Pokémon Fire Red: Location and How to Catch Legendary Pokémon!

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Pokémon Fire Red is one of the games in the franchise with the highest number of legendaries available. We list them all in this article and teach you how to capture each one, giving them their level, location and some basic tips to not suffer in battles against these beasts!

Legendary Dogs (Entei, Suicune and Raikou) - Level 50

You can only have one of the legendary dogs in Fire Red, and it will depend on your choice of starter Pokémon. That's why:

  • If you choose Bulbasaur: Entei
  • If you choose Charmander: Suicune
  • If you choose Squirtle: Raikou

You must also beat the Elite 4 to make the respective Pokémon appear in random grams of Kanto. And the best is to use the Master Ball to capture the legendary dog.

Still, here are some precious tips to find the Pokémon:

  • Use Max Repel when hunting the dog in Kanto, as it will prevent any Pok√©mon from spawning except the dog.
  • Dogs change region whenever you enter a battle, enter a building, or switch regions
  • After you find a dog and it runs away from the battle, you can see where it is in the Pok√©dex. So enter the exit of a building until the Pok√©mon appears in the region you are in.
  • If you don't have the Master Ball:
    • Use Paralyze, Freeze and Sleep to keep the dog in battle
    • Prevent him from using Roar
    • Leave the Pokemon with 10% health
    • Health is the same as in the previous battle, so he doesn't recover health when he flees.
    • Save when you think you'll find the legendary dog, because if you kill him there's no going back

Articuno - Level 50

Articuno is one of the 3 legendary birds. Its type is Ice, with Ice Beam its main attack. Be careful, as it has a special ability that increases the PP used to 2 on all your Pokémon's attacks.

  • Where to find: 4th floor of Seafoam Island
  • How to capture: use a fire Pokemon that is at most 5 levels above Articuno. Use light attacks like Ember to take life little by little so as not to kill him. Some Ultra Balls should capture it!

Zapdos - Level 50

Zapdos is the legendary electric bird from Pokémon Fire Red. As in all versions where it is possible to capture it, it is found in the Power Plant, coming out of Cerulean. He has the same special ability as Articuno.

  • Where to find: Power Plant
  • How to capture: the tactic is similar to Articuno's. Here go with a Rock, Ground, or Grass type Pokemon. Be careful not to be too superior in terms of level to Zapdos, so as not to kill him.

Moltres - Level 50

Moltres is the flame of the Pokémon League and will attack you with powerful fire blows. This legendary's special ability is the same as its bird "brothers", so this

  • Where to find it: Sevii Island 1 - Mt. Ember Peak
  • How to catch: Moltres is one of the easiest legendaries to catch. A Water Pokemon at 55 will be ideal to leave it low on health, needing only a few tries with Ultra Balls afterward.

Mewtwo - Level 70

Mewtwo is one of the hardest to beat. Being a Psychic Pokémon, the ideal is to take Insect-type creatures into battle, as they are stronger. But rare are those who have Pokémon of this type, so opt for a monster of at least level 75, with high power attacks.

  • Where to find: to make it available, beat the Elite 4, get the National Dex and fix the Network Machine on Sevii Island 1. Then it will be in the Unknown Dungeon in Cerulean.
  • How to capture: some think it's good to save the Master Ball for Mewtwo. In Pok√©mon Fire Red the ideal is to tire it out, put it to sleep and use an Ultra Ball.

Ho-oh - Level 70

Ho-oh is one of the most powerful Pokémon and was the first Legendary to appear in the anime. In Fire Red he is a tough opponent, whose main attack is Fire Blast, with 120 power.

  • Where to find: Rainbow Island 8 (Navel Rock), at the top left of the cave
  • How to capture: Ho-oh will require a Water or Electric Pokemon that is at least at 75. Be careful not to use too strong attacks, because if they critical it is possible that the bird will die and you won't capture it.

Lugia - Level 70

It is said that Lugia is so powerful that when he flies, just the movement of his wings can destroy entire houses. That's why he lives at the bottom of the sea, and in Fire Red one of his best attacks is precisely Hydro Pump, which also has 120 power.

  • Where to find: Rainbow Island 8 (Navel Rock), at the top, to the right of the cave
  • How to capture: Lugia is Psychic and Flying, but also Water, so the best is an Electric-type Pok√©mon over 70. The same tip given to Ho-oh is valid: watch out for very strong attacks

Deoxys - Level 30

Deoxys emerged from a mutation of an extraterrestrial virus after coming into contact with a laser beam. He is very fast and takes many forms. You'll find it in Normal form, but once captured it can vary for Attack, Defense, and Speed.

  • Where to find: Rainbow Island 9 (Birth Island), becoming available after the puzzle is solved
  • How to capture: Deoxys is the weakest in terms of level, but it does combat nonetheless. As it is Psychic, an Insect Pok√©mon between levels 35 and 40 must resolve the battle.

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