

ATQ: 331
DEF: 251
STM: 205

Primal Groudon

ATQ: 331
DEF: 251
STM: 205

Mega rayquaza

ATQ: 354
DEF: 197
STM: 212

Mega Garchomp

ATQ: 339
DEF: 222
STM: 239

Mega lucario

ATQ: 310
DEF: 175
STM: 172

Mega gallade

ATQ: 326
DEF: 230
STM: 169

Mega audino

ATQ: 147
DEF: 239
STM: 230

Mega Diancie

ATQ: 342
DEF: 235
STM: 137

How to gain Mega Energy in Pokemon GO

As stated above, Mega Energy works like Candies, that is, it is specific to each pokémon. The resource can be obtained in two ways:

  • Completing Mega Reides
  • Completing special surveys or survey steps

Mega Reides

Mega Raids are raids in which you fight a mega evolution and their difficulty level is equivalent to a raid level 5. The faster the team defeats the boss, the more Mega Energy will be offered as a reward, with the value varying between 50 to 90 Mega Energies. Normal rewards like Rare Candy, Potions, Fruits, etc are still offered.

When defeated, the Mega Raid boss returns to its previous form and you can capture it, that is, you do not capture the mega evolution, but the original form (Beedrill, Blastoise, Houndoom, etc).

Mega Raids are identified on the map and on the radar with eggs that look like this:

Mega Energy in Special Research

Since Mega Evolutions were released in Pokémon GO, some Special Researches offer Mega Energy, both as a final reward and as a stage and task reward:

The maximum amount of Mega Energy you can have is 2000 for each pokemon. If you reach this amount and make a Mega Raid, you will not be rewarded with more.

Where to use mega evolutions

Pokémon GO Mega Evolutions can be used:

  • In raid battles
  • In PvP battles against friends
  • In battles against Team GO Rocket
  • As a buddy (mate)
  • attack gyms
Therefore, mega evolutions you can not be used for:
  • GO Battle League (PvP)
  • defend gyms

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