Minecraft: how to get Name Tags to put names in the game!

Tags or “name tags” in English are Minecraft items that allow us to name any mobs in the game. they are relatively rare since they cannot be crafted and can only be obtained through loot. Check below all the ways to find Stickers in Minecraft and how to use them!

How to find Tags in Minecraft

The only ways to get Tags in Minecraft are:

in chests

Chances of getting 1 Tag in Chests vary by location and game version:

ADDRESS Java version Bedrock version
Mansion 28,3% 27,9%


28,3% 28,3%
Abandoned mine 42,3% 42,3%
Treasure - 34,3%


Whenever you fish, there is 5% chance of obtaining an item from the Treasure category. This category consists of 6 items, 1 of which is the Tag, that is, if you fish for a Treasure, you will still have only 16.6% chance of getting the item.

Each level of the "Luck of the Sea" enchantment increases the chances of obtaining Treasures by 1% and each level of the "Bait" enchantment decreases the time between each hook by 5 seconds.

Buying from Villager Librarian

Master-level Librarian villagers sell Tags for 20 Emeralds, every.

How to use Tags

Once you've obtained a Tag, you need an Anvil to insert the desired name into the item. To craft one, you need 3 Iron Blocks e 4 Iron Bars. Once you get them, organize them as follows:

With the Anvil ready, access your menu and enter the Label as follows:

By doing this, you can now edit the item's name to anything you want, in exchange for a small amount of Experience Points. After setting it, put the item back in your inventory and use it on any mobs you want to name:

Tricks and easter eggs with Tags

  • Giving an Avenger mobs a name of "Jhonny" will make them aggressive towards other mobs.
  • It is possible to use Tags on all mobs in the game, except for the Ender Dragon.
  • Naming a Sheep "jeb_" will cause its fur to change color constantly, in a rainbow effect. However, only the original hair color can be achieved with clipping.
  • Naming any mobs "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm" will render them upside down.
  • Naming a Rabbit "Toast" will cause it to obtain a special skin type in memory of a real rabbit from the girlfriend of Reddit user "xyzen420".

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