Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

The Xbox One is one of the great consoles in history, there's no denying it. You've certainly heard of titles like Gears of War and Forza, phenomenal Xbox One exclusives. Know, however, that this console is much more than that. So, now check out the 40 best games on this platform that you can't miss in your library.

1. Forza Motorsport 7

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

The Xbox-exclusive Forza car game series brings the best titles of the genre to gamers. Even though it doesn't have much competition, it manages to surprise even more with each new game. Whether for the almost perfect gameplay, or for the impressive graphics, Forza Motorsport 7 therefore deserves to be on the list of the best Xbox One games.

2. Minecraft

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Many players unfortunately underestimate Minecraft. Fact is that he caused a great revolution in the world of games. After him other similar titles emerged, but none managed to bring what he brought. If you want to follow a campaign, Minecraft makes it possible. Want to create a world completely from scratch? It is also possible.

Freedom is the keyword in this game. Armed with some equipment, you can dig into the ground until you find treasures and special items. You can build a house, a forest, a lake, a mountain. Anything in your imagination, Minecraft allows you to do.

Rice: Son of Rome

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Another Xbox One exclusive, Ryse: Son of Rome is a stunningly beautiful game. It brings a gameplay in the best hack n' slash style, focused on the formation of destructive combos. Here you assume the character Marius Titus, a Roman general who seeks to avenge the death of his family.

For this you are armed with a sword and a shield. You can use spears if you want, which serve as ranged weapons. Throughout the game, other weapons are released, as you progress. Stopping enemy attacks with the shield and counterattacking is also possible.

4. Ori and the Blind Forest

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Ori and the Blind Forest is that non-mainstream title, precisely because it doesn't follow a pattern. For starters, it's a title with 2D gameplay. The graphics, which are very beautiful, by the way, look a little drawn, which makes an interesting impression.

The protagonists are Ori, a guardian spirit, and Sein, who is the Spirit Tree's eyes and light. The first character navigates the environment using specific skills, in addition to jumping, jumping and climbing things. Sein shoots flames to eliminate enemies and other obstacles.

5. Quantum Break

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Quantum Break is essentially an action game. Despite this, it offers an innovative gaming experience within the genre. His narrative brings a scientific experiment that sought the manipulation of time. It ended up going wrong, however. Time was eventually affected, as were the game's protagonists, Paul Serene and Jack Joyce, who can now control time.

This brings interesting possibilities in terms of gameplay. Being able to change the time allows the player different ways of interacting with enemies and with the game itself. Quantum Break, therefore, has consequences for your actions. There is not exactly a linear and fixed story.

6. ReCore

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

ReCore appears as a fun action and platform game. Another Xbox One exclusive, brings a very interesting plot. The world has been ravaged by a plague, and now it is necessary to colonize a distant planet. A mission is sent to this planet, Far Eden, but something has gone wrong. Your mission, in control of Joule Adams, is to find out what went wrong and what this star has in store for humanity.

Joule is accompanied by three robots, which help her in her exploration. Obviously, the world is open, which allows the collection of resources and does not require the player to have to follow the missions linearly. There are puzzles to be solved, as well as facing enemies.

7.State of Decay 2

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

State of Decay 2 is yet another Xbox One exclusive. It's a successful survival game that puts the player in an environment full of zombies. The experience is in third person, and can be in single player mode or with up to three other players. This is in an open world, whose main focus is on looking for useful and valuable objects everywhere in the scenario.

The great asset of State of Decay 2 is its cooperative mode. You and three friends need to establish a partnership, which will grow into a community. This community needs to manage resources, collect objects and supplies for the ultimate and most difficult mission: surviving hordes of zombies.

8. Gears of War 4

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

The Gears of War franchise marked every generation that had Xbox consoles. Gears of War 4 is one of the most celebrated shooters on Xbox One, both for its game mechanics and for details such as narrative and setting. It doesn't bring many evolutions in terms of gameplay compared to the previous title, but it still exceeds expectations.

In terms of innovation for the franchise, Gears of War 4 brings some interesting combat mechanics. New weapons appear in this sense, such as the Buzzkill and the Dropshot. The first hurls saw blades at enemies, while the second drops explosives into the environment.

9. Dead Rising 3

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Although there is already Dead Rising 4, the 3 is the great favorite for Xbox One players. It was a bit revolutionary compared to previous titles. Now there is no longer mandatory timer, for example, although you can play with it if you follow Nightmare mode.

Another important change is that you no longer need to hide in toilets to save your game progress. Now you can do it from anywhere. Still, other mechanics follow, mainly the successful ones. You still have to look for resources to survive real zombie armies. This is in an open world that is larger than the maps of the first two titles in the series combined.

10. Forza Horizon 3

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Forza Horizon 3 is, according to experts, one of the best racing games ever created. It's no wonder that, even with Forza Motorsport 7 on the list, it's also present. It is set in an open world representation of Australia. There are several references to the country, such as the famous Outback restaurant.

Getting down to business, Forza Horizon 3 is much more than a racing game. In previous games, the player was one of the runners of the great Horizon Festival. Now you are the owner of the festival, so in addition to running and experiencing the emotion of the tracks, you can and should deal with bureaucratic aspects. Among them is hiring and firing professionals.

11. Halo 4

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

A game from the Halo series could not be left out of the list. The chosen one, Halo 4, represents a restart of the franchise, as it is the first of a new trilogy. In addition, it brings back the protagonist Master Chief, a human super soldier. He is accompanied by an artificial intelligence called Cortana.

Halo 4 is played in a mix of third-person and first-person. Most of the time it's a first person shooter, changing only in specific cases, when using certain weapons or even vehicles. The first-person display, by the way, is quite interesting. It's like you're wearing a technological helmet. You can see information about your life, your missions and you can even detect the presence of enemies.

12. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

PUBG Battlegrounds is a very simple game, but it ended up conquering the whole world. Today it is no longer exclusive to Xbox One, as it is now available for mobile. It consists of the following: up to a hundred players at once parachute onto an island. On this island you must collect equipment, weapons and everything you can to help you kill other players. And, of course, being the only survivor.

The interesting thing about PUBG is that space is being reduced every second. As you are confined along with other players, it becomes increasingly difficult to survive. It's like a fight against time, not just enemies.

13. GTA V

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

GTA V is everything an open world lover wants. The campaign is short but super fun, and the amount of weapons, cars, and things to do doesn't disappoint.

Other than that, the online mode is one of the highlights, with constant updates from Rockstar. You can spend hours doing insane missions with friends or alone, facing other players.

14. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

The Witcher 3 is a must-have for any fan of RPGs or fantasy games in general. There are more than 200 hours in Geralt's company, counting the expansions, with hundreds of quests to fulfill.

The narrative is flawless, the combat mechanics challenging and there are lots of things to collect, including cards from the famous game Gwent!

15. Red Dead Redemption 2

This Wild West adventure is even better in its second version. Lots of quests and things to do, like fishing, mean you can explore the giant world for many hours.

On top of that, Red Dead Redemption 2 is very realistic. So realistic that some players were shocked by some occurrences.

16. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has combined elements from several successful games and created a really cool experience within the Star Wars universe. Being able to choose the color of the lightsaber is one of the coolest things!

But other than that, we see fluid combat mechanics, The Witcher 3 style, with exploration of a semi-open world and strong RPG elements.

17. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

The Resident Evil 3 remake changed some points from the original and made Jill's campaign against Nemesis an adventure with more action and less terror. Even so, the villain is even more implacable, and the graphic evolution has made the duel more beautiful, dynamic and fun for the player.

18. Sea of ​​Thieves

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

One of the most fun pirate games ever created. Explore the 7 seas in stories created by you or other players. The open world is full of riddles, puzzles and lots of gold to steal!

19. Gears 5

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Gears 5 features Kait Diaz as the protagonist, directly following the events of the previous game. In terms of game mechanics, it also follows the style of action in third person, characteristic of the franchise.

The best thing about this game is the fact that you can play with up to 2 other players in local multiplayer, with split screen. Or online!


Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Inspired by animations from the 30s, Cuphead puts the player on a platform adventure, whose mission is to eliminate several Bosses to pay off a debt with the Devil.

There are many enemies per level at the same time, and the game has that characteristic typical of the 90's: it's VERY difficult to beat.

21.Borderlands 3

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Borderlands 3 is a bit reminiscent of Far Cry 4, but it's even better. You can play alone or with other players in order to complete main and side quests that lead to the destruction of an evil cult.

The strongest point of the game is the variety of weapons that can be built, in addition to a very solid and effective loot and evolution system.

22. Control

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Control doesn't bring anything new in terms of plot, but the game itself is fantastic! The protagonist has psychic powers and has a weapon that transforms into other weapons.

While we've seen this more or less in Quantum Break, the combat in Control is well worth your investment. Mixture of beating, shooting and psychic powers looks really cool on screen!

23. Overwatch

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Overwatch is a unique FPS whose success lies in bringing unique characters for players to choose from. It doesn't have many game modes, but it makes up for it with the frenetic online battles that can be fought with friends.

24. Monster Hunter: World

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

The franchise arrived on Xbox One as a heavyweight title. The open world is HUGE, and the amount of beasts to slay is also a good size.

The focus is on multiplayer, where you can annihilate monsters in the company of other players. And the loot and evolution system is fantastic!

25 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Action-adventure game set in mythological Japan, bringing many interesting elements of the Buddha's history and philosophy.

Aside from that the key element is the revenge of a Shinobi against samurai who killed their master. For those who are a fan of Japanese culture this is an excellent game!

26. Destiny 2

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Destiny 2 is one of the most expressive shooters today. The solo campaign is solid and you can play it with another player, which makes the game even cooler.

Overall, the game kept the same footprint in terms of story and setting. Good graphics and engaging game mechanics are characteristics that mark this title.

27. No Man's Sky

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

The special exploration game No Man'Sky has become quite complete after receiving numerous updates. Today it is one of the most fun games on Xbox One for those who like walking simulators in the style of Death Stranding.

Apart from building bases, being able to pilot vehicles and ships and having giant robots.

28. Devil May Cry 5

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Dante and Nero continue to fight demons in Devil May Cry 5, now with the help of another hunter, V. The hack n' slash battle system is better than ever, and the evolution of the 3 hunters throughout the game is essential to complete the game. it.

Of course, the highlight goes to the plot, which has always been one of the franchise's strongest points.

29.Titanfall 2

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Titanfall 2's campaign is small but captivating. All you want is to be able to summon your Titan from the skies when the bar fills up!

The multiplayer mode is fantastic, bringing several game modes for those who enjoy online competition in shooting games.

30. Rise of the Tomb Raider

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Rise of the Tomb Raider is the second in a reboot trilogy for the franchise. Lara Croft is back in a similar fashion to what we saw in the first title. In fact, what really changes is the narrative.

But overall, Rise is a good sequel, having received the Xbox One Game of the Year award.

31. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot continues to bring the Z sagas to video games, but now with a focus on an RPG experience. Of course the fights are there, but the evolution of the fighters is essential for the game!

It is quite fun, containing several quests to be accomplished. And the game can still receive a lot of extra content over time.

32.Final Fantasy XV

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Final Fantasy XV isn't wonderful, but it's good. It has content for over 100 hours, a well-constructed narrative and charismatic characters.

However, the gameplay and exploration mechanics are a little “truncated”, which can annoy some players. And the battles are so frenetic that it's pretty easy to lose just because you don't understand what's going on in the fight.

33. Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

The New Colossus is the direct sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order. In other words, we see the protagonist fighting the Nazis, who dominated the United States. His mission is now to try to rid the US of the Nazis!

34. A Way Out

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Way Out is a game where the online experience is key. Escape from prison with a friend and see who, in the end, will be the sole survivor of this action-packed survival!

35. Stardew Valley

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Stardew Valley is a farm simulator, inspired by Harvest Moon. Graphically and visually the game is really similar to the one that inspired it, and the gameplay also brings some meeting points.

Overall, it's building your farm from scratch. Plant, raise animals, sell products and build a “little farm” empire.

36. What Remains of Edith Finch

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

A game-art, with one of the best narratives of recent years. You explore the Finch house and the grounds around the house, looking for an explanation for the mysterious death of family members.

37. Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

One of the best Assassin's Creed ever made. Exploring Ancient Greece and facing mythological creatures is wonderful. The game is flawless in that sense.

Being able to choose which hero to play is also pretty cool, and the hundreds of available missions keep you easily entertained for over 100 hours.


Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

One of the biggest Battle Royale in the world could not be missing here. With a HUGE community on Xbox One, the game is one of the most competitive for those looking for an online experience.

39. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

The Phantom Pain takes place after Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes. Snake is after revenge and, for that, he travels to Africa and the Middle East.

In terms of graphics and setting, the game is wonderful. Snake is even more stealthy and lethal than ever, and the game requires stealth rather than action from the player.

40. Fallout 4

Meet the 40 best Xbox One games in 2022!

Fallout 4 is perhaps the best franchise ever made. You can be either a stealthy agent or a Rambo who shoots everyone, which appeals to many playstyles.

It's a relatively long game, with beautiful graphics and a good narrative. The game mechanics are of quality, even surpassing Fallout 76, which came later.

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