My Summer Car: 20 mods to revamp your car and gameplay!

My Summer Car mods make the game even more fun and maybe even easier. If you're looking for something new for your car or character, we've put together a list with a selection of 20 My Summer Car mods to make your game renewed!

1. Lightning McQueen Skin


Let's start with the bullshit. My Summer Car's first mod features the famous Lightning McQueen. Or, as he is better known here in our country, RelĂąmpago Marquinhos!

This is a necessary skin for those who happen to like the animation of cars or just for those who really like those good old references.

2. Celular Mokia


You can have a cell phone inside your car with this mod. But not just any cell phone. It's a Mokia. But wouldn't it be... Nokia? Well, for reasons of rights, the creator of the modification preferred to change the M for the N. There's going to be some problem...

3. Tire organizer


A super useful mod for those who don't want to suffer from a garage full of loose tires. This file adds a tire organizer, which attaches them to the wall and makes everything much more organized.

4. Drinking water


My Summer Car is, above all, a survival game. And your character can die from a number of things. Among them, thirst. That's why the mod in question adds several sources of drinking water across the map. This eliminates the need for you to carry coffee, beer or other liquids with you.

Here's where to find these fonts:

  • In PerĂ€jĂ€rvi, next to the Pub
  • In Rykipohja, next to the strawberry plantation
  • In Loppe, in front of Fletarry's workshop
  • At the dance floor door
  • In KesselinperĂ€, behind the garage where the tractor and truck are
  • On the island, next to the cabin

5. Buy a license plate


In order to pass the inspection and have your cart approved in order to prepare it for the rally, it is necessary to keep the vehicle completely original for a while. A big loss of fun! So buy the license plate with this mod and problem solved.

6. Medicine to sleep


Your avatar may have some trouble sleeping. Normal! The problem is that insomnia delays your game progress. In that sense, they created these sleeping pills. But take it easy, because in excess they can cause drunkenness or a heart attack.

7. Item Finder


Simple and very useful mod for those who have some memory lapses and forget where some important items are. With this modification you will have an item finder on your map, which will show you the exact coordinates to get to them.

8. Permanently remove wasps


One of My Summer Car's latest updates complicated things by adding a hornet's nest inside a car. Car that the player can take, which is practically impossible to do with the animals inside. The mod in question permanently removes the wasps from Rusko's car.

9. Modo Jet Ski


Simple modification, but that makes things more fun. Instead of using the MSC motorboat, you will have access to a beautiful Jet Ski. Much faster and insane!

10. Unlock apartment


Who is tired of living in the same places that the game provides, how about having a different house? This is actually Kilju's new house, and you help him move into it on a mission. The only difference is that now she becomes all hers.

11. Save anytime


Bizarre or not, but in My Summer Car you can only save inside a... bathroom. An old game menu, however, allowed you to save wherever you were. The mod re-enables this menu and allows you to be safe with your save game at any time.

12. Multiplayer mode

How to Download, Install and Play My Summer Car Multiplayer


This mod is still in the testing phase, but it is VERY worth you to try it out. With it, you and a Steam friend can start a new game together and do everything the game requires and allows side by side.

Of course, this modification can cause bugs and crashes, so we recommend above all that you make a good backup of your save files.

13. Tank War


You won't be able to shoot anyone or run over other cars. Only the visual part of the base car has been changed, so that it looks like you are actually controlling a battle tank.

14. Deactivate needs


Like all good survival, My Summer Car requires the player to pay attention to the needs of his character. Hunger, stress, thirst, tiredness and even the urge to go to the bathroom. Don't want to waste time with it? So install this mod and end the needs for good!

15. Name


Basically My Summer Car becomes My Winter Car, because everything is white, covered in snow all the time. If you get sick of this kind of Frozen scenario, just remove the mod and everything goes back to normal.



All this mod does is change the lake in the game. He levels up, but his physics doesn't change. So far the mod creator has not been able to adjust this. But visually speaking it's like a tsunami coming your way. Insane!

16. Engine does not break


Here's how your car is an indestructible machine. Something super useful, because having to take the powerful car to the mechanic is not very productive. So install this mod and have a car much more resistant to those everyday collisions.

17. Mercedes Roadster Classic


The Mercedes Roadster Classic is a beautiful car too! Reminds me of those cars from old movies, from the Italian mafia. Basically it's another visual mod for those who want to have something quite different from the usual.

18. TV Globo with Dragon Ball Z


One of the coolest mods! TV Globinho will now be on your TV with nothing less than Dragon Ball Z. Do you want a better combination than this?

19. Immortal Character


You can literally get run over by a train and nothing will happen to you. With this mod you become immortal, especially if you combine it with the mod that eliminates your needs.

20. Teleportation


One of those very useful mods for all of us. With teleportation you can go anywhere on the map. Just choose the coordinates and that's it!

How to install the mods?

You will be happy to know that all of the above mods are hosted on websites in our language. So it will be easy to understand directly the instructions given by the creators of the modifications. And these instructions are very important!

Each mod requires a unique procedure from you, as the files to be changed during installation may be different. Therefore, when downloading, read all the guidelines very carefully.

We emphasize that it is important to backup your saves, as some mods can eventually corrupt them.

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