Nicknames in Free Fire: how to create, choose and change

There are several details that you need to keep in mind when creating an account to play Free Fire Battlegrounds. If you are trying to register your nickname and you get the error "nickname cannot be used" it is because you did not respect certain essential steps.

We have the solution and we are going to show you how to correctly create a nickname. If you're not inspired, use our nickname generator to choose a cool nickname!

How to create a nickname

There three ways to log in to the game: using your Facebook, creating an account on Free Fire itself or using the Russian social network VK (VKontakte).

If you prefer not to link your Facebook account to Free Fire, try creating an account in the game itself by pressing the button indicated in the image above.

If you create a Free Fire account using anyone of the means of login, in the initial menu you will have to choose your surname/nick and your gender.

choose a nickname

This is where many players try to create a nickname and fail, receiving the error "nickname cannot be used". If you get this error, simply try try another nickname.

Remember that Free Fire is played by thousands of players and that there may be people with the same idea as you. You can use uppercase or lowercase letters, numbers, and even symbols like %, $, and others.

Your nickname must have at least 6 characters (letters, digits or numbers).

Always remember to use common sense when choosing your nickname. Imagine when you are playing with a squad and your nickname is indecipherable or difficult to say into the microphone. So don't complicate it.

  • Choose a nickname that has meaning for you;
  • Do not use profanity in our language or in English (or any other language);
  • Choose a name that sticks in your ear, especially if you're going to stream or put it on YouTube;
  • Use your imagination.

If your imagination is blocked, no problem. Use our nickname generator to find a very original nickname for Free Fire. You can generate the nickname from your first and last name or completely random. Try it:

nickname generator

Method: From your name Random Name + Adjective Number of nicks to generate Number of letters: 4 5 6 7 8 First Name Last Name Click to copy

Haven't chosen your name yet? Check out our list of + 250 names for Free Fire!

If you want a very original name, transform your nickname with different letters and symbols in our generator!

If you're looking for a name for your guild, don't miss our guild name generator!

How to make invisible space in nick

Everyone knows that you can't put space in the Free Fire nickname just by pressing the corresponding button. Still, there is a simple trick you can do to get around this game impediment.

All you need to do is copy an invisible code, which will be added to the nick. See how:

  • Copy the code that is between the parentheses, but not the parentheses: (ā €)
  • Paste into a notebook on your phone or PC so you always have it on hand

Once that's done, go back to Free Fire. Go to the place where you can change your nickname. In the part where you want to put space, just paste the code you copied above. Ready! Once you confirm the change, your nick will have the desired space!

change nickname

After creating your Free Fire account, it is possible to exchange your nickname. Just hit the yellow symbol in the upper left corner of the screen, next to your nickname and picture and choose the new name.

unfortunately doing this costs 800 diamonds. Getting that many diamonds without using real money is not easy, so think carefully about your nickname before choosing. If you have difficulties, learn how to make money on Free Fire!

Now that you've managed to come up with a radical nickname, you need to make it famous. For that, you need to gain experience, get a lot of kills and win a lot of matches.

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