Meet the 20 tallest players in FIFA 19!

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Goalkeepers, defenders, defensive midfielders or forwards: regardless of position, a tall player is always of great value. Whether to avoid a goal from the opponent's corner, or to put the ball into the net with a header, height is an important factor in football. In FIFA 19, of course, this is no different.

Whether in Career Mode, Ultimate Team or even against a friend, a player's tall stature can be decisive. With that in mind, we've separated the 20 tallest players in FIFA 19 into a list.

Full name Height Position Time

Tomáš Holý

2,05 m GOL


Costel Pantilimon

2,03 m GOL

Notthingam Forest

Abdoul Ba

2,03 m ZAG

AJ Auxerre

Andries Noppert

2,03 m GOL


Aaron Chapman

2,03 m GOL


Mikkel Mena Qvist

2,03 m LE, ME, ATA

AC Horsens

Matt Casey

2,03 m ZAG


Vanja Milinkovic-Savic
2,02 m GOL


Aleksandar Vukotic
2,02 m ZAG

waasl. beveren

Kjell scherpen

2,02 m GOL

FC Emmen

Lovre Kalinic

2,01 m GOL

Aston Villa

Fraser Forster

2,01 m GOL


Peter Crouch

2,01 m ATA


Karlo Letica

2,01 m GOL

Club Brugge

Henk Veermann

2,01 m ATA

FC St. Pauli

Paul Ebere Onuachu

2,01 m ATA

FC Midtjylland

Axel sjöberg

2,01 m ZAG

Colorado Rapids

Simon Makienok

2,01 m ATA

FC Utrecht

Eirik Holmen Johansen

2,01 m GR

S.K. Brann

Kenny Athiu

2,01 m ATA

Melb. Victory

As you can see, most of the tallest players in FIFA 19 are goalkeepers. This was to be expected, as this is a position that short people rarely do well. There are still many defenders on this list, as well as some forwards. Among the strikers we highlight the presence of the "giant" Peter Crouch.

This list does not have very skilled players, however. None of them make it to 80 Overall, unfortunately. A positive point, however, is that they can all be acquired for very little in Ultimate Team. They are, therefore, good options for those who are assembling a beginner team.

a team of giants

Above you see a selection with the highest players in FIFA 19. Due to differences between Leagues and between countries, in addition to having players out of position, the chemistry is not the best. As most lack skill, the Overall number is also not very good. In the end, it's more to illustrate a team and to have fun with these giants!

Check the name and height of the players, position by position:

  • (GOAL) Costel Pantilimon: 2,03 m
  • (ZAG) Aleksandar Vukotić: 2,02 m
  • (ZAG) Matt Casey: 2,03 m
  • (ZAG) Abdoul Ba: 2,03 m
  • (ADE) Mikkel Mena Qvist: 2,03 m
  • (ADD) Axel Sjöberg: 2,01 m
  • (MC) Kenny Athiu: 2,01 m
  • (MC) Henk Veerman: 2,01 m
  • (PE) Paul Mercy Onuachu: 2,01 m
  • (PD) Simon Makienok: 2,01 m
  • (ATA) Peter Crouch: 2,01 m

GOAL: goalkeeper
ZAG: defender
LE, ADE, ADD: left wing/left wing/right wing
MC, ME: center/left midfielder
PE, PD: left/right tip
ATA: Attacker

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